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  1. Those Atari programmers and engineers... a buncha prima donna towel designers... 🤪 (Or however Ray Kassar said it.)
  2. Were you at FurReality in Cincinnati last year by chance? I saw the group photo and a fursuiter that looks very much like you was about 30 ft to my right (I was also in suit). I'm behind the Dobie (in front) to his left diagonal in front of an orange creature, you can see my eyes and ears and my steampunk goggles.


    1. Stephen


      Wish I wouldn't have googled that.  Now I'm surely on a list somewhere.

    2. Pakrat


      Too late... ;)


  3. I have one of the six Mytek Studio-II genlocks. Bought it new.
  4. Have any of these various GTIA explorations/expansions gone anywhere? What is the state of the projects? I've wondered how the GTIA and ANTIC could be expanded in the 'proper' and graceful way? What sort of things can be done?
  5. An 800. Mowed 10 lawns for a couple years, was going to get a 400, but when I had the money for it, I decided to keep going for the 800. Bought the floor model at a local electronics store in mid 1982 because I couldn't wait until Monday (bought it on Saturday), with The Programmer Basic package. Got a 410 Program Recorder a month later, and I could finally save things. Got a 1050 floppy drive that Christmas, went for half on it with the Parents. In 1986, bought a 130XE which I have and use to this day, upgraded with the CSS+ stuff, and with a Black Box, 360M SCSI Maxstor hard drive, 3.5" CSS upgraded XF551, normal 5.25" XF551, Citizen 24 pin HS dot matrix printer, XEP-80 to its own AMDEK TTL monitor, and a Magnavox 13" color monitor for the main display, outputting in s-video... no artifacting. ^^
  6. I've had a Black Box for my (CSS US+ upgraded) 130XE for years and I love it, it works great! I have a 320M Maxtor SCSI hard drive (22 16M partitions), a 360K 5.25" drive, and a 3.5" 720K drive. I have the Floppy Board but never got around to installing it yet. The BB really adds a lot of functionality and power to the machine. I had a 1M MIO at one time but it broke, and a 256K MIO lying around somewhere that I think still works, but apart from the MIO's RAMdisk, I prefer the Black Box, it's rock solid.
  7. This accelerator would open the possibility of a web browser, (to view at least mobile content), IRC, IM, and other internet services. ^^ And yes, all the graphics and sound tricks and other syntropies one can get with the custom chipset and a vastly faster processor (with speed like this, also multitasking)... it's atari 8 bits 2.0. A second time for years of new exploration.
  8. Excellent demo, sir! +1 for it being furry-ish.
  9. Collector, nothing... ) They will open up a whole new world of exploration of these machines. Just unfortunate that I can't afford either one at the moment. My 130XE is still totally set up (with a 320M Maxtor hard drive on a Black Box) and ready for it when I can. A practical, available 65816 accelerator is for me a dream finally come true. ^^
  10. I was in San Jose in 2007, and I visited a friend in Sunnyvale, and we passed within like 2 miles of Atari HQ on Borregas. I wished I could have seen the place in person.
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