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  1. I'm currently doing some experiments with FG99 usage in Stevie. Basically what I want to do is store my program settings and add the possibility to backup editor text to the FG99. That way I can take the final grom cartridge, plug it into my other TI-99/4a (which also has SAMS ofcourse) and continue working there. That should be possible by creating an appropriately sized cartridge image and by using the advanced mode as described here: https://endlos99.github.io/finalgrom99/ (Yes, I am aware I can accomplish the same by saving my files to TIPI, but that's not the purpose of this excercise) 😃 Anyway, the thing is, that as it stands now the final grom isn't supported in any of the popular emulators (js99er, classic99, mame, ...) So I need a way to detect if I have a final GROM cartridge and enable programs options accordingly. Is there a way to detect if there is a FG99 cartridge present? Obviously it would be cool if any of the emulators would support FG99, but as long as that isn't the case I need to find an alternative.
  2. Took a break on working on Stevie. My development machine was kinda in a non-working state, but it's there again now. Anyway. Here's a short video of some of the stuff I'm working on for v1.1 EDIT: Not shown in the video is the tab functionality. There's room for up to 20 tab position and fctn-7 moves the cursor to the next tab position. It's currently not yet possible to define your own tab positions. I'll probably implement that when the config stuff is in place. Forgot to mention, the ruler is toggled on/off by pressing ^U js99er-20210515212421.webm
  3. Don’t think so, at least not when emulating the F18a.
  4. Yes, I would certainly use that feature. It would allow me to automate the build pipeline for Stevie. Currenly I am using FGROM99 and swap SD-cards a lot.
  5. I downloaded the zip, but it only seems to contain the "FONT0230" file.
  6. I'd be interested in two.
  7. I can write the software, but not build it. I'm an absolute hardware noob.
  8. Considering how similar the TI-99/4a and Tomy Tutor are, what would it take to implement a SAMS version for the 9995? As a starting point I'm thinking about the "new" sidecar SAMS (32k replacement for TIPI)
  9. Why not make this configurable? I know it’s not easy as it sounds. I have been thinking a lot about keyboard mapping lately. Especially because of my Stevie editor. And there is simply no option that fits all. You have the real keyboard, you have emulators with a PC keyboard (where for example certain keys are already “occupied” by the PC OS (or browser). I didn’t come to a proper solution for a keyboard mapping that fits all and in the end, I think the only way out is for the user to reconfigure the mapping as wanted/required.
  10. What is so special about Tutankham that it can’t run on FinalGROM ?
  11. Here's a quick status update. I'm currently working on the v1.1 release. I now have a 'TAB' functionality in place. Tab positions are defined the same as in the Editor/Assembler (see manual page 25) and you use 'FCTN-7' to move to the next tab. At this time there's no possibility to configure tab positions yourself. That will come at a later time when I start working on the configuration management. I'm thinking that for the configuration GUI I'd like to implement it in extended basic and compile it with @senior_falcon's compiler and then turn it into a cartridge image that I bundle with Stevie. That way I can concentrate on doing the editor stuff in assembly language and make good progress nonetheless. Next up are some experimental features I want to add to v1.1 (e.g. better highlighting current line and cursor, directory & file picker, etc.) Also found a bug in the stable Stevie v1.0 release. If you toggle between insert/overwrite mode too fast or too often, the editor crashes or locks up. Issues can be reported/tracked here: https://github.com/MirrorPusher/Stevie/issues
  12. Thanks for making Yesterday's News. Always look forward to the new issue! 😀
  13. Thanks! Happy to see Stevie getting some actual use. 👍 For what it is worth, this week I started work on v1.1 The first step is to refactor code so that I have more free space in bank 1 where most of the editor code resides. I’m working on some user requests and plan to add some of the things that didn’t make it in v1.0 The version v1.0 will remain the most stable version for quite some time. But I do plan to release minor releases for trying out things. BTW thanks to @Asmusr we now have Stevie 1.0 bundled in the Apps section of the js99er emulator. So if you want to give it a quick spin, that’s the place to look for.
  14. That’s a lot of stuff being worked on. Really looking forward seeing how this further develops.👍 Doing OS development in 2021, how cool is that! 😃
  15. I’ll see if I can something about that 😃 But what TI-99/4a key combination would one use for TAB forward / backward? Also tab positions should be configurable I suppose (flexible positions or fixed e.g. 4 characters?) You can contact me via PM (or comment in the Stevie development thread), don’t want to hijack this thread.
  16. Impressive! Have you considered using senior falcons’ extended basic compiler? Think that at least for the parse/compile phase you would get quite a speedup. Either way I very much like the video/demo and am looking forward seeing how this further develops.
  17. That is most interesting. Is there any documentation available on that particular aspect of Microsoft C ?
  18. I had a document documenting the C interpreter that was used in TI Microsoft Multiplan. But sadly I have lost it before getting a chance to scan. It was a copy of something printed with a matrix printer a long time ago. I’m sure it must be somewhere here in the house. I have looked for it a couple of times already in the last few years, but alas didn’t manage to find it so far.
  19. And don’t forget Stevie. It requires SAMS and the F18a
  20. This is probably a stupid proposal, as I can imagine lacking space on the F18a MK1, but perhaps an option for the Mk2? What about having 2 “VDP cores” and a frontend that switches between the two depending on the graphics mode/VDP register settings. That way when you are in pure “TMS9918A” mode, the 9918A core is in charge. If you are in F18a mode the F18a core takes over and you get all the bells and whistles. Guess that would require a major rewrite, for something that are edge cases. (BTW still hoping to see 48/60 rows mode someday ;-)
  21. True, that’s why I have three of them 😀 Having said that, I always thought that the HRD4000B ramdisk is a very underestimated device. It’s more than a ramdisk.
  22. How about the other way around? Use the HRD4000B as a ramdisk and SAMS replacement. Have to go through the development manual again, but if I recall correctly there’s enough RAM on the HRD4000B that you can get away with it. Obviously you have to do your own paging, so your software have to support it.
  23. Regarding the metal case. Just a few days ago I saw an online add of a company with an online site where you can send your design files to, they validate and build it for you. Think prices where very reasonable.
  24. Rasmus did quite a few F18a demos. If you look at http://js99er.net under software - F18A specific, you can run the demos in the emulator and compare. They should also be available as cartridge images. Perhaps Rasmus can chime in on that.
  25. I’d be interested in one too, should you have one left. Thanks a bunch! 😃
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