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  1. Pre-order for Analogue 8 (NES / Famicom + other 8-bit cores/cart adapters). AND Hopefully the cartridge adapters for the Mega Sg will finally be made available. That's all I really need at this point.
  2. Again... my original points (which seemed to have gotten lost in all of this) were: 1. Jailbars are not on every Genesis console. It's not a "plague"as you put it. 2. I have 7 Genesis systems. 5 of them look "perfectly clean" without any modes. The other 2 are a Genesis 2 and Genesis 3, which I kept new in the boxes. I'll guess those have jailbar issues based on many posts that I've read. I'm still using the very same console I bought on launch day (8/24/1989) as my main Genesis. Photos... yay! 3. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to make original hardware look decent on modern displays. I spend $55 for an HD Retrovision YPbPr cable. Anyway, I'm not saying that Genesis/Mega Drive systems might have jailbars. Some models worse than others, of course. All of my Model 1's are very early revs ("High Def Graphics", non-TMSS) Let's not trash the original consoles just because this is an FPGA forum. But anyway, I'm done here. They look perfect for me on both LCD and CRT displays, though I mostly use them on a Wega CRT. I also enjoy using the Mega Sg on modern displays. Agree to disagree I guess.
  3. OK, I think part of the problem is that we are talking about different things here. I am speaking specifically about a clean RGB signal coming out of a Model 1 Genesis. Where as others are likely using examples of composite, RF, or Svideo (modded) output, which may present a light jailbars, or in the case of a Model 2, 3, etc, very prominent jailbars. If you search around to original posts some older formum you will see that much of the "scanlines on Genesis video output" stems from the composite output, and even svideo mods that people were doing back then. Not only that, but the Genesis Model 2 > <, 3, and clones are notorious for jailbar issues due to the CXA1145 video encoder, which makes PERFECT SENSE since it's the very same one used in many Sega Master Systems > <. I don't see any jailbars on any of my Model 1 Genesis systems, because I am getting the clean RGB signal, and not from a CXA1145 encoder. When I simply remove the GEN and replace with the SMS (CXA1145 encoder) using the same exact power cable, HD Retrovision cable, and even controllers... THICK JAILBARS. Also, on Bob's RetroRGB article you sourced, He's using the same exact photo example linked on both the Model 1 bypass page, as well as the Model 2 bypass page. This photo: Likely from his Model 2, which he brings up more needing the bypass than the model 1, which he mentions can actually amplify analog noise. He even starts it out by mentioning this: In addition, he also cites a reason for jailbars being possibly due to unsheilded cables. I've had my share of RF interference with cheap 3rd party svideo back when the SNES came out and since then have always sought out original 1st party cables whenever possible. Since forums like this will likely remain on the internet, at least in some form, for many years to come - I didn't feel comfortable with leaving it with inaccurate or incomplete information. I am comfortable with saying that some Genesis consoles, mostly Model 2, 3, clones, and some early Mega Drives which use the CXA1145 encoder), can display obvious jailbar patterns. OK, now I am satisfied with ending this here.
  4. I'm sorry that you are baffled. I never said I was trying to convince everyone that your consoles don't have problems. I'm simply saying that MY Genesis systems don't have those issues. To say that ALL Genesis systems have jailbars and banding issues without modding is plain and simple... wrong. Why spread lies? Listen, we all love FPGA tech, but there is no reason to spread lies about the "original Genesis hardware being plagued with jailbars and banding problems". That's just not the case. Or that "you need to spend large sums of money on RGB bypass mods and expensive upscalers to make them look good on a modern display". Also false. I thought my photos were at least clear enough to tell that there are no signs of jailbars. I made sure to show some solid blue, which is obviously the most telling for said jailbars. Uneven lighting? It's a photo of an LCD screen taken with an iPod Touch 6. It's the best I can do with what I have. As for "ringing" I don't know what that is. Maybe Jpg artifacts? It's also 240p on a 1080p display. You aren't going to get emulator-style sharp pixels. And "odd lines" simple... Its moiré pattern. A very common effect when taking photos off a screen. The refresh rate gets out of sync and produces that effect. It doesn't look like that on the display though, obviously. Not to mention, these are photos of an HD display where as the photo of the jailbar example was on a CRT. Jailbars are MUCH MORE obvious on an LCD screen, yet there is absolutely no sign of them here. And speaking of CRT shots. The lines you see here.. also not jailbars. They are "scanlines". This is pretty much how I play all of my original 240p hardware. But there is definitely no sign of this.. So again, I'm not saying that some problems may exist with original Sega 16-bit hardware, but instead that it doesn't exist with all Sega 16-bit hardware, and in fact that it may not be plagued with it. The people I've heard examples of jailbars on this system seem to have Japanese Mega Drive consoles. So perhaps it's more common with those than the North American releases. On a related note, when I bought my Neo•Geo AES in 1990, it had a major issue with it's video output. Every time a button was pressed on the controller - the dot crawl video artifacting would slowly scroll from right to left. It was VERY distracting! I went through several different systems in 2 month's time. SNK was sending a new revised AES every week. At one point I had 6 Neo•Geo Gold Systems sitting in my living room, which I felt kind of nervous about TBH. Then they finally sent one which fixed the issue. To this day I've never heard from anyone else who has had this issue, or that has even heard of it existing. So even though 8 out of 9 Neo•Geo AES systems which I tried had awful looking video - I'd never say the AES is plagued with faulty video. That was just my personal experience, and SNK fixed it before most other people bought theirs. Some revisions of consoles may present video problems while others do not.
  5. I'm not really sure what you're accusing me. Do you believe that I posting something other than an original Genesis model 1 with zero mods/fixes, connected with an HD Retrovision component cable? Or.. Pehaps, I must be using a special de-jailbar Photoshop filter on my dozens of Gen screen shots. Anyway, my point was that you shouldn't spread false info about original hardware being "plagued by jailbars" because you read it somewhere online. I've seen a lot of jailbar plagued consoles in my lifetime. Famously on cheap FOAC Famiclones, on the SMS (model 1), as well as on the TG-16. Again, I have no banding, and no jailbars on any of my 7 USA Genesis systems. That includes also connecting the Sega CD (model 1), 32X, and Power Base Converters as well. And Yes, perfectly clean video signal without any mods. No bypass, no composite cuts. Just this. And this.. To get this..
  6. So I've heard. 7 Genesis consoles and no jailbars on any of them. Well maybe there is on the Gen 3.. I can't bring myself to use that. It sounds like they are more common on the Japanese Mega Drive than on the Gen.
  7. I'm not sure what to tell you. I have not modded my systems in any way, and as you can see there is ZERO signs of banding or jailbars. It's 100% free of them on all 7 of my systems. Perhaps they used defective consoles or bad cables. I've never even heard of people mention jailbars on a Genesis. They are very obvious on my SMS (model 1) and TG16, but that's all. Here are some blue screens. If you see jailbars or anything else please let know where Again, all photos of the Genesis model 1, w/ HD Retrovision YPbPr cables on PlayStation 24" HD Display.
  8. I have 7 Genesis systems, 3 of them '89, non-TMSS model 1, and none have signs of jailbars. My SMS (model 1), indeed does but not the Genesis, or at least none of mine do I should say. Examples (because I know how much you love them) > Genesis Model 1 (launch system) displayed via HD Retrovision YPbPr onto Wega CRT - photographed with iPod Touch 6: And on another Genesis Model 1 via HD Retrovision displayed on PlayStation 3D LCD HD Display (to show that it's not the CRT masking them) These had very visible jailbars when displayed using the same cable + display, but with the SMS Power Base system: And more Genesis games on the LCD (lighter colors, such as blue seem to show off jailbars more, but none are visible here. Again, these are all on a stock model 1 with only a $53 HD Retrovision YPbPr cable. I like Analogue's systems as much as the next guy, but let's not make up false issues with the original Genesis console to sell more Mega Sg's.
  9. Is there any chance that the DAC will allow you to plug in other devices with non-raw data output (Raspberry Pi, NES Classic Edition, Genesis Mini, AVS, etc..) and output to 240p component? If so this would could give much more value to the general consumer. I'm on the fence with it now. I was planning on buying it to get the 32X working on the Mega Sg (even buying the 3D printed spacer, but I was also expecting there to be some pass through cables to get along with it. So if it were to work with other devices I may own I might still buy it.
  10. Kevtris announced in My Life in Gaming’s DAC Stream that he has the 32X working with the Analogue Mega Sg. It will require the DAC and a custom mixing cable. 32X hardware support is extremely difficult because of the way its analog video is mixed back to the Genesis. Kev has confirmed that Doom and SmokeMonster Afterlife RPG are tested and working. So will the video via Analogue DAC and cheap analog Monoprice component cables look better than a model 1 Genesis w/ high quality HD Retrovision component cable? That's what I'd like to know before buying a DAC + cables. I was also quoted $25 shipping on the DAC, yet the Mega Sg only cost me $15 shipping. Isn't the DAC much lighter and smaller in comparison? Not a deal breaker, but kind of weird.
  11. For me personally it's "why not?". I also have several models for each original console. As long as they don't price it too high I'll buy one. I like having many options. No mod needed for most..I already own HD Retrovision YPbPr cables for unmodded RGB output (as YUV) w/ SMS, GEN, NEO, SNES, SAT, PSX and they all look incredible on a nice CRT.
  12. Correct. It utilizes a 16-bit CMOS chip, but has 8-bit DAC for sound. It does have some nice video effects (scaling and rotation), but the graphics aren't really on par with other 16-bit graphics (TG-16, Genesis, Neo•Geo, SNES) as it only displays 16 simultaneous colors. I'd also group the TG-16/PCE with 16-bit consoles though it uses an 8-bit CPU. Intellivision is 16-bit, but I'd group that with the Atari 2600, 5200, and ColecoVision. Analogue is already producing cart adapters for the Mega Sg, so it wouldn't be unfeasible for them to produce more.
  13. How about Analogue 8, as a double meaning...8 systems, which are also 8-bit systems? 1. NES/Famicom 2. Game Boy / Game Boy Color 3. Neo•Geo Pocket / Pocket Color 4. Atari Lynx 5. Sega SG-1000 6. Sega Master System / Mark III 7. Game Gear 8. TurboGrafX-16 / PC Engine .. .. .. And all on a portable system.
  14. Does the DAC support YPbPr (YUV) component video output?
  15. You can actually backup all of your battery SRAM SAVs on the current AVS using the Scoreboard client software. I kept asking for a CopyNES function on the AVS, but when I really thought about it I couldn't think of a single cartridge I would actually dump the rom from. Out of the 700 original NES carts I own, the only one which hasn't been dumped and made publicly available is a rare 250-in-1 SuperVision cart, but that wouldn't dump with traditional methods anyway. I agree with Kosmic Stardust. I always use scanlines and 720p seems to look best with that since it's a perfect 3x integer. The N8 is my go to cart when not playing original carts. I use it a lot for ENG translations and improvement hacks (Pyron color corrections, Save/map hacks for Metroid, Castlevania III, etc..), and I also use the save state function on occasion. I probably wouldn't use a jailbreak if one were added, but all of that would be fine if Brian were to make an improved version and could keep the price around the same as the original AVS. Nothing against the Nt Mini, as it's an incredible piece of tech, but I love the classic style of the AVS so hopefully they'd keep the same style in an "AVS 2". I think you had to have grown up with a front loading NES in the 80's or been up on the history of Nintendo's own AVS prototype to full appreciate what Brian did with the design. I like how the game carts are inserted horizontally and covered. Vertically inserted NES carts can sometimes wobble, occasionally resulting in the game glitching out. The cart also won't stick up in front of your display if you have your system happens to sit in front of it. I also recently bought an FDS RAM Adapter + FDS Stick (highly recommended) and that fits nicely into the AVS cart slot. A new firmware us currently being developed which will allow user created color palettes to be added, this should future proof it for any new ones which might come along. The only thing I'd like to see is a fixed firmware for the RetroUSB 8-BIT XMAS 2017 cart. 1.30 broke compatibility with it and causes it to freeze among other weird issues with the cart's built-in LCD.
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