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  1. oh, I know a couple of people that have been very busy for the competition lately.... ... it might be wise to take a break from programming for a few days and let everything settle a bit Excellent work guys, congratulations on a job well done!!!
  2. Back to the Retroclouds Game Programming Competition; it's officially closed For the first game programming competition exclusively for the TI-99/4A I can say it was a success. Next task up for me is to evaluate the entries. I won't do that all by myself. I'll be setting up a poll (and perhaps leave myself a master vote ) Please give me some time, work is just plain crazy these days and this evening I have been preparing the shipping of plenty of Pitfall cartridges. Anyway, thank you to all that took part in the competition! Long live the TI !!! More to follow.
  3. I'm definitly gonna try out your Atari 7800 Worm! game. Is that a scrolling game ? Would be cool to do a conversion for the TI, even though the TMS9918 Video Display Processor is not known for its scrolling capabilities Any plans on doing a conversion ?
  4. I'm hoping to get a binary out this week then everybody can play it. Personally speaking I hate youtube's policies so you'll never find any videos on there done by me. Thanks I'm looking forward to that. I'll have to check how to get an Atari 7800 emulator running. Will try with MESS. Never owned an Atari so that will be fun
  5. The competition is going to end at midnight (US time instead of CET), use the extra time for getting some sleep people
  6. The screenshots look really cool! Any chance we can see a youtube video of this game in action ?
  7. The first bunch of cartridges will be shipped this week. Most likely on Wednesday
  8. Deadline is coming along at warp speed.... As of now we still have about 28 hours to go. Too bad the Destroyer entry has been cancelled, but the other ones are still going strong. Will we be in for a surprise ? Let's find out tomorrow. Even though the competition is not yet over, I want to take the opportunity to thank all competitors. It's a joy to check the TI-99/4A programming subsection and read about the progress being made. We are almost there people
  9. A very clear and precise instruction manual :thumbsup:
  10. wow, thanks. Working together with Armchair Arcade. That would be so cool. I would like to get back to you via PM early next week as soon as I have some stuff sorted out. These really are exciting homebrew times
  11. Yes sir, I certainly will And not just me, I want to set up a poll where people can vote the games they like best. Remember: it's all about getting some publicity for the TI homebrew scene. Ofcourse I do consider getting myself a master vote
  12. ok, now to the hard facts. My original intended price tag of 35 USD was a bit too optimistic to say the least. With such kind of homebrew project I guess your are always in for a surprise (bigger EPROMS, PCB adjustments and customs grabbing my latest set of PCB's, you name it). This is also the first homebrew game cartridge for the TI-99/4a. Still I'm trying to keep the price reasonable. The selling price is now set to $43 USD. Shipping cost will be 8,5$ (shipping from Germany - without insurance). Making a total of 51,5$ USD. I'm only accepting paypal. I think this is still fair and I haven't charged anyone upfront. I will be contacting the people on the list for the first batch. PS. By the way for my next games I'm looking for a publisher, preferably working from the US. Shipping to and from Europe is rather expensive and I also want to concentrate on programming games and less on publishing. I'm concentrating on the TI-99/4A, and perhaps colecovision who knows
  13. ok, I promised some pictures a few days ago. Here they are, the first batch is completed and ready for shipping
  14. Looking forward playing the finished version with sounds merged in
  15. With 4 days left to go we are reaching the hot phase of the RGPC competition. Next monday at 23:59:59 CET (Central European Time) the competition will be closed. Please attach the final version of your game to this thread together with instructions on how to run it. How many finished entries will we see ? Can we expect a new hidden entry to popup in the last few minutes before the competition is closed ? Let's find out next week
  16. Here are some ideas: 1. Add possibility to skip introduction screens. 2. Add possibility to save to disk instead of clip device (for those people that still develop on the real deal) By the way, can I include a version of your utility in the next version of SPECTRA ? It has a sound player that replaces the ISR version (for those people who don't want to use ISR) and your program is a great way to generate the required sound lists
  17. Excellent! I did the soundlist conversion for Pitfall using an excel spread sheet (was based on the demo program that is included in the Lottrup book). Guess this is the first program that actively uses the CLIP device in classic99. This will come in very handy for my next games
  18. Finished assembling all Pitfall carts for the first batch. Will try to add some pictures this evening
  19. Excellent work, really like the ghaphics :thumbsup:
  20. It could well be that the .DSK access problem is not bound to the XB environment only. Last week I tried to load an object file using Editor/Assembler #EA3. At first I thought I screwed up big time, but switched to a previous classic99 version and that worked fine. Wanted to ask Tursi about it, but somehow got distracted again.
  21. The UFO's look real sharp! Nice once. This wants me to continue working on Time Pilot again (also has UFO's at a later stage). Dunno if I still will be able to read my own source code after not having it touched for 6 months The honeycomb looks cool!
  22. The pics look cool, looking forward to this!
  23. hhmmm can't remember when I spent all night programming the TI, guess I'll need to join a competition as well Looking forward seeing some pics
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