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  1. As it is not impacting on the AtariAge servers you should be just fine I second your opion on java applets, they just don't integrate that well. considering all in all, I think the chat functionality will be a great feature. Looking forward on seeing how it evolves
  2. I just played around with the chat functionality a bit. Seems to work fine so far. One thing I did notice is that in order to keep the chat up-to-date, the browser is doing a post to the chat server every 3 seconds (tested by watching network traffic with the Firefox "Firebug" plugin). Now even though there is nothing basically wrong with the browser polling approach, it can cause a high workload on your webserver. Imagine 50 users being in the chat application. Even though they are not doing any typing, your webserver will get 50 * 20 = 1.000 requests in a minute. That is a minimum of 60.000 requests in one hour or an average of 16.6 hits a second. Unfortunatly I don't think there is no easy solution to this. Except perhaps doing a java applet approach where there is a persistent network connection between the applet and chat server. Persistent connections are very rare when using javascript. For javascript there is the COMET approach where the server pushes data to the browser instead of the browser pulling data from the server, but that might not be easily doable in this case (could have drawbacks with active firewall, proxy, etc) ok, enough tech bable for now, just thought I'd share
  3. Like the title screen. The fighter reminds me of Battlestar Galactica. Very nice
  4. Thanks for the info on this Tursi. I've updated the post.
  5. The MESS debugger has many features that the Classic99 does not have and vice versus. Noted, I've just adjusted the wording a bit. I also just checked the debugger page at MESS wiki; The debugger really has some features I didn't think were there. Cool I'll also try to be more objective Oh, on a sidenote, I just checked David Pitts' page and his asm990 cross-assembler runs on Linux, now supports macros and has a "TI-99/4A mode". It can't create any cartridge images yet. But definitly worth testing more. I'll be adding that to the resources together with TI-asm.
  6. Paid for 1 year Keep up the good work AtariAge!
  7. ok, I just updated the list of TI-99/4A development resources
  8. I for one would like to see a decent follow-up to Parsec. The "beyond Parsec" game was not a worthy sequel, I didn't like it at all GROM support would be great. You could then stuff away all your graphics/sound data/level data whatever without loosing any valuable address space. A big benefit. Combined with the 1K/2K we talked about before, imagine ... I also think Bejewled would make a great game. So, if you do consider giving that one a shot, I'll be looking forward playing it big time on my TI
  9. I remember that discussion on the list but I don't think anybody ever really took it seriously. As I recall the last idea (not a plan mind you but a idea) I put forward to Jon was one that would yield 2K RAM and a 6K paged area in the cart space (I am going off memory now so I may change the specifics later on.) The disadvantage was that even though you were paging in only 6K, it occupied 8K on the EPROM so in effect your 32K EPROM would only yield 24K of paged data. The advantage is obviously the RAM (which I know you would probably give your eye teeth for right now. Oh and see my redaction about the 8K. it is only 1K but what a K hmmmm. BTW are you about done with Pitfall Harry and what is the status on TP? Yeah, that's a shame though Regarding the 2K RAM proposal: I don't think it's a big disadvantage only getting 24K out of your 32K eprom. I mean, we are able to put in a 64K eprom so that still leaves 48K for your game. The disadvantage I see is that you only will have access to a 6K ROM address space. Ofcourse, there are ways around that. You could for example use 1K of the ram for storing your game routines and still have 1K to play with or use some fancy swapping mechanism Yeah Pitfall seems to be an never ending story. Actually as of yesterday evening I have the 4 banks working However I will still need a considerable time for doing proper debugging and testing. So I'm guessing it will take at least 2 months for doing that. Jon has been most helpful in burning the eprom and testing. I'm now considerring getting myself a GALEP-4 eprom programmer for Xmas The challenge in doing the cartridge version was not the bank-switching itself, but laying out the code accross the 4 banks and still meet all dependenies, etc. It has been quiet around Time Pilot for a while now. It whill be fun getting back to that project. The design for TP is currently based on having at least 1K of RAM. With the experience gained in making the pitfall cartridge version, I can say that if TP ever makesit to cartridge it'll have to be a 64K cartridge with at least 1K of RAM. I see Time pilot as a long-time project, most likely there will be a smaller game done in between
  10. If I'm not mistaking the colecovision has 1K of RAM. But that is still 4 times what is available on the TI, so yes definitly a big advantage. The problem I see is that even if we would have a cartridge with RAM onboard it would be taking away address space. We had this discussion on the TI yahoo group. Even though it has disadvantages the most powerful cartridge would be the one that plugs in the sideport (like Miner 2049 or Espial). Such cartridge would allow a continous address space of e.g. 24K (>A000) and stil leave room for 8K of RAM in low memory expansion. If you then add bankswitching in 24K blocks, wow imagine the power. The question it all boils down to is if implementing such cartridge would be possible and if the necessary parts are available (e.g. connectors). For sure one would also need custom cartridge cases. Most power users all have a PEB or CF7+ so plugging in a cartridge in the sideport was seen as the biggest disadvantage. However for pure gamers I think this would be a cool solution. Heck with the TI-99/4A being cheap in ebay it's not an issue to get an extra console just for playing :-)
  11. Were there any games written for the P-code card? If yes, I expect them to be text games. Just curious anyway. I always wanted to own a P-code card, but never got one. I've heard that P-code programs are well kinda slow? retroclouds
  12. That is good news! An 8K assembler cartridge projects sounds great. I think this competition is going to be fun, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed retroclouds
  13. Looking forward to that! Yes, please do post your screenshots/status updates, etc. right here at atariage. This allows others who have an interest to see how the game progresses, that's part of the fun retroclouds
  14. ..... and the winners get ..... 1st price 2nd price 3rd price (*)The Attack cartridge - Picture copyright VGH
  15. As mentioned in my previous thread I started a game programming competition for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. The idea for the competion came spontaneously just after we got our spot at atariage. To promote the competition and for avoiding any confusion with the future crap games competion, I'll just call mine RGPC (retroclouds game programming competition) This is the main thread for the competition. Please don't hijack this thread, only use it for anything directly related to the RGPC competition Rules are simple: 1. Create a new original homebrew game for the TI-99/4A, preferably an arcade style game 2. Programming language doesn't matter (Basic, Extended Basic, Assembler, ...) 3. The game must run on a real TI-99/4A with 32K memory expansion 4. Report your progress and programming questions right here at atariage For the joy of it, I've decided to update the prices 1st price ...... Mechatronic Extended Basic II Plus 2nd price ...... Pitfall! homebrew cartridge 3rd price ...... The Attack cartridge Please submit your new game directly to me, by either posting it in this thread or by sending me a PM via atariage. The idea is to put the entries on a dedicated webpage. The deadline is January 31st 2010 and the winner will be announced on February 15th. So what do you think? Give it a shot and let's create some new games for this wonderful little machine retroclouds
  16. I considered that for a moment as well. But knowing you have to invest a lot of time until you get something that is equally as good as the colecovision Tutankham, I prefer to pick another game. The thing is that the prototype can't be distributed for now. But you don't know how it will look like in perhaps 2 or 3 years. My candidates are: * Time Pilot (In Progress. first early prototype working) * Donkey Kong Jr. (Prototype started) * Bump 'n Jump Where Donkey Kong Jr is easier to port and I hope to get it finished before Time Pilot. But we are talking end of 2010 early 2011. retroclouds
  17. Yeah, know what you mean. I also have zero hardware skills. But for a small fee it is normally possible to get a fully-assembled one. That is what I did and its absolutely worth it. I got several and they are top-quality Try asking hexbus.
  18. I'd personally like to see an RPG like Final Fantasy made for the TI. Something like that would be neat. Maybe a sequel to Tunnels of Doom that takes place above ground and is similar to a Final Fantasy type of game. There is a CRPG in the works. Checkout: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/150398-ti-994a-vintage-crpg/
  19. Yes, Konami has some very cool games. Only recently an increasing interest in developing homebrew games for the TI-99/4A has emerged. So I think we can expect to see some cool games in the future. I'll just forget about the past for a second. But what is limiting the creation of Konami like quality games is the below: 1. Bare TI-99/4A console only has 256 bytes of RAM memory 2. You have to stuff your game in 8K banks 3. There is no assembler available targetting game development, nor is there a decent C compiler available. 4. There are no decent game development tools available at this time 5. Knowledge on advanced VDP tricks is missing However, most of the topics above are currently being tackled: 1. From a hardware perspective, cartridge PCB development is going forward (64K cartridge PCB's, 128K cartridge PCB's in the works?) I do hope to see some future cartridge PCB's with some RAM onboard. 2. That will still be an issue in the future, unless you have a cartridge that plugs into the expansion port. It would allow for a continious 24K address space. 3. Currently still an issue. But winasm99 is quite good and does the job for now. Haven't seen a good C compiler yet. 4. The progress on TommyGun looks promising. I also hope I can make a small contribution with my SPECTRA game library. 5. We are learning... Most importantly, I think we've reached the situation were we have homebrew developers that also look at other systems (MSX, colecovision, Spectrum)... I think the future looks quite good. Ofcourse it would be great if some of the MSX or Colecovision gods would give the TI-99/4A a try retroclouds
  20. That is great news! Now, I wouldn't worry about Word that much, it's probably the most easy for editing the "master" document. You could then export the version you want to publish as PDF and HTML. Both have their benefits: * PDF: Easy to print and for "offline" acces, e.g. store on a USB stick. * HTML: Easy access while you are online. Keep up het good work retroclouds
  21. A tutortial on getting started with 9900 assembly, especially focussing writing games would be great I think it would be a good possibility to get new homebrewers started with assembly language. Also a lot of the old documents can't be put online due to copyright issues Hence the need for new fresh documentation. retroclouds
  22. I know just recently we got the discussion on the TI yahoo group if the NOP (pseudo-)instructions are still required. Somehow I lost track of the outcome. Is it safe to assume we can just remove the NOP after setting the VDP write address ?
  23. Sorry Tursi, when I run it, a window pops up saying that Windoz is attempting to find why Classic99 stopped working. Then it says that I need to close the program. If it helps, I downloaded the recent version. I suppose this is alright, I'll download an earlier version. If all else fails, Windows 7 is coming in a couple of weeks, and I hear the compatibility is much better than Vista. Have this problem with the newest classic99 in Vista too. Seems to be a permission thing. Running classic99 with administrator rights will do the trick. Right click on the classic99 executable; now a context menu will appear. Select "Run as administrator" and confirm.
  24. This would actually be a good idea for another thread that can be stuck to the top of the forum. ..Al I've just added a TI-99 resources thread. Don't know how to make this a sticky thread, so requested some help from Albert. I know that there are still resources missing. If you know stuff that should be added, then let me know and I'll update the thread. retroclouds
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