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  1. Vorticon, perhaps it's worth checking out the new Atariage "clubs" functionality which are basically mini-forums you can setup yourself if I understand correctly. It's kinda silly being at the mercy of a moderator. You won't know if a new subforum takes of unless you try it. Just my 2 cents..... Myself I'm very interested in The Adam Computer lately and reading about development stuff for it (which is not the same as game development) I especially enjoyed reading about the CPM text editor you implemented. Now thinking about it, could see a subforum for TI-99/4a related computers like Tomy Tutor & Geneve 9640.🙂
  2. Yes, progress is slowly but steady. 😀
  3. Watched the video. Very impressive like it a lot!
  4. This is a very interesting thread. Guess cross-sharing ideas can't hurt; in the Colecovision section there is some VDP stuff being discussed and worked on as well: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/291602-yet-another-80-column-expansion-idea/ https://atariage.com/forums/topic/289302-interest-in-dual-serial-80column-cpm-board-for-the-adam/ https://atariage.com/forums/topic/292528-fun-with-a-v9958/
  5. senior_falcon you might consider switching to Ralphs' xas99 ?
  6. I think this is the best TI-99/4a game ever, seriously.
  7. Reminder for myself that I need to add: New MG Explorer cartridge image TIPI hardware/software reference
  8. DevRes sticky thread updated. Replaced "Frappato" XB compiler with new version "ISABELLA". Thank you @senior_falcon Added "ROM Command Module Guide 2.0" to the Technical Documentation section. Thank you @Ksarul. Added the TI Synth Editor program to the speech section. Thank you @pixelpedant. Added CAMEL99 V2 Forth to the "Forth - Software" section. Thank you @TheBF. Added the TI Hardware manual. Thank you @InsaneMultitasker. Added Kull Extended Basic II extensions to the Extended Basic section. Thank you @hloberg. Housekeeping. Replaced broken C99 links. Thank you @chue. Housekeeping. Replaced broken MESS links with corresponding MAME links. Housekeeping. Replaced broken link of GCC 1.10 cygwin version. Thank you @lucien2. Housekeeping. Removed the old "Harry Wilhelm's BASIC COMPILER as proposed by @senior_falcon. Housekeeping. Removed the "hall-of-fame" links in thread. Can imagine replacing with a single link if website is available again.
  9. Thanks for posting the pics and showcasing the TI and Dragons Lair. Always get a kick out of seeing TI-99/4a Pitfall! at a gaming convention. Like the Atari joystick too. Wish I could have been there.
  10. I like it a lot. Thanks for adding!
  11. Dont know if you have still any space left, but would be cool if you do some sound effect when crossing the checker flags at the end of a level.
  12. No facebook for me my friends. I registered about a year ago and left a few days later. Was constantly nagging me with notifications and what not. Guess facebook is what you make of it, can be good or bad.
  13. Why is there a Z80 on the triple tech card? What is the Z80 used for?
  14. Very nice and addictive! I also love the way how the ball moves.
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