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  1. Ok, maybe it was a little bit premature to state that the TSA guys did not bother me. I’ve just found out during unpacking, that the protective foam I had the FDD drive in is torn and empty. First thought was - they stole the drive. But no, they had just removed it for “inspection”, and then thrown back to the bottom of the bag without any protection whatsoever. I guess there is no limit on how stupid you can be to work there. Wonder if it still works...
  2. I've just finished my 16000 km trip few hours ago, now safely back home, not bothered by the TSA agents at all, however it took some time to put all the hardware on the trays for screening. Great three days, it was great meeting you guys in person. I'm not saying I'll be able to come frequently, but will try to. As for the size of 1090, funny thing, I've imagined 1090 to be a little bigger than it was in reality. Voy had just uploaded my set of pictures to pigwa, here is the link: http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/parties/media/Vintage_Computer_Festival_East,2019.05.3-5,Wall_Township,NJ,USA/by_Krap/?fbclid=IwAR0ACP0UGW9LoiBzwaJ_aF2l8HKcHgcqE5Jw1arvPIaEUqrPp4hyRcJRV2s
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