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  1. Jason, I got your book in the mail a couple of days ago. Thank you! Great printing quality for something that's made to order. I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously, thank you for curating the most interesting projects off your website into a single volume. Nothing beats paper!
  2. A gorgeous looking in-store pamphlet was produced at the time. It looks amazing as did most marketing during the Warner era. https://archive.org/details/Atari1200XLHomeComputerNextLogicalStep
  3. Thanks TIX for all the hard work. I'll try it now. Sidenote (as I haven't read the whole thread): has there been any discussion of including the redone (G2F) intro screen? Note for fantômas: Glad to see more French Atarians on this board!
  4. For the sake of comparison, the C64 (left) and ATARI (right) title screens seem absolutely identical. Was this (Atari) title screen done with a PC tool from Poland which allows the juxtaposition of a G2F screen to a single loader program? I can't remember ever seeing this title screen on the U.S. Mastertronic release (and the UK version had the typical English Software font for loading purpose). Same for Ninja from Steve Coleman / Sculptured Software. No title screen on both the UK Tape and the U.S. Disk version from Mastertronic but one on the C64 version (link below). https://www.lemon64.com/games/popup_screen.php?s=ninja;01;2
  5. abbotkinneydude


  6. The worst thing about California Run is that if you want to go blocky, at least you should try to remain super playable. California Run was both blocky AND unplayable. I remember paying for this one as a kid... What a feeling.
  7. With the release of the SUPER XE specs from Curt a couple of weeks ago, it feels like the MIRAI casing would have been used for this upgraded system. A sort of APPLE IIGS take on the ATARI 8-Bit architecture: Classic XL/XE mode sitting next to a 65C816 architecture. The use of the KERI chip would have been a standout.
  8. Hello everyone, The more I deal with our beloved ATARIs, the more I wonder if it's fine to remove the RF shielding from most of them. I know that, in the case of upgrades, they sometimes take so much room that the RF shield has to go anyway. But, in general, do you keep the RF shield on? And are certain machines better than others? For instance, do the Warner era machines create more radio interference than the later Tramiel made machines? Etc. Thank you for your insight.
  9. Hi Mark! A huge thanks for ATARI800MacX. I'm still using version 4.6.0 on my Power PC Macs + SIO2OSX. I can't wait to try the new version on my Intel Macs. Again, thanks for the hard work!
  10. This is the style that started to appear when HCD Publications and Packaging took over the ATARI Computers graphic design. See ATARI LIFE Volume 2 Number 14 (page 5) on ATARIMANIA. The did amazing work and, having grown up with the XL line in Europe, their design has come to define some of the best looking 8-bit packaging of the era. http://www.atarimania.com/mags/pdf/atari-life-volume-2-number-14.pdf
  11. I did order the fully assembled version last Summer from Best Electronics but it didn't come with the case. When you reach out, make sure to mention the case.
  12. Hello! Atari 8-bit user here. I do have a copy minus manual of ACTIVISION's ZENJI for the Coleco Colecovision. If interested, please PM me. I'm shipping from Southern California so, stateside, shipping should be around the $10-$12 mark when properly packed. International Shipping is around $20 based on my latest shipment to Europe. Thank you, AKD.
  13. That... Was... AMAZING! Danke Schön Peter! Great work as always.
  14. The forum won't let me edit my post. The SECAM XEGS has two (2) composite outputs. Not component.
  15. Hi Karl! Having a picture of the back of the 130XE board (aka 800XLF 128K - week #50 of 1984) would go a long way in reproducing it. I think I've only seen the front of it in a previous thread you authored. Note that I've been digging hard into SECAM territory (800XLF / 130XE / XEGS - All SECAM) and, not only the 800XLF SECAM ROSE is neat due its availabillity (and despite its color limitations) but the SECAM XEGS has 2 Component outputs: 1 via RCA, 1 via Monitor Port. True video mirroring back in 1987! (see my other thread: XEGS with 2 Color Pots / Knobs for a picture of the internals of that unit). Cheers, AKD.
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