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  1. Wolfenstein 3D. Iron Soldier 2 for the Jag CD has surround sound. I think it was cut out on the cart version.
  2. There is only one game on Xbox Live that has a fee, Phantasy Star Online. All the rest are free.
  3. I'm almost positive that Halo for the PC and Mac is going to have Banshee's in multiplayer. The PC version of Halo is going to be released in September I think. A good tune-up for Halo 2. Anyone else looking forward to Halo 2? Is that Halo 2 e3 movie sweet or what? Halo 2 e3 trailer: http://www.xbox.com/halo2/demo.htm
  4. I'm actually buying less games these days. How does the old phrase go, "Jack of all trades, master of none". I would rather buy a few games and actually master and finish them than buy a whole bunch of games that sit around, unfinished and collect dust and that remind me of all the time and money wasted in buying the games. I started to not enjoy games as much as I did when I was a teenager. When I was young, I could only afford to buy one or two games every few months. I would enjoy them more because it was all about getting into the game and finishing it and mastering the game. As a result, I would appreciate the game more and enjoy it more. I got that feeling back by not getting all caught up in the collecting hype. The feeling I get from being really good at a game is much more satisfying that having a large game collection. At least to me it is. Now I just buy like ten games a year, classic and new. As a result, I enjoy my games more and have become really good at some of them.
  5. Roadwar 2000 and Roadwar Europa are RPG's. I bought Roadwar 2000 just a couple of months ago of Ebay, but have yet to play it.
  6. I picked up Protector SE with Native and JAG-ADS at Jagfest 2k3/CGE. Very cool. Protector SE is a fun addictive shumup. Now I can play BIWN with Jagfree. Wahoo! JAG-ADS is very cool, a really nice product. I only saw the Tempest 2000 and Alien vs. Predator commercials back in the day and I only saw each one, once. You had to stay up till like 2:00am watching Silk Stalkings on the USA Network, in order to see a Jaguar commercial, because of Atari's deep pockets. Didn't even know there was a Cybermorph commercial. The Kasumi Ninja and Tempest 2000(PC version) commercials are good for a laugh.
  7. XB Live is great. Games like Unreal Championship, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, MechAssualt and PSO have been great. Voice communication is so cool for multi-player games. Get Xbox Live now, while it is still $49.95. The price of the Xbox Live kit and one years worth of service goes up to $69.95 this fall. Renewal will be $50 per year though. The only game that charges extra is Phantasy Star Online, $8.95 per month after two months free. All the other games do not have an extra fee. Check Best Buy if you buy an XBox Live kit, they still might be running a great deal. I bought mine there a couple of months ago and if you buy the XBL kit and a game together, they give you a $20 in-store rebate. Hell of a deal if they still have it going. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is getting most of my XB Live time these days, really fun team based FPS. There are also a bunch of great Live games in the future that you will only find on the XB. Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, Project Gotham Racing 2, True Fantasy Live, Conker: Live and Uncut, Dead or Alive Online, Sega GT Online, Steel Battalion 2, Unreal II(the XB version is going to have multi-player, the PC version doesn't) and then of course(drum roll)...Halo 2. Ninja Gaiden and Fable are also supposed to utilize Live in some fasion as well. As for which is better between PSO and SW: KOTOR. PSO is great fun and you can play online and KOTOR is a single player RPG with downloadable content. KOTOR is a great game though, one of the best on the Xbox and Game of the Year material.
  8. Ya, I beat Halo on Legendary....twice. I've finished Halo 5 times....Twice on regular, twice on Legendary and once on the level between normal and legendary. I've also beat the one level(silent cartographer) demo of Halo, twice. The one level demo has a funny ending. As for the ending of Halo if you beat it on Legendary. The ending movie is slightly different. A little Human on Alien love.
  9. eldunko, wasn't it Chase HQ?
  10. Just wondering what AtariAge forum posters will be at Jagfest [email protected] I'll be there. I'm driving up from Arizona. Hope to see some of you there for some Jaguar and Lynx action. I'll write AtariX on my badge, so you guys can flame me in person.
  11. Don't forget about Battletech: The Cresent Hawk's Inception by Infocom. One of the few graphic RPG's by Infocom. B:TCHI is one of my favorite RPG's of all time. Check it out, very good. *Here's hoping that Microsoft/Fasa's next Battletech/MechWarrior game is an RPG*
  12. Bought my Jag at the begining of December in 1993. My local EB called one of the EB stores in New York City and had it shipped to the store. I was so happy when I went to pick it up a few days later. I have both a K and M series Jaguar. The K is one of the original 50,000, correct? The original 50,000 also came with a really short cord for the joypad.
  13. I'm with liquid sky, The House of Dead 3 for the XBox is a great game and House of Dead 2 is also included. So far, HOD3 is the only lightgun game on the XB. Starsky and Hutch comes out in the next month or so though and that's a driving game that uses the lightgun in the 2 player mode. One player drives and the other shoots with the lightgun. Virtua Cop 3 is also rumored to come out for the XB in 2004.
  14. Raiden is fairly easy to find on Ebay. Maybe a place like The Goatstore will have a resonably priced used copy. Maybe someone has an extra copy they are willing to sell you in here. Anyone? I'm about to move in a few days and just packed up my Jaguar stuff, but I think if you make a photocopy of the overlay in the instructions, it is the same size as the real one. As for the ones you download off the net, those are a pain in the arse to size right, at least for me.
  15. Cybermorph is a great shooter. Kinda like a shooter/adventure game hybrid, because there are so many worlds to explore. Check out Battlemorph for the Jaguar CD also, even better. If you have the instruction booklet for Cybermorph, then there is a copy of the overlay in there. Atariage probably has a copy of the instruction booklet in the Jaguar section.
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