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  1. @ebiguy, It's a bit of a side question but is there a way to compile DISC6502 so that it would run on Mac OSX? We don't actually have that many ATARI tools on Mac unless we emulate a PC. @JAC!, Danke Schön for making WUDSN Mac compatible a while back. I remember actually firing it up on my Power PC Macs so that says something! Merci both of you.
  2. If you don't want to make your own 6-pin secam video cable, you can get it from Spain. I bought quite a few from this store and they are of good quality for the price (€5,99 each). http://retrocables.es/tienda/index.php?id_product=178&controller=product&id_lang=4 And if go for a secam sophia, a regular sophia cable (B Rev) will do. https://coolnovelties.co.uk/coolnovelties/atari-800-1200-65xe-130xe/307-atari-sophia-rgb-mod-board-revision-b-to-scart-cable-0705693506395.html?
  3. @andymanone Thank you for reaching out to Bryan! I'm glad to hear that the UAV is now working in Secam systems (this contradicts what I heard from Bryan eons ago but maybe the UAV has evolved sufficiently). As a sidenote, only the SOPHIA will give you the full range of colors but nothing prevents you from having 2 video outs: (1) Composite or Chroma enabled, (2) Sophia. BTW- I posted pictures of the XEGS secam a long time ago on this board as French models can sometimes be full of surprises. The XEGS secam for instance offers video mirroring in its stock model having both a monitor out and a standard video composite out. Also, the French 800XLF secam rose is quite common in France and, not only does it contain the Freddie chip, it can (most often) be found for less money than a regular PAL 800XL on Ebay UK.
  4. @mamejay The ATARI 800XLF Secam Rose (which is the one you have) can produce up to 256 colors if you install the SOPHIA upgrade from ATARI Age user Simius. I think only the Rev.B of the SOPHIA upgrade is available in Secam. It's a special order so you'd have to contact Simius directly. Note that the picture quality with the Secam Sophia upgrade is nothing short of phenomenal. A couple of tidbits: 1) your French ATARI 800XL contains the Freddie chip hence its 800XLF designation. 2) there is a French speaking group on facebook which contains major info about how to upgrade the video quality of the Secam XL/XE's if you cannot get a Sophia. Here's the link (they speak English too): https://www.facebook.com/groups/957320864626817/
  5. Hello everyone, This thread being 10 years old, I'll keep it to the point: 1) Is the Innovative Concepts 128K upgrade for the XEGS compatible with a XEGS SECAM board? (I'd say so but there might be intricacies). 2) Is there a similar 128K upgrade available for the 800XLF? (more precisely, the 800XLF Secam Rose board). For (2), I actually would like to convert a regular secam 800xlf into a 128k system similar to the 128K XLF proto board shown in the Best Electronics catalog (pictures of the bare PCB were posted by keller on these boards years ago).
  6. @Rybags The only major difference with the C64 version is indeed the title screen but I actually do prefer the ATARI 800 version as it's more homogeneous and with better colors. But, for sure, there's room for improvement and a G2F or RC screen based on the original key art would be amazing. (C64 title screen below) Also, in terms of sounds, so much more could be added. I love what Pavros did with International Karate Enhanced back in 2014. He didn't rewrite the game but enhanced it in a major way (more options, access) and added the missing London screen. I think Raid Over Moscow could use the same kind of treatment. Not a huge makeover but a slight one. @Mathy Imagine what loader this could be in the first place. Something akin to early Lucasfilm efforts. And, yes, 128 Ko would be amazing but 64ko would already be a slight step up and still considered stock compatible until April 1985 (ATARI 130XE Release in Western Europe).
  7. I'm adding the 3 screen shots that were missing from the previous post for a total of 8 sections in the ATARI 800 versions. BTW- It would be neat to know if Steve Coleman did uncredited work on other Sculptured Software titles (including the XEGS Mario Bros.).
  8. I need to clarify. What I meant by using the words 'maxed out' is: For a 48ko single loader title, is Raid Over Moscow technically pushing the envelope in terms of player/missiles and overall animation during the last three stages? I know that, as a game, it looks crude by today's standards but I'm thinking of overall memory usage considering how many stages there are despite being a single loader. Thank you. ATARI 800 Screenshots: Overall, there are 8 different graphic events in the game: 1) Intro with Logo and Scroller / Credits 2) View from Orbit (recurring) 3) Hangar 4) Horizontal Scroller 5) Vertical Shooter 6) Kremlin 7) Inside the Kremlin Ending Screen
  9. Hello everyone, A port of RAID OVER MOSCOW is in the works in the Amiga world. I am sharing with you below the screen shots I found on Lemon Amiga. A YouTube video from Saberman is also on-line (I don't see the last stage inside the Kremlin): Considering how well coded by Steve Coleman (Ninja, Rainbow Walker) the original was, and fitted below the 800 48ko limit, what would be the improvements that an extra 16Ko on the XL/XE would provide? I can definitely envision a little more animation in the hangar bay and on the orbit map but for the last three sections (flyover, kremlin assault, inside the kremlin), is the stock system maxed out already? Thanks!
  10. Between the James Morgan snafu and the unfinished state of the prototype (the gameplay isn't fine tuned, the color scheme doesn't look final), this might have been shelved before the intro screen was integrated within the game.
  11. Hello @cx2k Thank you for rescuing thoses disks. For those who aren't on facebook, you'll find below 2 links toward the facebook page of the National Videogame Museum. Those discs were rescued by cx2k of the NVM and posted on the facebook page of the museum on April 16/17. Those disks belonged to Ace Atari Graphic artist Jérôme Domurat and contained works by <unknown artist> AND Alan Murphy (5200 Countermeasure, RS Soccer, XEGS Bug Hunt with Rob Zdybel, lots of 2600 titles and 5200 works / protos). I am including below all pictures from those 2 threads for everyone to see. And yes, that Cloak & Dagger cut scene... Dave Comstock wasn't aware of it so this might have been Jérôme or somebody else working independently on his own (or something else required by mgmt). -------------------------------------------------- All screens by <unknown artist until verified> contained on disks belonging to Jérôme Domurat. -------------------------------------------------- All screens by Alan Murphy salvaged from disks belonging to Jérôme Domurat. (unless I'm mistaken, the ATARI RESEARCH logo has never been seen before). -------------------------------------------------- Jérôme with Dave Staugas (2600 Millipede, Krull) and Jim Eisenstein (all three produced Neochrome on the, cough cough, ST). -------------------------------------------------- Jérôme Domurat ATARI era Linkedin section:
  12. Hello everyone, I'm currently part of a coding bootcamp to broaden my overall coding knowledge and they make us use GitHub left and right to store all of our code. I am wondering if many on this board are using GitHub to store/share A8 code (especially for collaborations). Also, when you are dealing with a program that requires several "slices" of assembly sub-programs, how do you do you merge them all to come up with a .xex binary (or else). For instance, the code of Desert Falcon (ATARI 7800 version; development name: SPHINX) is now on GitHub but it's broken down into several sub-programs, how do you merge all that stuff? Thank you for your insights. https://github.com/videogamepreservation/sphinx-7800
  13. Toda Raba @Yaron Nir! I'll check this out later today.
  14. I just posted a link toward this thread on the A8 French speaking fb forum. Hopefully, they'll join the discussion here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/957320864626817/permalink/1048268405532062/
  15. @Albert Hi Albert! Any chance you can pin this topic? I'll reach out to the fb A8 members as well so that they visit this thread. Thanks!
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