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  1. I see 2 possible ways to handle this. 1. Implement multi-file editing capability. I originally planned to have up to 10 editor buffers (accessible via shortcuts ctrl-0 to ctrl-9). In addition to that some kind of clipboard is needed to allow copying/moving file snippets accross editor buffers. 2. Keep Stevie a single-file editor but implement a proper file picker with preview functionality. That way snippets can be inserted without too much hassle. hmm… knowing myself I probably will end up with a combination of 1 and 2 🙂
  2. I think it's about time we get bigger SAMS cards.😆 I've been approaching the 1MB sams limit myself (while testing with big files in Stevie)
  3. @Vorticon could you give some details on how your workflow looks like? In Stevie 1.2C (not released yet) I have the possibility to insert a file at the current line. Would that fit your needs? Note that the possibility to save a marked block to file is already present in the 1.1X version. I have some more stuff to work on before I release Stevie 1.2, but this is what is now in place: 1. Possibility to insert file at current line in file. 2. Introduced keyboard shortcuts to move cursor to top of screen and bottom of screen. For this to work, I had to rearrange keyboard shortcuts again. This is the combination that works on both the TI-99/4a and in Google Chrome (js99er). (Getting keys to be accepted in a browser is not that trivial, as some keys can’t be passed to js99er. They are intercepted by the browser itself to do actions like open a new browser window, new tab, etc.). These are the shortcuts in place now: ctrl-a Mark a block (shortcut moved from ctrl-v) ctrl-v Move to top of file ctrl-b Move to bottom of file fctn-v Move to top of screen fctn-b Move to bottom of screen 3. Redesigned help screen for better overview. This will be further enhanced in a future version I’ll do some more bugfixing before I release 1.2* to the public. As always you can track on what I’m working on by looking at the issue tracker in GitHub. https://github.com/MirrorPusher/Stevie/issues
  4. As always most interesting to read. Like the game reviews and the triad (terminal) editor. Already very much looking forward to next months’ edition with the planned review on console writer. :-)
  5. Thank you (and Al) for providing. I will add it to the development resources thread. Also will be looking into the TIC source code, most interesting.
  6. If anyone is willing to make a new "clean" version of the documents, that would be awesome.
  7. Did some more searching and found the following on one of my hard drives. May it be kept forever on the internet.... Specification pcode virtual machine for running Microsoft C compiler code.pdf p-code interpreter updates of microsoft C compiler.pdf
  8. Thanks, took a quick look, but doesn't appear to be there. So the search continues, it will popup someday. As said I'm 100% sure I have it somewhere in the house. Question is where.
  9. As the yahoo groups are no longer alive, were you able to find something?
  10. Can you share some details on how you implemented this? oh, and perhaps a video of the editor in action? Thx
  11. Removed the "Building a multi-bank ROM image" tutorial. It's outdated and the zip file causes security warning on some computers.
  12. Not sure what cartridge device you are using. FinalGROM99 ? If that's the case the bank files that make up the rom must be in non-reversed order. The tutorial targets Jon Guidry boards that require the banks to be in reversed order (that was the only solution possible back then, except maybe for GK Kracker that's unobtainable)
  13. Not sure why some are have problems with the PDF. Nothing has changed, it's the same zip file that has been there for 11 years now. It's a zip file with a PDF and a binary file called "deref". I checked both with Microsoft Defender and there's nothing to report. bank-switching tutorial v0.2.pdf deref.exe I'll probably remove the zip file from the Development Resources thread as it's outdated and you can find better examples on some of the TI-99-4a related cartridge projects on Github.
  14. ok, this still is very much a work in progress: inserting files at current line. Also cleaned up the menu system a bit. js99er-20211024211901.webm
  15. Would it be possible to access (read and write) the original 16K VDP memory RAM from the F18a GPU? Guess not, at least not for writing. But asking anyway, you never know. Would be a cool for a future F18a firmware revision to access the 16K VDP memory on the main board as a second bank of VDP memory.
  16. It always amazes me how empty that Tutor shell is. Having said that, really like the vga adapter with the tomy logo.
  17. Thanks for the offer, but I think shipping to Europe would be too expensive. Do like the atari cart labels. Funware labels are also interesting as I’m considering making some repro carts for myself. Going to experiment a bit and check if there are similar shops in europe.
  18. That looks real sharp! Well done. Can you tell me the process you do to get the labels. Do you have to resize the sticker images before uploading them to Stickeryou.com ?
  19. Have to take a look the next time when building the cart image. What I can say is, that the first 2 banks were full and the next 2 banks about half full if I remember correctly. But as part of the refactoring I decided to go to 64K right away to spread the code and group code per purpose. Bank 0: “Jill” - Startup code, resident spectra2 and stevie modules. Copied to low memexp Bank 1: “Jim” - Main editor code. Bank 2: “Jacky” - File operations Bank 3: “John” - Dialog code, menu entries and TI Basic support (will move to other bank) Bank 4: “Janine” - Extended functions of main editor. Tabs, ruler, color code, … Bank 5: “Jumbo” - Pattern data, sprites, etc. Bank 6: “Jenifer” - Still empty Bank 7: “Jones” - Full spectra2 library
  20. Forgot to mention, you also need to look at spectra2. That's my library with lowlevel functions. That's where for example the dsrlnk is included. https://github.com/MirrorPusher/spectra2
  21. Sure, you can find the full source code of Stevie on GitHub https://github.com/MirrorPusher/Stevie I would suggest you open a separate thread in the development section. There are many skillful people here that can help you with file handling in assembly language. (Myself I struggled the most with required scratchpad & VDP memory layout). There are quite a few assumptions the DSR makes. You also might want to take a look at the development resources sticky thread in the development section. There are a couple of documents on file handling.
  22. Updated the DevRes sticky: Fixed links to Thierry Nouspikel tech pages (mainly UCSD pascal topic) Added the PDF "Graphics Programming Language" (edited version Lee) Added link to TMS9900 Family repo on Github Added the SN76489AN Sound Generator Replace the zip file "UCSD Pascal" with the version by @Vorticon that has all PDF documents and more. Added TiCodEd to Extended Basic section
  23. I've swapped the URL's. Thierry's webpages are now reachable from the DevRes thread again.
  24. I cleaned up the 1st post in the Stevie development. Added some additional topic links. Removed targets I have abandoned as of Stevie 1.1x: 32K only version, Use of FG99 RAM instead of SAMS memory Added reference to Stevie on github
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