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  1. how would this routine look in standard 2600 machine/assembly language.
  2. Atari 800 basic. Bought at army px at ft. Brag in 1983. still have it, well it got zapped in a power blackout, up graded to a 65xe with 3 OS's builtin. one was a down grade to version a so older programs could run. the normal builtin i think version c and the other was one from OSS i think.
  3. similar to what some of the others do, I copy/past from the web into Notepad++, save as a .lst file to the H: drive subdirectory, then use a windows program called MEMO PAD from http://joyfulcoder.com/memopad/ it converts the end of line character, then resave as a .lst to H: and ENTER into basic. MEMO PAD can also convert EOL to windows so that listed files can be edited in windoes text editors.
  4. I am glad that this has given people somthing to think about. I did not know about the scanline bug. It did not need to be exactly 30 lines, i just found that i could add 6 lines to gr.0. it just would be nice with more than 24.
  5. thank you for the responces. i was just thinking that some of the programs i had written could use the extra lines. i will try your sugestions.
  6. the gr.0 display list(and all others) have the command to move them down to compensate for overscan on TV screens. using an emulator this is not needed. i am trying to create a gr.0 display list that has 30 lines of text insted of 24. i can create the display list but i dont know how to tell it that there are 6 more lines of text. it will give an out of range error(144) or loop back to the top after line 24. is there a way to add more text lines? 5 DIM DL(50) 10 GRAPHICS 0:? 20 S=PEEK(560)+PEEK(561)*256 30 FOR I=0 TO 35 35 DL(I)=PEEK(S+I) 40 ? DL(I);" "; 45 NEXT I:? 50 FOR I=0 TO 31 55 POKE S+I,DL(I+3) 60 ? PEEK(S+I);" "; 65 NEXT I 70 FOR I=26 TO 31 75 POKE S+I,2 80 NEXT I:X=29 85 FOR I=I TO I+3 90 POKE S+I,DL(X)=X+1 100 NEXT I:? 110 FOR I=0 TO 35 115 ? PEEK(S+I);" "; 120 NEXT I:? 130 list:list using atari800winplus 4.1 rev c basic dos 2.5 xl/xe mode 1088 kb memory on d3.atr: gr0dl.bas gr0dl.lst d3.atr
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