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  1. After stopping by three or four yardsales with nothing but clothes i stumbled upon a driveway full of different items. I walked up to where they had there sega genesis items only growl with the box interested me in the slightest since i didnt have it. I asked the man if had happened to have an atari and he said oh like this and right in front of me in a box was a four switch atari and this funky looking cartridge my heart skipped hoping that this strange cartridge was a proto of some sort. He told me you know what this does he said you take these chips wich he had labled and stored in cassete taps with foam protecting them. He says you put this chip in here pointing to the cartridge with two switches one switch flicks to the 2k or 4k and the other switch flips to a or e. Once the chip is in it plays that game all the game chips were common ones and he had 15 of them i bought the atari two almost new joysticks and the roms and cart for 25 bucks i didnt even try to talk him down i was happy i needed a new atari to replace my flickering vader. The good news is the atari works the bad news is that all i get is colored bars when trying to use the chips. Has anyone heard of something like this i found it interesting how much you think i could get for something like this. This is evil out!
  2. Poor little fellow joe, talk about unclassy how classy is it to talk about ass hairs and sons of bitches constantly. You sound like a disturbed individual who seeks attention. Also you talk about the showing of beer as being unclassy yet your atari joe avatar pictures you with a gilligians island hat and what appears to be a beer yourself dont you see the irony in that my short little friend. I can see the reply to this already perhaps you will refer to me as an ass hair eater or wait, your other favorite line son of a bitch. Well you have fun now ok i enjoy both forums very much and have only viewed one person being childish so far and it is you slow joe. Calm yourself.
  3. For some reason i appreciate and admire the art on the old atari carts they had a certain look to them. I liked the art for night driver for instance and my favorite missile command its to bad they dont have a full blown poster of these two like movie posters i would frame those bad boys and hang it high in my room. What kind of art would you describe that as and who was commisioned to do them anyone know? Also no one has been able to help me fix my atari vader problem it worked fine then one day after playing for an hour the screen started flickering and has been ever since no matter what game i put in and it was working fine before. I took out the rf cable and replaced it with and odyseey 2 and rf and it did the same thing. Any suggestions? /
  4. supaevil

    2600 n00b

    nice find and thanks for trying to help me with my vader where do you live anyways in southern california i was just guessing since when i go to swap meets i find mostly mexican chaps there not theres anything wrong with that i am just trying to be a detective thats all. Hope you are not going to the same ones i am going to i dont want any competion around here yah hear!
  5. No the games that worked prior do not work now they all flicker now i dont think it is the rf switcher box because i have a sega genesis going through that box from the coaxe on the box and it works fine strange eh.
  6. Howdy, me and my friend got back from a swap meet about 3 weeks ago there i found a box of 40 or so atari games i got the games i knew about now i am kicking myself for not getting all the games i didnt have whoops. When i got them home me and him were playing for about 1 hour about ten different games when i switched to another game the screen just flickered but you can make it out but it flickers to much to play. It has been this way ever since every game flickers i didnt even get to try all the games out and it was working fine before. i tried taking a duplicate cart dowsing it with rubbing alcohol and take it in and out and still nothing i opened it up but i am wasnt sure what i was looking for any help here would be appreciated i have the vader 4 switch model thank you !
  7. yes thats the first thing i checked was the connection to the t.v. i have a sega genesis wich is also connected through the radio shack tv to game adapter and when i turn the genesis on it works fine no jumpy picture.
  8. Howdy, me and my friend were playing the atari 2600 for about and hour or so then the screen started flickering. My friend said it overheated but ever since all my games just flicker i can make it out but it is jumpy how do i fix this? Anyone know? Laser blast is the best game. Mountain king had the best music.
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