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  1. Hmmm, Checkered Flag is bad - but I like the aspect ratio and the turning map (also in AvP), which was pretty unommen at that time. The controls and framerate are dull. Skyhammer had a better framerate than AvP IMO and you should consider that it was never released officially by Rebellion. AvP ... I really like that game. First I was very dissapointed by the framerate, after it was 8 months delayed And I played Wolfenstein 3D and Doom a lot before. But after getting a little bit into it I started to like it. Now I've heard that the pathfinding algo is a bit weird, all the enemies keep searching you all the time on all levels (if that is true). The prototype-version is a lot faster from what I've heard. Well, and it has a higher resolution than Doom, was 16-bit colour (like Doom) ... was there any other (tactical) FPS in 16-bit colour at that time? For that it's pretty good. I also like that there's no music, but great atmospheric sounds About that save function, where all enemies but also ammo and health packs etc. are respawned - I always tried to find some "tactical save places". And Aliens Versus Predator (PC) was also cool.
  2. Pretty funny: I don't know what level it was, but there was a long hallway with lots of corners, and behind every corner was a soldier. I ran straight through the hallway and turned around to face dozens of enemies, and the Jag was crawling, music was choppy ... One rocket and most enemies were dead ...
  3. Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) supply works great. And the SNES one has a different polarity, and it seems the Jaguar has no fuse ... if you use the wrong polarity - bang, IO-Chip dead! A friend used a SNES-supply on my first Jag Normally a decive just wouldn't work with the wrong polarity. You can use a standard suppy, just be careful with the polarity. Someone told me that the IO-Chip in US-Jags did blow if you use an european suppy after some uncertain time, because the IO-Chip can't handle that for long (50Hz instead of 50Hz). Never happened to me though.
  4. Hope I'm not too late? Want to be on that list too
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