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  1. Thanks Dragon. That really helped. I found three thumb drives I could repurpose. I did a bunch of google searches before I posted the question and nothing came up. I couldn't even find the FAQ. The SIO2USB is a good product, but the guys who built it don't seem to know much about web design. Bill
  2. I just go an email to upgrade the firmware of my SIO2USB. So I dug it up and did. Then I figured I should play with it since it was out. I have the USB stick that came with the unit and it works fine. So I decided to dedicate another small USB stick to it. But the SIO2USB tells me that every other USB stick I own is incombatable. Anyone know what kind of USB stick I will work with this unit? What are the compatability issues with this thing? Any experts here? Bill
  3. Had a great time last year in Vegas. Will there be another CGE this year? Bill
  4. I was lucky enough to get the very last copy at CGE. I snagged the Demo that everyone played all weekend. I kinda like the fact that so many Atari fans played my copy of the game. Bill
  5. If by insurance loopholes you mean insurance fraud, you may want to take down your post. Bill
  6. WinRAR worked! I can't believe how much better this version is than the original. The game only worked on my CC3 and not my Intellicart, but what can you do? Thanks for the upload. Bill
  7. Would you be willing to post the version that works with the Cuttle Cart? I would also be very interested in using the file with my CC3 Here is that homebrew version of Donkey Kong for INTV. I'd be curios to hear from the Cuttle Cart owners (that end up using this rom) to see what their opinions of this game is. I can't open the zip file. It says the zip file is invalid. any thoughts? Bill
  8. Thanks. I'll download it when I get home from work. Bill
  9. Would you be willing to post the version that works with the Cuttle Cart? Bill
  10. I tried to sign on to XBox Live with my original XBox this week only to discover that Microsoft as discontinued service for original XBoxes. I was kinda surprised. Although I mostly use XBL with my 360, I occasionally like to go on line with some of my original games. Anyone else disappointed with Microsoft's decision? Bill
  11. I just got a new PS3 and hooked it up wirelessly to my router. Once hooked up, it updated to the latest firmware. However since then, the wireless hasn't been working. New out of the box, it scanned for all wireless routers in the area and found about 5 of them. I chose mine and had it working in about five minutes. Since the update, it doesn't see a single wireless router, not even mine. I ran a cat-5 cable between the PS3 and my router and it works perfectly. So even though I don't need the wireless right now, I'm concerned that there's something wrong in the firmware and that when I need wireless I won't have it. Any thoughts? Bill
  12. Where are the new mappers posted? The web site still has the old mappers. Bill Try here. Mitch Thanks. Bill
  13. Where are the new mappers posted? The web site still has the old mappers. Bill
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