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  1. I havent been around here in quite a while, Im just wondering if anyone ever built a redesigned 2600, besides that portable one. Id sure like to have a brand new compact one with reliable buttons and streamlined AV/AC adaptors
  2. I just use a wormlight. Probably not the best, but it is the most simple and adequate for light. How do these emulators work? Do you download the roms into the carts?
  3. Parcel

    Night Driver?

    I kind of like it, not sure why.
  4. I love Activision games, but Freeway really was a weak effort of a program. I have to defend Dragster. Granted its repetitive but I find it to be fun as hell.
  5. Best I could do was something like 6.24, and that was only once.
  6. I had a hell of alot of fun with Asteroids and Missile Command on GBA. Pong is ok but has almost no challenge. [ 11-06-2001: Message edited by: Tronic ]
  7. There are so many I cant say just one, which is why I love VCS.
  8. Off the top of my head, I think of Missile Command because of its creativity and overall well done game. Basic Math is the worst game simply because its purely educational.
  9. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, Warlords is a hell of a lot of fun multiplayer.
  10. Parcel

    Sort by year

    Thanks alot for the list, but I only found one game off of that which is Ghostbusters lol. Was 85 a real dry year? I saw lots of 83, 84, then 86.
  11. Parcel

    Sort by year

    Im wondering if theres a way to sort out the games by year, Im particularly interested to know what VCS games were released in 85. Has anyone ever compiled a release list or something?
  12. Mint means nothing to me, but I do require that all the label be there with no tears, altho screw holes dont bother me. As far as the plaque, well I hate it but I dont want to make a big deal out of it.
  13. I just got Dragster w/instructions and I have to say that is a kick ass game for its complexity. I dont ever recall any modern drag racing games.
  14. I always thought of Atari when I saw Pac Man as well. Combat wouldve been a cool mascot, just give a tank arms and eyes.
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