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  1. Oh, analog I/O? Interesting. Any particular use or in general?
  2. Looks like Quick Basic to me. That's pretty old. Love my comments! I remember it vaguely. It's a port I'm sure. I loved how Quick Basic (and Qbasic) were very Extended BASIC similarl.
  3. Hear hear! Big fan of UCSD. And chess. Can't wait to see your progress.
  4. I don't mean to hijack this post... But related to this, aren't there conversion programs to convert from PC 99 format to the VT99 format GROM files? And back again? I invested in PC99 and have a lot of modules in that format, and want to covert to Classic99's format. I couldn't get the 1 bank PRK to even work, albeit I didn't have a lot of time to play with it.
  5. The 2k garbage at the end of the GROMs? Remember real GROMS are 6K.
  6. What makes it NOT a drop-in replacement? I'm confused. It replaces the original chip, and it's RAM is onboard.
  7. ISTR it was hold a key when booting, try the space bar?
  8. MG Explorer is one of the best! Had nothing really like it until emulators came along with their debuggers, like Classic99's. I bought that when it first came out, and used it up until I packed my stuff up around 2006. I'm still trying to put it all back together again. I think I just need to rent a 1 bedroom apartment for myself!
  9. Easy. Something like: 10 DATA 1,2,3,4,5 15 FOR I=1 TO 5 20 READ A,B,C,D,E 30 PRINT A,B,C,D,E 40 RESTORE 10 ! or just RESTORE 50 NEXT I The bug will show when it hits the RESTORE statement in line 40. You'll get an error. It has been a while since I did this...
  10. Just curious, can you test something for me? The ability to run from GROM has always been possible (such as the PRK module). I played with this, but there is a bug in RESTORE. It is coded to expect to be executing from VDP. Of course this is TI BASIC, not Extended BASIC. So, wondering if you'd test RESTORE?
  11. Restore with a variable ain't possible? ON I GOSUB 200,300,400 200 RESTORE 10::RETURN 300 RESTORE 20::RETURN etc. a lookup table is likely to be required.
  12. Sorry, this reminds me of the hater wars back then. If The Onion published this, they can polish my TI Wired Remote Controllers! (Gee it sounds better as "polish my joystick")
  13. TI released like 3 programming aid disks. #2 or 3 had ability to delete a range of lines. Also, Super Extended Basic or RXB have that capability. You can use Classic99 to run an emulator.
  14. That demo sounds like it included a FORTI sound board. It had a composer/player written in Forth. And it also had rectangular blocks of color for the voices. It had 12 voices as well. The card had 4 TI (FORTI?) sound chips, same make as in the computer.
  15. I remember writing assembly routines for use with XB giving MC mode. It gave VLIN, HLIN and a DRAW that used Bresenham's routine.
  16. You could run a transfer program in dosbox on your Mac, using USB-Serial. There are many good TI programs for that.
  17. No, but you could pass an array. CALLs are usually to GROM/GPL, which parses the statements for multiple parameters. User-defined are BASIC, and do not support that. Still, they are awesome.
  18. Almost all TI produced arcade-style games support both keyboard and joystick. I can't think of any 3rd party games that didn't. Some non-arcade style TI games not supporting joysticks include Tunnels of Doom, early MB games and I'm sure there's a few others.
  19. Actually, the TRS-80 model III had an excellent version of Battlezone, so maybe it's just possible. We can do it in multicolor mode! Ha ha
  20. It should generate an error, after a period of trying...
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