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  1. @BovineD @-^CrossBow^- Just wanted to tie a bow on this thread for anyone who searches for a similar issue; I got my Lynx modded by MobiusStripTechnologies (EXCELLENT WORK, SPEED, COMMUNICATION BTW) to include VGA and the McWillis Screen mod. The McWillis screen is amazing---bright, vivid, games never looked better--seriously. It's like a whole new system experience. The VGA output is simpler than i expected. I tried it on 2 different (older) computer monitors with a direct VGA connection, and it works fine. I can toy with the size and ratio a bit, but it almost works just fine as-is. Especially on my newer (~2015) monitor. Attaching it to a tv, i bought a low-end VGA>HD converter (very cheap, under 10$) and it works acceptably with both a modern HD tv, as well as running into Framemeister. No problems at all. I'm not a resolution hawk, so i cant say a ton about it, but it looks fine--as much as a game intended to be shown on a tiny screen, expanded to a large tv, ever really can, imho. Looking forward to the day when i can get a computer dedicated for streaming and gameplay recording, and capture some output from some Lynx games. Thanks all for the help.
  2. Special thanks to BovineD for going the distance in this reply and really helping me get a picture of whats going on and what to try. Sincerely, thats some great info.
  3. Wow, this is all really helpful information everyone. Thanks so much. I cant wait to get my modded Lynx and work on all these various tests and solutions. Thanks!!
  4. I'm considering getting my Atari Lynx 2 modded with a VGA output (along with the McWillis screen replacement). What I'm trying to figure out is: if i connect VGA to a regular monitor, roughly what size will the output be? If i want to connect the Lynx to my Framemeister, what cables would I use? If I successfully connect Lynx to framemeister, are there known profiles/settings to use? Any input or guidance is welcome. Im somewhat of a dolt with this stuff, but always trying to learn a little more.
  5. Hey there, Im an infrequent user of this forum. I'd been in contact with a user, Signguy81, who helped me out with a repair of an atari 5200 controller. We'd been using the message system to contact each other and discuss possible (additional) fixes, but his account seems to be inactive since early Jan, and I dont know what happened or how to reach him. #1---any info on Signguy? Its really weird--he just disappeared, mid conversation. I genuinely hope he's ok! #2--if i cant find Signguy....looking for someone who does 5200 controller repairs. He'd done one, but something popped, and he had theories how to fix it (Again). Welcome any input!
  6. I faintly remember laser gates...2600 i guess? Hmmm. Sleeper. I dunno. As a lifelong 5200 fan, River Raid is a top game, but not a sleeper, imho. Nor is Keystone Capers. I just got Star Raiders a year ago and it blows me away, but again, not a sleeper, i think. Its hard for me to define "sleeper" on an underappreciated system that has a small library, i guess.
  7. "Feels like an over compilcated Starmaster on the 2600 then Star Raiders on the 2600." I feel like it was asking for trouble to come into a 5200 thread and make a claim like this
  8. Wow. So interesting and amazing. And simultaneously challenging. I spent at least 20-30 min in "game 2" trying to establish even an initial link-up/docking with the satellite...failed. Pretty close i think, a few times. I lack the overlay. And manual. I'm using online PDFs of both to get by. Any recommendations? I really like the high-sim concept. Its just brutally difficult, even harder, at first glance, than learning competent Star Raiders gameplay. Enjoying it, but wow.
  9. Oh man...im embarrassed now--the quality of that one is so low (an early effort only recently uploaded). Tell them to hang in there, im working on some retro stuff as i get better with my tech and find my "voice". My next vid is gonna be a doozy--think tim and eric meets a lets play.
  10. these are great! only problem is that they now remove the chance of grab-bag surprise when i reach into my 5200 shelf and pull a game...only to find its (naturally) 1 of 4 Super Breakout copies
  11. Ha, after I recorded this, I discovered that a pin socket on the 1p controller had broken, which was giving me impossible challenges with my button inputs. So, my passing was a lack of control (my friend was just new to the game). I got the console fixed since then--so if i ever do a re-recording, I'll be a bit better, I assume. ;'] I remember dominating my brother as a kid by simply knowing how to pass ;']
  12. Just uploaded some footage of a friend and i playing some 5200 Real Sports Soccer (a game I loved as a kid). Feel free to check it out, comment, subscribe....etc etc etc. I tend to focus on older games, mostly, maybe you'd enjoy it (you're on an Atari message board, after all!) I enjoy documenting these old friends, so welcome your input in whatever form you care to provide. (FYI, this was recorded with some goofy technology, and my tech has been vastly upgraded since the time of this recording. Dont be put off by the low-def approach. )
  13. 1.) Love our system and games! Done. i love all old systems and vidjagames. deeply. 2.) Post a reply to this thread and tell us all at least one of the following: a.) How you got your system? b.) Your favorite memory of the system or games? c.) The weirdest thing you have typed into "Type and Tell" to make The Voice say? I only ever spotted Odyssey at conventions and such. Played it 1x for like 5 min. Then a friend from Alabama offered me his entire collection and console, working, complete with about 15 games (including what appears to be a complete Quest for Rings). I got it running on a CRT here in Philadelphia and swapped the video connection to a simpler RCA jack and all is well, it sits happily next to my childhood atari 5200. I love it, and i guess my favorite memory so far (only one year old) is playing a bunch of Speedway! and Computer Golf with a close friend. We've actually been uploading videos of the gameplay to my youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfjMpLzt8LQIGFlbAp0ExMQ) with some Lets Plays of Odyssey and others!! It's been very fun exposing friends to the system.... I dont have the type/tell item--i'll need to research it! 4.) If you are already a member of the Videopac /Odyssey 2 forum include your user name for that forum in your post if different from your AA username. I will add them both to your spot on the list below. I am unoclay on this atariage O2 forum. I've asked to be added to the other forum you linked to (videopac.nl). I welcome the chance to be added to this illustrious brotherhood.
  14. Check it out people, I dont want to brag, but I uploaded a video of me beating Alien Invaders-Plus!. That's right. Billy Mitchell of the Odyssey2 right here. ;'] Check it out: youtu.be/4UhbvCfEhDE BTW, feel free to subscribe to the youtube channel! I plan on continuing to post gameplay and videos from my classic aka "Retro" systems. If you're reading this message board, somehow I suspect you might like some of my planned videos. Or not. It's entirely up to you.
  15. I plan on trying to record and play this game myself in the future. Having never played it yet, any tips or tricks to suggest to make the process simpler? I need to make sure i have all the pieces etc--inherited the game from a friend. Other than that, i welcome your input as to make a smooth recording for this obscure piece of history....
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