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  1. Thx Hyper_Eye for the info. I thought I searched Wiki already for codec info, must have missed that article somehow, oh well . So can you just install Linux apps on the PS3, like Mplayer? I don't know anything about Linux myself, but I can imagine it would be plenty nice to be able to do that...
  2. How about Zaxxon for the ZX Spectrum.. eeeww!
  3. I really enjoyed the game on my PS2 and I found it well balanced when playing in the normal mode. The boss fights were the just the right difficulty, not too many enemies, simple and not too annoying puzzles. However in the professional mode the games flaws and annoyances become quite apparent. The automatic reload drives me nuts, when you press fire and you have no ammo left, Leon automatically reloads and since there’s no way of interrupting a reload there’s plenty of time for you local Ganados to eat your face while you still are franticly pulling on your controller to get out of there. And controlling Leon is way too slow when you are surrounded by enemies. And there are some other annoyances as well, but I still think that the game is very well designed and certainly as many other have said; the best RE game so far.
  4. Ah, a major improvement then, sounds promising. I better check it out in the stores when it's finally launched here in Europe. BTW does anyone here know what format the Blu-Ray discs uses? Is it still MPG2 with a higher bitrate or what?
  5. Ok, I might just have dreamt about the DivX playback. Maybe it's possible to install a DivX player somehow, or maybe it will be later on in the life of the PS3. Have you tried to use it for media playback? I am just curious how the interface handles, if it's user friendly. For instance I hated DVD playback on the PS2, just too inconvenient to use a hand controller as a remote.
  6. Have you tried playing any Blu-ray movies or any other media like DivX? I am curious how well the PS3 performs as a media player...
  7. Holy potsmoke, that's really an impressive demo! Nice work. I have provided some links to 2600 label templates below. Main Label Template (300dpi) End Label Template (300dpi)
  8. I really like Nathan Strum's contribution, really dynamic and evil aliens . He gets my vote... But now, let's have the winner already
  9. Han


    Hur många känner till/kommer till Retro Gathering, nu när det faktiskt ska arrangeras en träff i alla fall? Jag antar att frax har PM:at alla som skrivit i den här tråden åtminstone? Kul med Retro initiativet! Tyvärr ska jag jobba precis den helgen, så jag dyker inte upp.
  10. Well, here are two contributions from me; one classic version and one a bit more modern. I am not entirely happy with them, but time is running out. I have another idea, but I doubt I will have the time to finish it. Thanks for the e-mail about the contest Albert, always fun to work with 2600 labels…
  11. Actually a couple of weeks ago I was watching a Norwegian TV series about some robbery. The robbers had disguised themselves as security guards and were driving a van into the place they were going to rob. They passed through a gate that was opened by a guard and to open the gate the guard actually pressed one of the fire buttons on a Vectrex controller. The entire controller was clearly visible in a closeup, very high tech
  12. Sorry, I had some sort of severe brainlock, I was confusing this with Ghosts'n Goblins... But still, defeating Ghouls and Ghosts is equally impressive. I never got anywhere in it at all... Do you have to complete Ghouls and Ghosts twice as well? Aaah, yeah I remember the crowd, standing there admiring one when playing.. or quite often; laugh when one died at the first boss...
  13. You can beat the arcade version of GnG with just one credit?! Playing it to the real ending? My god, I am not worthy ... I tried like mad to complete it, using just one credit, when I was in school, but only got as far as the hairy and caped level 5 boss... And these days I still can't for the life of me finish the damn thing even when using unlimited credits in MAME ... ARGH!!
  14. All hope is not lost just because the circuit board is cracked. If the crack isn't too big you could try and buy some "electrical" paint. I don't know what you Americans call it, but check you local electronics store. You can actually just paint conducting paint onto the circuit board to reconnect the circuit paths. If you can solder you can also try to just solder it back together…
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