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  1. I've checked the site where they sell the memsim 2. I really like to get one. But its unclear from the site, if it comes with the required adapter for the eprom. Can you share some pictures with details on the adapter? Also did you receive it including the adapter or did you have to buy it somewhere extra?
  2. I like this a lot. Too bad it seems unobtainable and had a >300 EUR selling price.
  3. Perhaps you can upload your python code to github?
  4. As always, it depends. Not on the topic of rpi, but I’m a big fan of classic99 and its debugger. Nonetheless, my Stevie editor development is done with js99er. Why? Because js99er is the only emulator that faithfully emulates the F18A VDP and some of its features I’m using. Also using Mame from time to time, because for its accurate emulation and emulated device support. I also consider Mame to have the best debugging capabilities.
  5. Sorry, I do not know enough technical details about the Geneve to see if this is feasible or not. But what would absolutely be great is, if interrupts could be bound to high-resolution (non-maskable?) timers. Would make reliable multitasking a lot more feasible. Obviously would require OS modifications for supporting all this. But with the source code being available....
  6. I knew P. Muys back in the 80’s. We were in the same TI Club in Waregem (Belgium). He lived around 30 kilometers away from where I used to live. Peter got himself a Geneve and I got myself a “PC”. Back in the days he was already programming assembly language, while I went the Pascal and Extended Basic road. Kinda regret that decision though. Looking back I should have bought a Geneve. The funny thing is that I’m now also working on a 80 columns editor for a TMS cpu, albeit 35 years later.
  7. I’m considering supporting tab characters in my Stevie editor. Not sure yet what the “proper” way would be, e.g. automatic tab to spaces conversion.
  8. That is most interesting. I wasn’t aware of MDOS being able to run tasks and its memory handling. Is there a MDOS development manual where this kind of stuff is explained? Suppose I want to write a Geneve native assembler program, then that would be very valuable information. Thanks.
  9. Thanks found it. Why would one suppress direct linking? Isn't that the purpose of the internet. 😏
  10. Is there a standard in the level-2 IO calls for setting path and directory handling? If yes, where can I find description/details on PAB & subprograms. What I'm after is a way to change into a new directory and also to create a new directory, rename a directory and delete a directory. Target is the TIPI and the IDE card. These are the sole PEB cards that I'm aware of that support this. Any other PEB cards are unobtainable I'd say (SNUG, HDFC, ...) Thanks.
  11. Thank you for doing this video! I like it a lot. I knew some of the stuff, but was not aware that TI-Scramble was ported as well. Would be great to find out what kind of code modifications were necessary to make it run. Probably VDP port addresses, sound port address, keyboard scanning. Does the Tutor have a 9901 or was it handled directly by the CPU? Can’t remember. Perhaps one of our japanese friends can give some details on the process involved. Or share the source code (same for Pitfall and especially Door Door). A port of Door Door for the TI-99/4a would be cool. Hey, i’d even like a sound sample of a native speaker pronouncing Pyuta. 😉
  12. I think I used to have it on a floppy. The game is loosely based on Spectron for the spectravideo if I am not mistaking.
  13. Omega, I wanted to stay clear of the thread, considering the hard development work on both projects by all involved parties. That is true for both the FinalGROM and the Ubergrom. When comparing there’s like “winners” and “losers”. I see different use cases. And as with most of my TI stuff, I have both. Can’t say which one I like better, because -and I’m repeating myself- they’r different use cases. Obviously you have the feeling that your are not being treated fair, as you had the honest incentive of pushing the ubergrom. I undestand and accept that. What I really don’t like and agree with, is the thread subject title “(...) Now the thread from hell!”. Don’t think that does the community justice and just calls for drama. And honestly we already have enough drama in this world. I visit Atariage because it’s a place of joy where I meet fellow TI’ers and friends, and with friends it’s normal to have different opinions. Just my 2 cents retroclouds
  14. The 8-bit Guy has replied to my email request and was so kind to add a link to this very subforum in the Youtube Video description! 😎 Thank you so much! It's very much appreciated! 😀
  15. With Christmas coming up, this makes a nice (albeit expensive) gift: https://www.ebay.de/i/333645045100?ul_noapp=true All factory new. What gets me drooling the most though, is that full box of brand-new speech synthesizers. 😀
  16. Seems that my comment with the backlink never made it or got lost in the +1000 comments made since yesterday. (It's either that or the Youtube App on my Apple ipad that didn't sent my reply out. But don't want to rant about Apple, I'll save that for a future off-topic thread). Instead what I've done now, is that I've sent the 8-Bit Guy an email telling him about this subforum on Atariage. Also included some links on interesting topics and asked him if he could "spread the news". Keeping my fingers crossed. retroclouds
  17. There’s a MK2 up for sale until tomorrow. Needs some serious retrobrighting, but price is currently set at 15.000 Yen (123 Euros or 143 USD) https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/j678729294
  18. Oh that’s actually quite a new video of the 8 bit guy it appears. I kinda like watching his videos, especially the part where he cleans and retrobites the machines. Perhaps we should get a link to this subforum in the video’s comment section. Try to get some more fellow Tutor owners on here. EDIT: DONE. Added a backlink to this subforum in the answers section of the 8bit’s guy video.
  19. On ebay they have a Tron game cartridge up for sale. https://www.ebay.de/itm/324289359785 Anyone seen that cartridge before? Is the ROM available or screenshots of gameplay? Quick search on Youtube didn’t bring up anything.
  20. I’m quite sure I had to set the early clock bit in one of my assembly language games. Think it was Pitfall, but memory is fading as it has been many years. If that it’s not it it might have been my Time Pilot demo. Either way, quite sure Rasmus had to set the early clock in one of his many games 😀
  21. This is a nice CoCo keyboard project, unfortunately no longer available as it seems. It was rather expensive. Understandable seeing the equipment involved. https://thezippsterzone.com/2018/09/14/coco-mech-mechanical-keyboard/
  22. I am not surprised that assembly using HRD4000B took longer as on the TIPI. That kinda matches the test results I posted a while ago. ROS level 3 file I/O is blazingly fast on reading, but very slow on writing.
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