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  1. Plannning on updating the Development Resources thread, adding all required pCode disks. Updating the DevRes thread is not as easy as it sounds, due to its size and risks breaking layout and having to correct all tags again until you get a descent layout again. That is what has been holding me back doing more updates in the last year or two.
  2. Thank you for your hard work on this. This document is so full with details, it’s a joy to read. I know you went through so much effort for testing and making sure all necessary details are there. It is very much appreciated!
  3. Sony Hitbit for MSX1 and Philips for MSX2 😀
  4. This morning I stumbled on the MSX DEV 20 game competition. Quality of entries is (very) high most of the time. Although not TI-99/4a related, I’m listing one MSX1 entry because of its TMS9918 graphics madness. Bullet hell and smooth scrolling on the 9918 with huge bosses.
  5. If you are thinking more about backup and local data loss of files created and edited on the TI-99/4a, then there surely are other solutions to the problem that do not require git or github. I've put it on my "mental" to-do list for Stevie. Could imagine having a Stevie plugin that controls a (still to implement) service on the tipi
  6. Thanks, it’s nothing more than a trick really. And it shows what TIPI is capable off. For the TI-99/4a it’s nothing more than a file it’s loading. Still, was quite pleased that my level 3 I/O routines handle it nicely 😀 Yes, everything beyond that would require a GIT client.
  7. Short answer; no. Due to the complexity involved I don’t see it happening. Unless using the tipi for doing all heavy lifting. Long answer included below. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/308551-dx10-home-computer-software-development-system/?do=findComment&comment=4596872
  8. Uploading to GitHub or other GIT repository servers is indeed a completely different cup of tea. implementing a GIT client on the TI-99/4a is out of the question. Guess you would need to use the TIPI as a proxy for doing the heavy lifting (which it already does now, doing the HTTP transfers, etc). If I was to implement something like that (which I’m not, too much other stuff) I’d probably save my files to a directory on the TIPI and have a proxy service that monitors the directory for file changes and mirrors that to GitHub. With that in place, it would not be difficult to control the service from the TI-99/4a with a simple API for doing commits, etc. When doing it the hard way and trying to implement something like a client on the TI-99/4a for communicating with Github (that’s something different as a plain GIT server), you could try to implement the required github REST calls and parse accordingly. But then you still have login, https, tokens and a zillion other things you probably need to consider.
  9. Not to derail this thread, but I've loaded the 99/8 ROM assmsup.txt source code directly from github into my Stevie editor on the TI-99/4a.
  10. Here's a new demo. It's Stevie loading an assembly source file from github.
  11. You are completely missing the point. And no need to yell at me writing in captial letters. Again, it’s not about too much work holding a key or whatever. It’s the fact that each time I go into Extended Basic, it’s trying to load something for me, I don’t need. So, in my case, and I repeat, in my case, I find it better the opposite is done. From the 99 times I jump in Extended Basic, I perhaps 3 times need DSK1.LOAD Why should I keep pressing a button for the thing not to do something? Sorry, makes no sense to me. Doesn’t matter though. You just encouraged me enough to start looking into the Extended Basic command interpreter more. So I’ll be baking my own version where the darned thing does exactly what I want. Thank you for that.
  12. Yeah, well what I envision is more like, you press 2 for TI Extended Basic or RXB and nothing is loaded at all. Without having to keep pressing space bar, 2 or whatever key. Notice the difference, it’s inversed. When I dedice at a later time I want to load “DSK1.LOAD” while on the Extended Basic command prompt, I just press CTRL-F1 or another combination. It’s in the eye of the beholder. What I see is more something like you have in MSX Basic, a more powerful command prompt, that’s all. BTW I always thought Extended Basic could use a more powerful command prompt. With the possibilities out there now, source code available, etc. perhaps it’s time for a new command prompt.
  13. ok, got the memory barrier out of the way. I'm using low Memory expansion: >2000 - >2FFF (1) Spectra2 library >3000 - >3FFF (2) Resident Stevie modules Already had (1) running for a while. But now with (2) in place, I've got much more space left in bank 1. The cartridge image setup is as follows: Bank 0: Copy SP2 and resident Stevie modules to low MEMEXP Bank 1: The meat of editor. I've moved some of the Stevie modules from bank 1 to bank 0 where they get copied to low MEMEXP upon startup. Also the code layout is now changed in such way, that it's easy to add additional banks, but with the freed space I can wait for a bit longer.
  14. That could actually work when using TIPI. Would still have to assemble on a unix box though. I have my own preprocessor and I'm using Ralph's xas99 assembler. Then again that could also run on the TIPI. Only thing missing would be a way to trigger the preprocessor and assembler on the TIPI.
  15. Yeah, would be cool if you'd could just drop into Extended Basic without any disk activity/delay. While in command mode you could have a keypress like CTRL-1 that does "DSK1.LOAD". That way no harm done. Just load "DSK1.LOAD" with a single keypress.
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