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  1. ^^^ This, tbh. It can't be producing much revenue for him at this point. I'd think it's a controlling device for him now more than anything. Seems like the value of that has to be minimal and the right offer might end this silliness.
  2. Playing this on my Phoenix would be so amazing! I'm ready to buy a copy as soon as it's available.
  3. If I'm not too late, I would love to be included on the list! - Steve
  4. Had a blast today, but forgot to ask... Is any/all of this available for sale at the show? I'll definitely be there tomorrow for Ernest's Q/A and would love to pick up a few homebrew titles.
  5. Is there any possibility you'll be at Austin's Classic Game Fest in July? I'd definitely buy an autographed book from you there. - Steve
  6. Does anyone know where I might find a Cuttle Cart for sale? I know eBay, but OMG the cost is waaaay too much. I can't believe there wouldn't be enough demand so justify Cuttle Cart 2.0! Any ideas?
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