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  1. Are you aware of CMC DoublePlay made by Greg in the '90s?
  2. I learned that in the 80s. There were these excellent books in Polish: "Asembler 6502" by Jan Ruszczyc and four parts of "Mapa pamięci Atari XL/XE". AMAC is not a friendly environment to study the 6502 asm. Try Quick Assembler (QA) instead. It's an IDE. For the start: opt 21 org $600 loop lda $d40b sta $d01a jmp loop In the "Setup" menu set the run address to 0600. Then select "Assembly" and "Run". Shift+Break to terminate your program.
  3. Apparently, the people here are not familiar with the AMAC syntax. 1. Select a memory location for your program with ORG. 2. Terminate your program somehow (e.g. RTS for return to DOS). 3. Specify the run address as an argument to END. ORG $6000 MAIN LDA 710 STA 712 LDY #1 RTS END MAIN This program changes the border color to the background color and returns to DOS. LDY #1 is not essential. If missing, some DOSes will report an error when they get back control.
  4. Yes, you can safely use the values 9-15 if you need to. Your interpretation is correct and now that we have internal GTIA schematics, we know that this is how it works. Emulators have no problems either.
  5. You can have Continuous integration for your xasm projects on GitHub. Here's how to setup it: 1. Login to Travis CI and opt-in for your project(s). 2. "git add" .travis.yml with the configuration and optionally add a badge to README.md. Here's an example: https://github.com/pfusik/datamatrix6502/commit/0e8737db5568baaf3a5cef411a032ac961ca5fd4 The "script" line contains your build command. Commit&push and you're done!
  6. Thanks for upscaling from within Alitrra! That's more convenient than an external recorder or postprocessing. Are there plans for VirtualDub updates?
  7. Thanks! First I tried to upscale with VirtualDub, but it couldn't open the file ("Couldn't locate decompressor for format 'ZMBV' (unknown)") and I couldn't google the codec. Then I tried Altirra 3.90 test 20. With 960x720 upscaling it looks much better:
  8. I made a video of my 256-byte intro using Altirra 3.20 and default video recording settings: You can see awful compression artifacts. How to avoid them?
  9. Something's wrong with the RAM option. I convert a ~40 second MP3 changing just the frequency to 15kHz. The!Cart plays fine, but RAM XEX is trimmed (just the beginning of the audio plays) and with high noises. I'm testing on Altirra 3.20 XE PAL 320K Rambo and both files are ~230KB.
  10. My project called Retro Computer Image Library (RECOIL) supports 100+ graphics formats of Atari ST/TT/Falcon, plus 100+ formats of Atari 8-bit, plus 200+ formats of other 8- and 16-bit computers such as Amiga and C64. Download from http://recoil.sourceforge.net/ or the Android and Windows 10 stores.
  11. Last week I made a minor release of xasm - a 6502 cross-assembler with original syntax extensions, running on Windows, macOS and Linux. Visit https://github.com/pfusik/xasm for downloads, docs and full source code. Changes from 3.1.0: remove partial object file on error (requested by Bill Kendrick) report label name in the unused label warning (requested by Peter Dell) support a:/f: modifiers for RUN/INI improved performance with network drives (reported by Marek Pavlik)
  12. fox


  13. As expected, non-bad lines are affected by ANTIC's 48 bytes of RAM:
  14. I'm confused because you just contradicted your previous post: "The motor control is only used to gate the external clock".
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