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  1. Both my Mega Sg and Super Nt are both jailbroken, but I still bought these to play physical games on. IMO it's part of the original experience. The MiSTer is more powerful, and can play many more cores, but I purchased the Mega Sg with intentions of playing my physical game collection on it. Analogue announced a second manufacturing months ago, but they rarely give updates on anymore. It would have opened orders to those of us who purchased a Mega Sg a few hours before opening them up to the public/bots.
  2. *sigh* what are the chances Analogue will 1. Release more of the Mega Sg cartridge adapters in 2020, and 2. Release enough for both scalpers and people who legitimately want to play their original games on the Mega Sg? Had I known I'd still not be able to play my Game Gear carts on the Mega Sg over a year later I'd likely have bought the MiSTer instead. It's sad to see people paying $250+ on them.
  3. The SGM support was a nice addition, but having audio glitching on official retail releases (the 2 Sam games, Squish 'em Sam and Sewer Sam), is still a little disappointing. Those both work perfectly in the CV Phoenix FPGA system. I probably wouldn't care as much but both of those games were extremely impressive for the very fact that you had very clear audio voice samples on stock ColecoVision hardware. And while I realize it's more or less a bonus core for the Mega Sg it would be nice to say it has perfect ColecoVision playback.
  4. Ahh. I didn't know about that one. Well hopefully Analogue will realize how important it is to have these systems with "total accuracy" work with everything that the original hardware is capable of. I wish they would slow down with the releases and give ample time to get these systems as close to perfection as possible. Does anyone know if Kevtris' ColecoVision core for the Nt Mini works better than the one for the Mega Sg? Or does that also have trouble playing digitized audio samples?
  5. Is Kevin still working on bug fixes on the Mega Sg at this point, or has it been moved on from? I recall there being some issues with sound accuracy on Master System FM sound. Also, I was just reminded that Sewer Sam and Squish 'em Sam on the Sg (ColecoVision core) do not play the audio samples at all. It should sound like this but the samples don't play correctly. I realize it's more or less a "bonus" core included with the jailbreak firmware, but it would be nice to have these games work as they do on real hardware, and on the Coleco Phoenix FPGA console. I still remember playing Squish 'Em Sam on my ColecoVision back in the day and I was really impressed when hearing actual digitized voices..."Squish em!" "Money money money!" "Wow", and "whoops", from a home gaming console..all without the need for an add-on voice synthesis module, as previous console required.
  6. Would many people buy an FPGA based PS1? It's one of my personal favorite consoles, but I wouldn't spend $200-400 on an FPGA clone of one when the original has no issues. I bought an HD Retrovision component cable and run it through a RetroTink. You could also buy a cheap PS2 or PS3 and run PS1 on them. I think a Neo•Geo FPGA console would be in higher demand. The Neo is personal for Chris (Taber) as it's directly tied to Analogue's success. You also have to remember that many Neo•Geo fans are a pretty diehard bunch. It may be considered a niche system, but that's mainly due to it's prohibitive costs. I know quite a few Neo enthusiasts who have ultimate Neo setups who would buy one just to get a minimal upgrade in A/V quality. I think an Analogue Neo•Geo with an AES slot, (+MVS & NGPC adapters), along with the option to play NGCDs from any USB optical drive (which currently sell for around $20) would be worthy. An "All in one Neo•Geo console" (except for maybe the Hyper Neo•Geo 64), one that could also play all of those games from an SDcard (via JB) could be worthy to many. Anyway, niche is sort of their thing. They are looking to sell millions of these systems.. Just thousands. That being said I think it's time for Analogue/Kevtris to consider working on releasing the Zimba-3000. The Pocket is a step in the right direction, but with no cart/joystick adapters for the mainstream systems (NES/SNES/SMS/GEN/Atari 2600/7800/ColecoVision, etc) it's not what I'm looking for.
  7. A consumer priced FPGA capable of running N64 games is likely several years away. Maybe by then It'll actually be worth it. N64 systems are still cheap to buy. It's also one of the few consoles which benefits more from increased texture resolution via software emulation. Even an UltraHMDI modded N64 can't come close to looking as good as one with HD upscaled textures. As a side note I don't think any emulator or hardware creator would even consider touching the leaked N64 Verilog source. It would be an instant lawsuit from Nintendo with very pricey consequences.
  8. He's on v4.7 of the official Analogue firmware and it tested OK on an original model 1 Genesis. Has anyone actually tested a Model 3 Genesis controller on the Mega Sg? I have a model 3, but it's currently in storage so I can't test it. Analogue seems pretty sure of themselves that the Mega Sg "Works will all 1st and 3rd party games and accessories", so it would be interesting if this didn't work with it. And perhaps, if true, it could be fixed if bugs are still being addressed. For reference, this is the controller in question.
  9. Yeah. Kevtris was public about the jailbreak on Nt Mini but went silent regarding Super Nt and Mega Sg where the jailbreak can't be directly tied to him or Analogue. My guess is that they can't have it seen as an official selling point so they won't draw the ire of certain big companies. Either way, Analogue themselves had nothing to do with it and doesn't discuss it. I'd still like to get CopyGEN cart dumping added to the Sg. I have a few rare Asian bootleg carts which are too large for my Super Magic Drive to handle. I believe a few rare, undumped roms were located and dumped using the Super Nt, so the same might happen with this as well. I also don't think you can copy Genesis/Mega Drive SRAM saves from the Sg to the cart, or vice versa – could be handy for some. So, CopyGEN, a ColecoVision cart adapter, and Atari 2600 core (since they can be played on a CV Expansion Module #1), would round out my 3 wishes for the Mega Sg.
  10. Interesting. I thought Kevtris had to ignore all involvement with jailbreaking FW. They gave it away (I assume) to get an edge over the AVS. It gave many people the extra value to justify the steep price. They haven't released any of the 8-bit cores for the Super Nt despite a lot of begging for them on here, Facebook, and Twitter, especially the NES core. The 8-bit Sega cores, and ColecoVision were released for the Mega Sg of course, but still none of the others. Only those which made sense (and ColecoVision.. I'm not complaining of course.. It's what I play the most of!), but again none of the other 8-bit cores were ever made available. I think they're going to do the same with the new Nt Mini Ver. 2. It would make more business sense to withhold all of the 8-bit cores for the "Analogue 8", which I still think will be many of those cores + cart adapters.
  11. I was disappointed that it was only a half minute long demo. It should have at least been one full level. It made me want to play Moon Patrol (which I suppose is what they want), so I played the best version...on the Vectrex! But seriously if anyone here owns a Vectrex or plans on buying one you owe it to yourself to grabbing Kristof Tuts' Vector Patrol. I've been playing the Vectrex since 1983, and can honestly say that this is by far the best looking, sounding, and playing game on it. It totally captures everything in the arcade original, and adds so much more (including a chiptune of The Police's "Walking on the Moon"... get it? Haha Even the packaging is top notch. The color overlay even looks 100% authentic to those from the 80's. Obviously vector monitors look 100x better in person, but this is still very impressive.
  12. Yes I know. Where did I say otherwise? I like the shape of the M30 2.4g. It's very ergonomic and comfortable for long play sessions. I wish they could have used the original N30 design, but I guess Nintendo wasn't happy about that. Also, if you replace the dpad with that of an original NES dpad it will fix the issues with the touchy diagonals. I do like how they went to the new button layout with the turbo buttons above the B A buttons. The diamond button pattern is great for SNES games, but I've only ever used them with the SNES (using the SNES Retro Receivers), but the L/R buttons weren't ideal.
  13. I think those who are buying the Nt Mini ver.2.0 for all of the 8-bit jailbroken cores are taking a bit of a chance by buying it. I haven't seen any guarantee of them working, or a planned jailbroken firmware w/ all 20ish cores included. Taber said it's the same Nt you know and love, or something to that effect, but he never comments on the jailbreaks. As far as he's (legally) concerned they don't exist. It may have them, but who knows for sure? (Besides Kevin and Chris of course). Perhaps they will hold those 8-bit cores to their Analogue 8 system. Why give them away when they can be sold? I love Arkanoid and Arkanoid II on the NES/FC! I bought 2 VAUS spinner controllers once I made sure they both worked on the AVS, to 2 player simultaneous Arkanoid play. There are also some great Arkanoid hacks, as well as a few other games that work with the VAUS spinners. Chase H.Q. for one. Someone has dumped the AtGames Atari Flashback roms. As we know, the first version of the flashback, and many other "Plug & Play TV Games" were run on a FOAC (Famicom-on-a-chip) to save money. I wonder how hard it would be to get some of the VCS paddle games working with the NES VAUS spinner. Playing Warlords, Super BreakOut!, Kaboom!, etc might be fun. And speaking of controllers, those 8Bitdo 2.4g controllers are available for pre-order (out in June). $24.99 w/dongle receiver included, same as the M30's. They are available for both NES (N30) & SNES (SN30) legacy hardware. I really hope that 8Bitdo fixed the dpads, especially on the N30's. Looking at the photos of it, it appears the dpads are extremely glossy.. I hope they make them a little grippy like their M30 pads.
  14. 28 seconds long. It's hard to really judge it by that, but it seems good. I still prefer the original Irem arcade version or excellent Vectrex version though. It's a game much better played with physical buttons too. You can play it using an Android emulator, such as Bluestacks.
  15. Correct, it's good for bowling, golf (Everybody's Golf VR AKA Hot Shots Golf) is excellent by the way, tennis, and maybe baseball. So basically Wii Sports. Has any motion sports collection been as good as Wii Sports? Aside from perhaps Wii Sports Club (Wii U). And yeah, Ten Pin Alley was a blaston the PS1. It hasn't aged well though, but for it's time was very good. My favorite bowling game is still League Bowling on the Neo•Geo (currently available for the Switch, PS4, etc..). It was one of the first games I bought for the Neo at launch and I still play it often. Give it a try if you enjoy arcade style bowling.
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