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  1. I'm very interested in purchasing one. Please let me know how!
  2. This is really awesome. I had a similar idea in place, and even finished the insert artwork, label, and manual! Let me know if you want to see the raw PDF files!
  3. Sweet! I hope people enjoy the books/comics! Issue 3 will be ready come September!
  4. Hey guys! I'm still here...just got crazy busy at work. Hey CAP! Cool to see that you're from Cincinnati...are you SURE you wouldn't want to partner up? The Cincinnati Comic Expo is three days this year, and I'd bet we could churn out something. Dragonstomper - thanks for the encouraging suggestions! I'd be willing to throw some money your way to help!
  5. Thanks TOKuMARU! Would it be a super time consuming thing considering I'd just wanna do merely a clone of a generic space shooter with new sprites? Like I said, it's merely just a gimmick to draw attention to my booths. As far as pay goes...you know...I'd be willing to give some kind of kickback from book sales. Let me know
  6. Hello! First off, my name is Ricky and I recently published my first manga/comic book. As a way to stand out at my next book signing/convention, I thought it would be a novel, fun idea to have a game for the 2600 that's loosely based on my book. I'm not looking to sell it, but just have it running at my booths at comic expos and convetions as a way to attract attention to my book. I suppose if this project turns out alright, we could sell it, but I'm mostly just interested in the attraction of it all. The characters in my book, represent a lot of thirty-somethings who long for a simplier time...and there is a not of video game nostalgia references in it. Did I mention it's a Japanese sentai style story with giant killer cicada bugs? If this is something you'd like to help me do, I'd be so very greatful. As a graphic designer, I have a little bit of programming experience with Java and Flash, and visual Batari basic looks like it could be managable, but spitting the duties with a more experienced programmer would be ideal. My book is called MONSTER MANAGEMENT SECURITY BUREAU OF CINCINNATI, and my next big convention is in September. Am I insane in asking, or is this something that someone would possibly be interested in doing?
  7. Hello! I just got word that a pretty big classic gaming expo will take place on June 24-26 in Cincinnati at the Arcade Legacy (classic retro arcade). I run a video game t-shirt shop, and I was told to spread the press release around to fans of game collecting so here I am! For immediate release: The 2011 Bits and Pieces Classic Gaming Expo takes place June 24-26 at Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati, OH., February 2011 -- Hundreds of classic home video game fans from around the Tri-State and beyond will converge in Cincinnati this June for the 2011 Bits and Pieces Classic Gaming Expo (BPCGE). Destined to become an annual event the expo will be held at Arcade Legacy, a haven for classic gaming lovers and fans of the arcade. The Expo will feature a large area of free-play video game arcade machines, consoles, common areas for socializing and competitive gaming, organized tournaments, costume contests and plenty of classic video games for sale from our many vendors. Additionally, the expo will include auctions, door prizes and a performance from Cincinnati chiptune artist, Babyface Glasses (Ricky Henry from Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire.) Several developers in attendance will be releasing new homebrew and authorized-reproduction games at the Expo. Homebrews are newly released games for play on classic video game consoles. The classic video gaming hobby is most closely associated with home consoles like the Atari 2600/5200/7800, Nintendo NES and SNES systems, Sega Master System/Genesis and other game systems released in the 1980s and early 1990s. Expo attendees can expect to see and play these and rarer systems at the Expo. This is a 3 day event. Doors open at 12:00 noon. Admission is $10 for adults and children over 10 or $30 for a family pass good for up to five people. Children 10 and under admitted free with paid adult admission. Presale tickets are available at ArcadeLegacyOhio.com or at Arcade Legacy Media Store For more information or info on becoming a vendor at the Bits and Pieces Classic Gaming Expo, visit ArcadeLegacyOhio.com For press passes, photos or interviews, please contact: Jesse Baker, Show Organizer, [email protected] Ricky Henry, Press & Promotions, [email protected] Website: http://www.arcadelegacyohio.com
  8. Awesome! Thanks guys! What do you think of that ET shirt, lol?
  9. I'm pretty sure a few years ago, someone did up some concept art or a "what if" sprite sheet for an improved VCS DK... Am I crazy?
  10. I found this shirt for lolz, but have you guys seen any cool Atari shirts for girls anywhere? http://bitpoptees.1freecart.com/i/157608/et-ruined-video-games-t-shirt.htm
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