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  1. oo7, I must be lacking a sense of humor then but I still wouldn't use the word "worse". I obviously have no animosities against anyone on these boards as we are all ATARI 8-Bit afficionados but I do care about French culture and language more than anything (and so do my children!). Thank you for chiming in. Appreciated. Note: There's still a small ATARI 8-bit scene in France (with a French speaking facebook group) and we are quite a few French speakers on these boards. It would be great to detail that scene as it's never been covered by ANTIC (podcast) or any other English speaking publication.
  2. Ivop - I am actually a French expatriate who has been living in the United States for more than 20 years. French Canada is very, very special to us. That's where we get our French textbooks, literature, physical media, etc. It's the true lung of the French language in Northern America. It's actually even more important to French speaking minorities in Louisiana, Maine (New England in general) and the neighboring states with Canada where there still are some French speaking minorities. (And I'm not even counting all the expats in California, French language is actually quite common in Los Angeles and San Francisco due to the number of engineers, French families living there). Long story short... Using the term "worse" with France and French Canada is insulting, especially at a time when the future of Québec is in question. That's why I was asking for an explanation. Regards.
  3. Can you explain? I'm not sure I understand.
  4. We're here with all of our technical wizardry and historical knowledge. I'm sure we can help when the time is right. For now, I am redirecting atari-museum.com to the facebook page of the ATARI Museum.
  5. I actually do own www.atari-museum.com (and a bunch more), I will redirect to the .org version above until Marty has the new site up.
  6. I guess this would work with the SECAM-ROSE 800XLF? I have yet to attempt a U1MB install on those. Thanks.
  7. @AtariNostalgia I have a few 1050 220V PS that I originally brought from France. You'd have to pay for shipping from Los Angeles to Greece. Not sure it's worth the money if you can fix yours as mentioned above. Those power supplies are quite heavy.
  8. Thank you so much for the hard work! Would you be willing to share the modified source code so that we can compare it to the Lorenz Wiest's disassembly and the original source code published by Kay Savetz? (I think Curt might have released it in the open as well).
  9. Thanks @lbaeza! The ROBOTRON:2084 International is actually quite common. There is a DONKEY KONG JR (without the box) that's available on Ebay UK. I'll list more information in this thread soon, I've just been very busy recently. Cheers.
  10. Guys, I love my SECAM machines... all of them! Also, to get all the PAL colors out of a SECAM machine, Simius does produce a SECAM Sophia board (at least for SOPHIA 1) which will fit in any Secam 800XL/130XE/XEGS. You'll need to order at least 5 boards as well.
  11. @Atlan_Roland Amazing job so far! I would actually post in the main A8 forum as you've already built an exploration engine. This is more than a tech demo by my standards. Also, I would love to know more about your dev env (beyond Mad Pascal). Again, thank you for tackling Ultima V! Sidenotes: Ultima V - Rob Satonica 1988 Port Attempt - ATARIMANIA The Mystery of Ultima V for the Atari 8-Bit (Rob Satonica) - ATARI AGE 2012
  12. Thanks @_The Doctor__, I'll fix that and will post an updated version here. :)
  13. Hi @_The Doctor__, Where is it in the video? I can probably replace that section with an undamaged version. Thanks.
  14. Now. Evolution of Video Games [2019-03-09. Narrator: Peter Coyote. NBC Bay Area Revelations]
  15. David Lubar mentionned using text compression for the A8 version of ULTIMA IV. Antic Podcast Interview - David Lubar The Ultima IV discussion starts at 10:27.
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