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  1. Hi I wanted to know how much does a DreamCast Controller normally go for because the only place I found, They where selling it at 14,95$ CAN.
  2. Ok thanks guys for those games. Oh and here is for somone willing to play PSO... Private Server: http://www.schtserv.com/
  3. Hi i got my DreamCast not long ago but I just finish Jet Set Radio and I'm searching for a new game to play... Any suggestions?
  4. Dude stop it with all you posts If your not a scammer then post picks.
  5. Do not trade with: jerryallenrulz Mutiple sell threads( 7 in 10 mins) + Bad description + No pics + Over Price + PM's PPL to buy his stuff.
  6. Ban this dude he posted like 7 threads with like 1 min time diff about over price Console for sell + no pictures and he PM's PPL to buy his stuff.
  7. This guy is a rip off I wanted to buy the console only for 30 and he sayed that he selled the console with free games + Controler and wire for 100$
  8. Can I see a pic of that Sega Genesis and how much are you selling it at... I really suck at gicing prices.
  9. As title states I am searching for a new RF Switch since my is all rusted.State your offer.
  10. Zereox

    WTB:Genesis games

    Kid Chameleon 5$ + Aladdin 3$ + Shipping Canada ?$?
  11. Zereox

    WTB:Genesis games

    How much are you asking for Aladdin and kid Chameleon + are they box?
  12. Zereox

    WTB:Genesis games

    Im am searching for VectorMan & Kid Chameleon if you have any of those please leave you offers? P.S:If you have doubles or carts you want to trow send them to me i will pay for shipping.
  13. i sent my submission 2 days ago never appeared? Is there any special reason?
  14. Zereox

    WTB: 2600 Games

    Games I want: Swordquest Earthworld by Atari (Silver Label) + Manuel + Box Simply state your offer I will buy carts but if you have box and manuals its better. P.S I can only pay by mail.
  15. How much for Pitfall! Activision Standard and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Parker Brothers Standard?
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