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  1. Thanks @_The Doctor__, I'll fix that and will post an updated version here. :)
  2. Hi @_The Doctor__, Where is it in the video? I can probably replace that section with an undamaged version. Thanks.
  3. Now. Evolution of Video Games [2019-03-09. Narrator: Peter Coyote. NBC Bay Area Revelations]
  4. David Lubar mentionned using text compression for the A8 version of ULTIMA IV. Antic Podcast Interview - David Lubar The Ultima IV discussion starts at 10:27.
  5. Thank you so much for sharing those! Any ATARI 8-bit material in French language is to be cherished. In France, we had ATARI centric publications such as l'ATARIEN, Pokey!, some very decent coverage in SVM, Tilt!, Micro7 (..) plus various user clubs' publications so there was no deficit of material but, compared to the Amstrad CPC, C64 scene (...), we obviously didn't have as much. There probably was some French speaking material in Belgium as well but @Fred_M would be the person to ask. No matter what, I'm just amazed that there actually was French language material devoted to the Atari 8-bit in Canada even if it's a user's group newsletter. I also wonder why Bits and Bytes was never translated in French (Ontario has a decent French speaking community). Merci.
  6. This is a very sound idea. I would be very happy to help out with the Atari Corp.: Business is War book for instance. Re: Recreating the 1090. While it's not a 100% faithful reproduction (on purpose), Dropcheck has already accomplished quite a bit for the 1090 itself: 1090XLR Project Page However, I'm not sure she was able to work on some of the cards yet. At the end of the day, it's all very tempting even if I believe that, had Atari Consumer stayed with Warner in 1984 and not sold to Tramiel, the 1090 technology would have incrementally been included in further models of the XL line. This would have taken place in a similar vein to how Apple would trickled down the technological advancements (over time) from the Powerbook line to the iBook like back in the Power PC days.
  7. A little more than 9 years later... There's actually a color screen capture of SUPER SOCCER in a 1989 ATARI UK Catalog that can be found in the 7800 section of Atarimania. It is different than the black & white screen capture posted on Atarimania back in 2004. This doesn't feel like Tynesoft's European Super Soccer but maybe some of the backend DNA is shared, who knows? ATARI UK's Cygnus X1 is a rework of the Ski Slalom in ANCO's Winter Events after all so that wouldn't be a first.
  8. Hi @cyro! Letter Tutor (RX8071) actually leaked out in 1996 as an prototype shortly after ATARI Corps.'s reverse merger with JTS. B&C Computervisions started selling repros of the prototype board starting the same year. Superman III, Tower Toppler, Deflektor, Animated Puzzle were part of the same batch and were released around the same time. ATARI PROTOS does have a write-up about this title and you can still buy it from Best Electronics. Regarding Word Tutor (RX8072), maybe Stephen DeWitt (the author) still has the source code. To get back to ATARI Futuremakers, I did find two more mentions of those two titles in another Compute! issue and in TV Gamer UK. The Compute! blurb is just a mention BUT the the TV Gamer write-up is actually detailed and contains slightly more information about both pieces of software than any other medium to date (see underlined terms). This leads me to believe that, on the floor of the SU 1984 CES, they were given access to more than the slideshow, the Alan Alda catalog (05251984) and the 'New Age of ATARI' brochure I'm showing an excerpt of at the end of this post. Compute! Issue #52 September 1984 (p48) ATARI's Futuremakers and Milestone New programs from ATARI Inc., also reflect the trend toward greater sophistication. The company's milestone series from Atari Learning Systems and its Futuremakers simulation programs are quite interactive and feature a hands-on approach to learning. The AtariLab science packages, part of the Milestone Series, let youngsters simulate more than 100 different experiments using the computer and a laboratory kit. TV Gamer (UK) August 1984 (p19) ATARI's Futuremaker series offered 3D space tours. The first two titles are This is Ground Control and Through The Starbridge. Your mission in This is Ground Control is to roam nature's last frontier to map it for future commercial use. You will also use spacecraft design, course planning and flight operations. Flight activity can be controlled with a joystick or the Atari touch tablet and light pen. Through The Starbridge is both fact and fiction as you meet everything from black holes and quasars to alien beings. In both titles, the elaborate shipboard displays vital data such as fuel, speed, gravity of nearby bodies, time dates for planteary encounters, and relative interplanetary distances. Suggest cost is $39.95. ----------------------------- In comparison, this is from The New Age of ATARI brochure distributed to resellers and present at the 1984 Summer CES.
  9. Thanks so much @cyro. The super high res of those scans will go a long way in determining how they were created; especially if we're dealing with a proof of concept at this point. I do wonder why the first one (Through The Star Bridge) didn't show up in the video. Maybe they had enough 'slideshow assets' to get by for Through The Star Bridge and didn't need it unlike for This is Ground Control where all they had were those two screens of Jupiter and Saturn. Comments 1) That NASA / 2001 / 2010 influence in Through The Star Bridge is enormous. 1a) Blue Marble shot. 1b) Saturn scrolling reminiscent of the opening of ALIEN (LV-426). 1c) 2001 (1968 film) opening 1d) 2001 Discovery arriving at Jupiter. 1e/1f) Exiting the Pod Bay Also note the use of "suspended animation" (as in 2001) in the original Through The Star Bridge slide not featured in the CES promo film. 2) The Jupiter screen information is the same in both pieces of software; except more detailed in This is Ground Control. At this rate, we might just code these two pieces of software ourselves...
  10. Thank you @cyro for all that information and pointing me out toward that promotional video which was originally posted by the highly esteemed (and irreplaceable in my eyes) Curt Vendel of the ATARI MUSEUM. This plays as an extension to the May 25th, 1984 catalog and was probably used at length during the Summer CES of 1984 in Chicago (June 3rd - 6th of that year). Here are the screen captures in question. Through The Star Bridge This is Ground Control Also, please note how, in its May 25th 1984 catalog, ATARI Inc. is using "Star Bridge" as two words when the introduction screen is merging both words into one ("Starbridge").
  11. Montezuma's Revenge 48k Atari version "Director's Cut" teaser (YouTube Teaser Video) This just came out an hour ago. Robert Jaeger is enhancing the original Montezuma's Revenge with a full 48Ko version. In addition of the YouTube teaser video, there's also some information on the official Montezuma's Revenge facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MontezumasRevengeGame/
  12. Thank you for checking this out. That 2013 bankrupcy documentation is not very precise to say the least so nothing surprising here. Re: FutureMakers Series. Compute! Issue #51 August 1984 Futuremakers Series For Older Children Two computer software tours of space, This Is Ground Control and Through the Starbridge, were introduced as the first products in Atari's new Futuremakers series. Featuring 3-D animated graphics of plan etary approaches and fly-bys, the programs are aimed at users ten years of age and older. The Futuremakers series should be available on disk for Atari computers about the time you read this, for a suggested price of $39.95 each. Infoworld's Essential Guide to ATARI Atari showed a number of new software programs for its home computers at the Summer 1984 CES. In Atari’s Futuremakers series, players are astronauts taken on simulated space flights through the solar system and the Milky Way. This is Ground Control contains good sound and three-dimensional visual effects as you fly by the solar system’s planets. Through the Starbridge brings players near simulated galactic wonders such as black holes and quasars.
  13. I found another FutureMakers Series title in the 2013 Atari Interactive Inc. bankrupcy documentation. 54 Atari Future Makers Series: Atari Skywriter Game Title Unknown 55 Atari Future Makers Series: Mysteries of Wonderland Game Title Unknown 56 Atari Future Makers Series: Through the Starbridge Game Title Unknown The presence of Skywriter as a Future Makers Series is a mistake obviously. See attached PDF (page 58). ATARI_INTERACTIVE_INC_sale.pdf
  14. The numbers are correct (I was there) but considering what happened with Wade J. Rosen and Chesnais (via Ker Ventures) selling lots of his shares, the price went down quite a bit. Not much more I can say but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  15. That conjunction 2 days ago was amazing. Is this ATARI Planetarium or is this something else? It's using the stock font and looks distinctively different from the screenshots on Atarimania. Thanks. BTW- Venus was up this morning as well just prior to the sunrise. Absolutely gorgeous.
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