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  1. I picked up a handheld game Knights mission by tomy. And would like to know a little more about it. When it was made is this kinda a rare handheld and so on. Doesnt have a date on it. I even opened it up to look inside and nothining in there either and searched on the net. No one seems to Know. any ideas OH and I got several other handheld games too pretty sweet lot of handhelds. soccer, coleco quarterback. all for a buck. woohooooo
  2. Ive got up for bid on ebay an atari 800xl and 600 xl home computers both work but only 1 power supply with 10 cartridges. Also have a sega saturn and 9 games .check it out. Item #2756687318
  3. Its tooo late its spoken for.
  4. Ive got a working atari jaguar with one controller, alien vs predator game,power supply. Also Ive got a working heavy sixer with 2 controllers, power supply not original but is atari and ill throw in a few games if you want. Sega saturn with 2 controllers and about 12 games or so most with cases. Now I would like to trade for some gi joe figures, accessories or vehicles what ever youve got for trade. If interested email and Ill give a better description and send some pics. if you like. Feel free to email if you like [email protected] thanks brian
  5. Ive got a working atari jaguar with one controller and alien vs predator game works great. I would like to trade for the smaller gi joe figures and accessories or what ever youve got. best to email me. [email protected]
  6. I have one of these systems its ok but after a while kinda wheres out on ya. Although I think its kinda neat far as collectibility. As for the games sonic fury was a pack in game system. There are 6 different titles that I am aware of and I believe thats all of them this system had a very short life span. I have 4 or the 6 tapes theres 2 listed in my paperwork that came with system I dont have but I have seen them on ebay but just never tried to get them as of yet. I have an extra system with the gun but is missing the suction cup that hooks to the tv. Value not much I would say 30 to 40 bucks for the whole system and games I got my system for less than 20 but it was brand new never been opened. And I got 4 games for of the tapes for 10.00. Sonic Fury Blue Thunder The Rescue of Pops Ghostly Hydrosub 2021 .38 ambush alley Theres one more but cant think of it right now ill look when I get home tommorrow.
  7. I wouldnt give em more than about 10.00 bucks you can find nes sytems at yard sales fairly common for 10.00 or less. With the amount of stuff you described. I bought super nes this morning for 2.50 with 2 games. My last nes system i bought had 6 boxed games and unit controllers etc. for 5.00.
  8. I saw a reply to a post on serial numbers for heavy sixers. Im trying to find more info on those serial numbers. I just got my first one this week and the serial number is 2176 so what does this mean is it 2176 production number or what? maybe you can point me in the right direction. thanks
  9. Ok I feel stupid here but what is the diagnostic kit do exactly and does it work well?
  10. Yep youre right after further examination its got a female plug on then end instead of the male plug I had a atari 800 but the supply was different.
  11. I think Ill offer an internet course rummage sale 101. any takers?
  12. Nice avatar nic looks like the ladys face the other day when I went to pick up the box on nintendo stuff close to her I had no Idea she had already bought it man bit my head off made me wanna go run a key down the side of her snazzy suv.
  13. Does the serial number on the bottom of the heavy sixers relate to when it was made or were numbers at random or no corelation mine has 2176 on it made sunnyvale ca just curious?
  14. I wont divulge how I came upon this stuff but what a find check it out. I came across this women who had a box of video game stuff so I called she had some sega stuff in a box and maybe some atari she wasnt sure. Not really into sega stuff that much but figured what the heck Id drive out to the country. So I get there she leads me to this huge pile of stuff to my disbelief, hers what she had: 5 Sega master systems in the box virtually new they were missing the cartridges for some reason but who cares. 1 Sega master system store display which holds 16 games so you can try them at the store. No games unfortunately. 1 atari 26oo heavy sixer 1 vader unit 1 atari 2600 4 switch woody in box 1 end partially missing end flap 2 4 switch woodys 3 controllers, 1 paddle 1 intellivision blackjack/poker sealed in box 1 pitfall atari home computer game sealed in box 1 sega genesis power base converter 6 powertap controllers in box new 2 turbopad controllers in box new 1 sega genesis team player adapter in box new 1 turbostick controller in box new 1 rapid fire adapter in package misc. loose controllers and couple power supplys And I got it all for 20.00 bucks How sweet!!!!!!
  15. Did the heavy sixer come with the standard tv computer switch or was it something bigger. Also did it use the standard smaller power supply or does it have a bigger block looking supply? Well I got a heavy sixer today first one Ive had with sunnyvale ca on bottom but its got a heavy block for power supply with atari logo part no. c018187. Plus a weird looking atari tv hookup with atari logo also. any ideas first ones ive seen like this.
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