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  1. Get both! (just kidding; impractical for most people) A display that will do both (my favorite Atari screen) is the JVC TM-A13SU CRT Video Monitor This guy is in Phoenix and doesn't want to ship. But he as some good pictures. If you are interested in one, be sure NOT to mix it up with the JVC TM-A130SU. Although it looks the same, it has no sound/speaker. A small drawback is that this monitor requites a BNC to RCA adapter to hook to a standard RCA cable, but they are cheap and available. I'd get NTSC 800XL first, of course.
  2. This reminds me of how they were able to program the ancient "Voyager" space probes to do things like better data compression (etc.) and improve performance, many years after they were out in deep space.
  3. I've always wanted one for the collection. This one looked nice, but finished at $236!!! Yikes! In the 1980s, I knew Atari BBS SysOps that used to have them fire off messages to SysOp in the middle of the night and their families complained. Ha Ha! I had the 822 thermal. I hate thermal today. I buy expensive things at Lowe's and the receipt fades away in a couple of months!
  4. I haven't been able to get back to AtariAge as much as I'd like, and THIS was very sad and shocking! I was excited to read some A8 info and now I'm just saddened. I never met him, but I thought I might be able to if I go to one of these Vintage shows before too long, because the pictures from last year looked so intriguing. Of course, this is not a normal year, so I figured it (like everything else I am interested in) has been cancelled. He looks so happy and healthy in those pics from last year that I can't believe it. RIP. Obviously he is a great loss to the Atari community but much more so to his family.
  5. They had the big lighted display counter at Elmendorf AFB Exchange in Anchorage, AK in the early 80's. That's where I used to go to stare while my parents shopped. They always knew they could find me there. I put an Atari 800 (now with 48K) on lay-away, and it took me many months to pay for it, with newspaper delivery money. (I already had a 400). By the time I was ready to try for the 810, the 1050 was out at significantly-reduced price. My first 1050 was $340 retail. The 810 was much more (can't remember) than that. I was disappointed that my 800 and 1050 didn't match, but was so honored to have it after the 410 recorder. The only other thing that impressed me and served me as much as my first disk drive is the internet!!!!
  6. Uh oh.  Suddenly I have to run the air conditioning again. I've been holding out to try to save money but I'm going to have to use that blasted device that costs so much money to use.

    1. GoldLeader


      You sound like me LOL,


      I fired up mine last week,  Had to do it....But then today is cold and wet,...I actually had to turn my heater back on this morning, and heat still costs way more than AC...

  7. I already knew you were the man, but you have outdone yourself with this. I have been waiting to try this! Bravo!
  8. Well, it looks like I may have time to rejoin my favorite hobby, unfortunately. I no longer have any parents to take care of. Strangely enough, it seemed like a chore at first, and now that I no longer have that responsibility, I miss it, and I feel empty. Hello AtariAge friends. (I know everybody goes through this, but I feel like complete shit)

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    2. Flojomojo


      I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Taking care of aging parents is difficult, thankless work.

    3. jaybird3rd


      My condolences.

    4. save2600


      Sorry to hear Woody and condolences. Welcome back too

  9. This has to be the most epic thread on Atariage that I have ever seen. Is there an FAQ or beginner's guide to Rastaconverter? I would like to read about this and learn from the beginning. Sorry if this is an elementary question. It is quite amazing that the A8 can make my jaw drop in 2019. Such is the intrigue of the machine that was obviously ahead of its time and remains special to this day. JW
  10. Been around the block a few times since I've been on Atariage. Glad you're still here!!!

    1. save2600


      Long time Woody! Still rockin' the Amiga?

    2. doctorclu
    3. Keatah
  11. One of the things I've never had - hence I have no experience with - is a hot glue gun. Over the years, I've ordered mods (or custom this-or-that) electronics-type stuff, and I am amazed at how well that stuff works, when receiving stuff that has been hot glued. That having been said, is there a "standard" (by which all others shall be judged?) hot glue gun? Order any generic unit? What's good, and what is wrong with what is not good? How do you clean these things, when done? Is there a hot glue gun 101 that I should read? Thanks in advance, for any advice you can chime in with.
  12. Amiga Trilogy? I bought the first Commodore book from Amazon and liked it, and was awaiting "the Amiga book,." Never happened. How many books are there?
  13. Can you post a link or a picture of the product that you have been using, successfully? This place (a nationwide chain, I think).... ....is the only place I know to get the conditioner, as obviously I'm not a regular shopper of beauty supplies. Is that where you found the clear?
  14. Working on 410s in something I hope to get to, one day. Despite its many flaws, it has a special place in my heart, as my first ever computer peripheral. I'm curious about the rubber wheels. Are you encountering these in the older version or the newer version of the 410? OLDER NEWER
  15. Amazing how retrocomputing (or any hobby) is mutually exclusive to family. Breaking news! Who knew? Exactly.
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