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  1. Which settings do you prefer on the SNES to make scanlines look best, while filling more of the screen?
  2. My order is #54409. I checked out at 11:01AM and it was stuck for several minutes on the shipping calculation screen. At around 5 minutes in I opened a remote desktop window on a second PC and hit F5 + Ctrl a few times and it finally went through on that one, while the other remained stuck. I was expecting $40+ shipping, so that was a decent surprise.
  3. Where did you see that? If that's true then they should have gone with a lower res. Most games will be 240p and less. You can get lower res screens for around $4 ea in bulk (1,000+) The higher resolution is the hardware equivalent to an emulator's bilinear smoothing filter. You are losing the natural dot pixel style of the original handheld's display matrix. If they are going for authenticity, they should try to match the original resolution as closely as possible.
  4. Good points, and it's not a bad idea to wait. I'm curious to see the reviews on it, and if they actually make enough cart adapters this time.
  5. If you zoom in you see that the Pocket GBA filter is quite a bit different from how games looked on an original GBA. Some day they will get there, but not yet. Are more people buying the Analogue Pocket to play GB/GBC games, or GBA games? I would guess the latter, because GB/GBC emulation has been perfected for years, where as GBA, not so much. Even the PSP struggled with GBA emulation. Going with the 3:2 aspect ratio would give it a full screen image without any black borders on the top/bottom.
  6. The filters look pretty good, but never quite like the original experience. Which may be a good thing when it comes to the DMG-01. It mainly comes down to comfort while handling it. Had they gone with the GBA style instead of the GB Pocket I would have considered getting it. I am also in my 40's and screen size is becoming more of an issue. If I'm going to buy a new handheld, it needs to be bigger than 3.5". I just can't justify spending $450 on this. Which is what it would cost since I would want the dock ($100), cart adapters ($90), and shipping (probably $50). Then I'd likely miss out on the cart adapters, like I did with the Mega Sg and regret the entire purchase. It's an AGS-101. The IPS are higher resolution and lose the dot pixel pattern. SML on bottom left is from the Goomba emulator on the GBA, with the wide screen enabled + a preset SML palette. Here's what Super Mario Land DX color hack looks like:
  7. Careful..You are going to spoil yourself with that. The GBA AGB-001 model with modified screen is a great setup. It's another reason I'm skipping on the Analogue Pocket. I don't like how GBA games look in ultra high resolution. It loses it's original style, sort of like playing 240p games without scanlines. If you were used to playing them like that then it will seem off. The other big thing for me is the ergonomics of the GBA vs the GB Pocket. The latter cramps my hands up within a short amount of time. The more comfortable portables are definitely the GG, NGPC, Lynx, PSP, and Vita. Nintendo later reverted back to this orientation after the SP, thankfully. I bought this for $75 a couple of years ago, and while I still prefer playing on a large display, I have enjoyed it much more than playing on the SP. It's also nice to be able to use AA rechargeable batteries. I don't like the idea of keeping old Lithium Ion batteries in these systems for years and years. Has Analogue released any photos of the Pocket displaying GBA games?
  8. That seems to the biggest issue. Analogue keeps moving onto something else, leaving little time for support on previously released systems. I was going to order the Analogue Pocket, but I am going to hold off because I'm not sure if I'd be able to get the cart adapters to go along with it. I bought the Mega Sg to play original games that I own: The Game Gear, Sega My Card, and SG-1000. I waited a year for the adapters, and then missed out on them because I didn't get the notification until after they had already sold out. I think they should bring out new systems on a more relaxed schedule. Allowing for more features and bugs to be sorted before moving on. I think it's important if they wish to keep up with the competition (MiSTer, PolyMega, etc.).
  9. It seems like something like this could be a "killer app" for the Amico. There is literally something for everyone here. Even my non-videogaming girlfriend is interested in playing it. 51 varied games at a budget price. It also makes full use of touch controls (air hockey, cards, Uno, Connect-Four, checkers, chess, dominos, and motion controls (bowling, darts, golf, tennis, baseball, ping pong, etc.). It includes local couch co-op, as well as online co-op. Easy to play and amily friendly type stuff seems right at home here. They get around paying licensing for things like UNO and Connect-Four, by calling them something different.
  10. The ability to dump roms and battery saves would actually be useful to many. Then maybe I'd pack this away in storage. One last FW release which fixes some bugs + GENCopy would be an excellent way to leave the Mega Sg. Also make the cart adapters available for pre-order. The ability to run and dump original carts would set it apart from the MiSTer.
  11. Both my Mega Sg and Super Nt are both jailbroken, but I still bought these to play physical games on. IMO it's part of the original experience. The MiSTer is more powerful, and can play many more cores, but I purchased the Mega Sg with intentions of playing my physical game collection on it. Analogue announced a second manufacturing months ago, but they rarely give updates on anymore. It would have opened orders to those of us who purchased a Mega Sg a few hours before opening them up to the public/bots.
  12. *sigh* what are the chances Analogue will 1. Release more of the Mega Sg cartridge adapters in 2020, and 2. Release enough for both scalpers and people who legitimately want to play their original games on the Mega Sg? Had I known I'd still not be able to play my Game Gear carts on the Mega Sg over a year later I'd likely have bought the MiSTer instead. It's sad to see people paying $250+ on them.
  13. The SGM support was a nice addition, but having audio glitching on official retail releases (the 2 Sam games, Squish 'em Sam and Sewer Sam), is still a little disappointing. Those both work perfectly in the CV Phoenix FPGA system. I probably wouldn't care as much but both of those games were extremely impressive for the very fact that you had very clear audio voice samples on stock ColecoVision hardware. And while I realize it's more or less a bonus core for the Mega Sg it would be nice to say it has perfect ColecoVision playback.
  14. Ahh. I didn't know about that one. Well hopefully Analogue will realize how important it is to have these systems with "total accuracy" work with everything that the original hardware is capable of. I wish they would slow down with the releases and give ample time to get these systems as close to perfection as possible. Does anyone know if Kevtris' ColecoVision core for the Nt Mini works better than the one for the Mega Sg? Or does that also have trouble playing digitized audio samples?
  15. Is Kevin still working on bug fixes on the Mega Sg at this point, or has it been moved on from? I recall there being some issues with sound accuracy on Master System FM sound. Also, I was just reminded that Sewer Sam and Squish 'em Sam on the Sg (ColecoVision core) do not play the audio samples at all. It should sound like this but the samples don't play correctly. I realize it's more or less a "bonus" core included with the jailbreak firmware, but it would be nice to have these games work as they do on real hardware, and on the Coleco Phoenix FPGA console. I still remember playing Squish 'Em Sam on my ColecoVision back in the day and I was really impressed when hearing actual digitized voices..."Squish em!" "Money money money!" "Wow", and "whoops", from a home gaming console..all without the need for an add-on voice synthesis module, as previous console required.
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