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  1. Did you know? We know have our own spot right here at AtariAge. Check out our TI games programming subforum here. We also have a development resources thread that lists the best technical websites for the TI-99/4A. Check here.
  2. Holy cow! If you can get the whole bunch for free, I would say go for it! It's a very fine machine and of high quality. Too bad you don't get this stuff for free on my side of the planet Myelf I have 2 expansion bays and 8 consoles, Gram Kracker device, 3 CF7A+ compact devices and a lot of game modules. There is a renewed interest in the TI-99/4A. You might want to check out the TI game shelf for an overview of some of the games which you can download and store on disk for playing on the TI. It also sports my version of Pitfall! for the TI-99/4A (shameless plug)
  3. I hope sometimes99er jr. gets better soon By the way, did you see my competition thread? I will be extending it until February 15th. Really need to finish some project stuff at work (and finish work on my Pitfall! carts).
  4. E X T E N D E D - T I M E !!! ok people, I have a lot of stuff on my plate right now. Work has been keeping me way too busy lately and I really need to finish the Pitfall! carts. Therefor I have decided to extend the competition for two more weeks, the new deadline is set to: Monday Feb 15th The winners will be announced on Sunday Feb 28th. This is a one time opportunity to finish, debug and polish your game If you still want to submit your finished game by January 31st, you can do so and you will earn +3 bonus points, but any later changes to the game will have to be ignored in the competition.
  5. I tried it out and all went well until I went into Extended Basic. At that point the CF7 locked up. Thanks anyways. As it turns out the manufacturer informed me late last night that he'll send out a replacement unit. So that should take care of the dilemma. Thank you to everyone that offered your kind assistance. Excellent news! Hope you get your replacement unit soon. :thumbsup:
  6. Question: did you use a compact flash card that came with the unit ? I have 3 CF7a+ units and they all came with a compact flash card. Until now I only used 1 of the compact flash cards (a SanDisk 512MB card that works without any problems). So, this evening I tried both other cards. 1) Test with "SimpleTech 64Mb digital media compact flash" card a) Format card on the PC (Windows Vista, formatted it with "FAT" filesystem and left all default settings b) Put card in CF7+ and go to TI-BASIC c) CALL FORMAT(1) d) Put Card back in the PC and copied pitfall disk image (from the Games Shelf) using TIDIR. e) Mounted the volume on the TI and checked with Disk Manager 2. All files are present f) Plugged in my Extended Basic module and waited for Pitfall to start, it didn't the TI got a green screen and locked-up g) Tried EA#5 -> DSK1.#PITFALL in Editor Assembler, and it switched to TI-Basic, 2) Test with "Sandisk SHOOT&SHARE 32MB compact flash card" a) repeated steps 1a-1e b) Plugged in my Extended Basic module and waited for Pitfall to start, it works c) Tried EA#5 -> DSK1.#PITFALL in Editor Assembler, it works too. Repeated both tests 2 times, with the same result. So to make a long story short, I think you should try to use another compact flash card. SanDisk seems to work best. To start from scratch you format the compact flash on the PC and then put the card in the TI and do a CALL FORMAT(1) to initalise a single volume. At the same time the compact flash card will get a header that identifies it as a TI filesystem and that makes it recognizable in TI-DIR. I don't recall the maximum supported compact flash card size. But I think that 1 gigabyte cards should work as well. You might also want to get an Editor/Assembler module as it has the fastest EA5 loader (that's my opinion anyway). But when using CF7+ Extended Basic should be ok too. Personally I don't like the Extended Basic loaders that mimic EA5 loaders though. Hope this helps.
  7. That is certainly weird. Are these Extended Basic programs you are trying to load ? Just for verifying you have a valid disk image, try the below: 1. Goto http://tigameshelf.net/asm.htm and grab the "V9T9 .DSK image" of Pitfall. You should be able to transfer the image to the Compact Flash using TIDIR. 2. Mount the volume on the TI and try if you can get to run #PITFALL using your Editor/Assembler cartridge option #5. 3. Try if you can get the game to run using Extended Basic, it should automatically load. If you like you can me a PM with the disk image and I'll give it a spin on my CF7A+.
  8. You can't copy single game files directly to the CF7A+, what you do is you copy a disk image to the CF7+, so you have to make sure your files are already in the disk image. Here is how you can first create a new disk image with TIDIR. 1. Files -> Create new DSK Image 2. Popup window appears, Enter a volume label, e.g. "GAMES" and select radio button "CF7A+: 40 tracks 20 sectors/track 1600 sectors 3. Click on "Create button", a new image file "games.dsk" will be created 4. In the left window: select the directory that contains the PC files 4. In the right window: select the disk image file, it will be empty. 5. In the left window: select your files and press "F5", they will be copied into the disk image. Once you have your files in the disk image, you can then copy the disk image to the CF7A+ 1. In the left window: right-mouse click on directory path line and select "read CF7A+ volume list" from the context menu 2. In the left window: select a target volume 2. In the right window: select ".." to move outside disk image 3. In the right window: Press "F5" to copy the image to the CF7A+
  9. You definitly need to check out TI99DIR in the Development Resources thread. It's a file manager for dealing with TI files & disk images and looks like Norton Commander. Anyway it's a very nifty program and has direct support for the CF7+, so no need for doing any cryptic DOS commands Perhaps we can get Opry99er to do a youtube video tutorial on this.
  10. Just checked, you are #10 on the first batch
  11. Several updates: added reference to QBOX Pro & speech tutorial by Mark W., Added reference to TI-Intern.
  12. Just tried it and very much like the classic pong style. Looking forward seeing more
  13. Very nice! It shows that good graphics are pefectly possible in Extended Basic too. :thumbsup:
  14. Same here. I do my editing in a text-editor and copy/paste it into classic99 while having "CPU Overdrive" mode active. Small modifications I then do directly in extended basic. Works real well.
  15. Thanks, this may come in handy one day Does anyone know the cheapest way to get good-quality cartboard boxes ? For my next game I really would like to have a cartboard box to go with it.
  16. Will try it out this evening By the way, I just saw following folks in the TI-99/4A programming forum * +retroclouds, * sometimes99er, * TI99Kitty, * Willsy I'm seriously thinking about setting up or using an online chat functionality
  17. Excellent! Another entry for the RGPC competition, now that is great news Will give it a try this evening
  18. Note that you can also do stuff like: 100 CALL SCREEN(2) :: CALL CHAR(33,"C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C0C") 110 CALL MAGNIFY(2) :: CALL SPRITE(#1,33,16,60,1,#2,34,16,110,120,#3,33,16,90,253) For reference purposes I've posted a link to the extended basic manual. You might want to check the "development resources" sticky thread.
  19. Very very cool! "Best performance with MESS. Only for use in Europe" .... Did you notice? this is post#100
  20. You are #7 on the pre-order list for the first batch, you will be contacted
  21. Just tried it out, and it's very good! I can't wait to see more These are fun times
  22. This week I received all components required for doing the first batch of cartridges. So I'm pretty excited about that. Bad news is that I did have some unexpected costs for the first batch, that is the reason I haven't contacted anyone on the preorder list yet. Trying to keep costs to a minimum, but have to make sure I don't loose too much money on it. I'll be contacting the people on the preorder list, once I have most of the carts assembled and know about the shipping costs. Planning on posting some pictures of the assembled carts soon
  23. Looking forward giving it a spin this evening
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