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  1. Yeah, letting the ship lay low in the water would have been cool. But the game will be nice without that feature nonetheless. Perhaps the ship could start burning when it takes too much damage or you could change the shape of the ship. Looking forward seeing the explosions. Hope this doesn't all sound to cruel being in the X-mas spirit and such
  2. Hi there! Seeing your previous game "Lemonade Stand", I'm sure your new game won't be anything like a piece of XB crap. Even within XB limitations, it's important to see new homebrew games pushing the TI forward. I for one, would love to see your entry in the RGPC competition Why not just post your progress here at AtariAge. This is the place for getting user feedback, which I know helps pushing the motivation. At least it did for me, while working on Pitfall retroclouds
  3. Umm... how would I do that exactly? Right now, the ini file contains a section like this: [Disk1] Type=0 and so on for Disk0, Disk2 etc. I suppose this is what should be changed, but I don't know how it should be changed, and I also don't see where this would be documented so that I could do the change correctly. I just checked my classic99.ini and it looks as below. Don't know if this all required for the current classic99 version, but at least that is what I have. [Disk1] Type=1 Path=DSK1\ FIAD_WriteV9T9=0 FIAD_ReadTIFILES=1 FIAD_ReadV9T9=1 FIAD_WriteDV80AsText=0 FIAD_WriteAllDVAsText=0 FIAD_WriteDF80AsText=0 FIAD_WriteAllDFAsText=0 FIAD_ReadTextAsDV=1 FIAD_ReadTextAsDF=1 FIAD_ReadTextWithoutExt=1 FIAD_ReadImgAsTIAP=0 [Disk2] Type=1 Path=DSK2\ FIAD_WriteV9T9=0 FIAD_ReadTIFILES=1 FIAD_ReadV9T9=1 FIAD_WriteDV80AsText=0 FIAD_WriteAllDVAsText=0 FIAD_WriteDF80AsText=0 FIAD_WriteAllDFAsText=0 FIAD_ReadTextAsDV=1 FIAD_ReadTextAsDF=1 FIAD_ReadTextWithoutExt=1 FIAD_ReadImgAsTIAP=0 [Disk3] Type=1 Path=DSK3\ FIAD_WriteV9T9=0 FIAD_ReadTIFILES=1 FIAD_ReadV9T9=1 FIAD_WriteDV80AsText=0 FIAD_WriteAllDVAsText=0 FIAD_WriteDF80AsText=0 FIAD_WriteAllDFAsText=0 FIAD_ReadTextAsDV=1 FIAD_ReadTextAsDF=1 FIAD_ReadTextWithoutExt=1 FIAD_ReadImgAsTIAP=0
  4. Thank you. This is the TI-99/4A palette ... The first color being “transparent” for external video input (genlock), but it’s never been used much. The real hardware and most emulators render it black. Sprites basically have one color and transparent (just showing characters beneath). I was intentionally making up the ship as a silhouette (lighting from behind somehow), and then using only one color. I don’t think the gray available is good with the background sky as is, one could then chose a night theme instead etc. Again thanks for input. I appreciate it. I think the destroyer should be black, black as the night. From all the colors it fits best. In my opinion the other colors let the destroyer look like .... a candy ship
  5. that is real nice. I must say, I also like them both. This make it almost impossible to pick the best one. I would go for the one that takes less code space
  6. That’s good input. Would something like this work ? Eh, it’s a sliding pointer on top. Maybe with penalty on player speed and/or number of depth charges, when you get into the danger zone. Or maybe just an annoying alarm sound. I like the "DAMAGE" indicator a lot. Dunno, would be cool if the indicator starts blinking slowly/fast when you get into the yellow or red area
  7. Regarding PC transfer using TI99-PC and omniflop, you might want to check here: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ti99-4a/message/68159 ... and here ftp://ftp.whtech.com/pc%20utilities/Using%20OmniFlop%20with%20TI%20floppies.%20vers%201.1.pdf ... and here ftp://ftp.whtech.com/pc%20utilities/
  8. Looking forward giving this a shot tonight when I get home from work
  9. This is great news. I will be ordering some fome my future homebrew games. Already have quite a few cart boards from Jon and they are all of the fines quality!
  10. Thanks for trying it out. Feedback is important. He heh, I have no idea. Other than maybe setting up the keyboard to substitute the joystick. This is probably more useful on the real deal. I was originally thinking about having different sets of colors, but that’s a no go today. Then you might set the difficulty or starting level here. Could set something stupid like volume of sound. I wasn’t going to have in game music, but if the title music works out fine, which it shouldn’t, because there’s not room for any lengthy musical score there. The title music is probably either going to be military drums or a song which recently peaked at chart position 3 around the world. I’m practicing both tracks on my piano synthesizer to get a just a bit of human touch. Will transfer later using MIDI. Maybe a trainer mode with immortality and no scoring. Hope you will be able to fit it all in just 8K Here are some some ideas: 1. I don't think it's a big issue scanning both joystick and keyboard. Having that, there is no big reason for doing a keyboard setup. In terms of code size the 'keyboard' configuration will most likely take more space as scanning joystick and keyboard. I guess most folks will be fine with default keys anyway. 2. Trainer mode with immortality and no scoring would definitly be very nice. 3. At first I was thinking about a code for entering a specific level, but I dunno if codesize will permit that. However if code size permits, you could also generate a code that identifies your score/level/difficulty level. On a small companion website you can then enter that code and you will be added to the "hall of fame". Would be nice for a gaming competition. 4. Looking forward to the sound effects
  11. Tried it in both classic99 and MESS. Looking forward seeing more Just out of curiosity: What kind of settings will the "settings" section allow you to change ?
  12. sounds very nice. So, do you think a cartridge run could be made for Destroyer? That would be really cool. A real new game on cartridge
  13. Well, MESS does still handle cartridges. There is a new format for storing ROMS. The ROMS are now in .rpk files (basically a zip file with .rpk extension containing rom and metadata). Check here: http://ninerpedia.org/index.php/New_MESS_ROM_format and here: ftp://whtech.com/emulators/cartridge_images/rpk/
  14. ok, got inspired a little and just had to this mockup for the title screen. You could have the destroyer ship being black and move it slowly from left to right over the logo. Ofcourse the "PRESS ANY KEY TO PLAY" font should match the SCORE font and perhaps some more useful text would be better (like points for destroying submarine). As this will be an 8K rom, don't know if you will still have room for a title screen (compression?) How about sound effects? This is great stuff, it was fun doing this quick mockup
  15. Are you planning to let the clouds move or change slowly? Or will they be static? Either way, I like the color combinations
  16. The Space Zap screenshot looks great. Guess it would also work well on the Odyssey2 (Philips G7000 in Europe)
  17. Space Zap would be cool. Just watched the arcade version on youtube
  18. As it is not impacting on the AtariAge servers you should be just fine I second your opion on java applets, they just don't integrate that well. considering all in all, I think the chat functionality will be a great feature. Looking forward on seeing how it evolves
  19. I just played around with the chat functionality a bit. Seems to work fine so far. One thing I did notice is that in order to keep the chat up-to-date, the browser is doing a post to the chat server every 3 seconds (tested by watching network traffic with the Firefox "Firebug" plugin). Now even though there is nothing basically wrong with the browser polling approach, it can cause a high workload on your webserver. Imagine 50 users being in the chat application. Even though they are not doing any typing, your webserver will get 50 * 20 = 1.000 requests in a minute. That is a minimum of 60.000 requests in one hour or an average of 16.6 hits a second. Unfortunatly I don't think there is no easy solution to this. Except perhaps doing a java applet approach where there is a persistent network connection between the applet and chat server. Persistent connections are very rare when using javascript. For javascript there is the COMET approach where the server pushes data to the browser instead of the browser pulling data from the server, but that might not be easily doable in this case (could have drawbacks with active firewall, proxy, etc) ok, enough tech bable for now, just thought I'd share
  20. Like the title screen. The fighter reminds me of Battlestar Galactica. Very nice
  21. Thanks for the info on this Tursi. I've updated the post.
  22. The MESS debugger has many features that the Classic99 does not have and vice versus. Noted, I've just adjusted the wording a bit. I also just checked the debugger page at MESS wiki; The debugger really has some features I didn't think were there. Cool I'll also try to be more objective Oh, on a sidenote, I just checked David Pitts' page and his asm990 cross-assembler runs on Linux, now supports macros and has a "TI-99/4A mode". It can't create any cartridge images yet. But definitly worth testing more. I'll be adding that to the resources together with TI-asm.
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