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  1. looking for the ATARI Assembler cartage. Had a couple of snipes on E-bay. hopping to find for less than $40. saw one for $80 bundled with basic, all ready have 2 basic.
  2. Does anyone know where the schematic for the Dragonbone could be found? just saw the post and haven't done any searches yet.
  3. thanks. got it working. love how you can watch the program run.
  4. is there a special way to run Gopher2600 under windows 10. whenever i run it, a window pops up then off.
  5. sent a message. interested in the AtariGraphics cartridge. had trouble reading the labels on the pic(low rez) see it now on the higher rez pic.
  6. do you have the AtariGraphics cartridge RX8054. i have the lightpen but missplaced/lost cart.
  7. still trying to find this cart
  8. here are a few i have collected and edited over the years. mazeatari.zip
  9. got my original 800xl from PX at Ft. Brag NC. in 83/4.
  10. Knight Rider S2E12 "Soul Survivor" 31st episode. not the computer just the controller. I had one of those portable TV/radio/cassette players. 8 in disks! That is the computer his mother bought for him.
  11. how about outlining the block and have the outline blink when you choose?
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