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  1. hey thanks everyone! I managed to just brute-force download all the ones i need over a few weeks. I'm all set now. I appreciate the offers and messages.
  2. wow, converting them to homebrews? This is excellent, especially for the most commons. great ideas! keep em coming. I doubt ebay is gonna give me anything at all for these ultra commons.....shipping and fees would outpace my profit...
  3. A problem I'm sure many of us have.....that stack of old "Commons"---i.e. 5200 carts that are in no way valuable, nobody wants, and really, do you need 3 copies of Super Break Out in your gaming center? Through various donations and purchases, I've ended up with: 2 extra pac man 1 extra missile command 1 extra keystone kapers (may not work) 1 extra super breakout 1 countermeasure 2 pole position 1 realsports soccer 1 centipede Any good ideas, artistic or otherwise, for what to do with them? I dont need any more drink coasters and literally dont know anyone trying to start a new 5200 collection from scratch. And strongly dislike just "filing" things in the basement for "in case"---the "files" are quite deep enough already......
  4. new to the high score club, but i like this idea. Do scores just get updated at the end of the month? Probably--makes sense.
  5. me too. The closest equivalent is the sound the famicom disc drive makes when it moves* the tray pieces to load the disc. *When its working.
  6. im a dolt--where in the picture is the actual thing that clicks?
  7. At the risk of destroying a mystery i've enjoyed since childhood---and has probably been answered here 1000s of times---could anyone explain (to a lay person) what that "click" sound is that comes from (i presume) the RF switch when you turn on the Atari 5200? I cant think of a single other system i own that make a physical sound of that type when powering it up--like a physical piece moving/clicking into place.
  8. got a new personal best, so i guess i still have 2nd place, but im still 6.5 seconds behind the lead.....
  9. darn, i was hoping to practice more and beat your old score, but now you upped the ante even further! good work
  10. Respect to the highest score---i did 5 runs, and couldnt quite get his score. I guess i made it into the silver medal category (for now)? 4:35:27 Didnt see any rules about manual vs. auto shifting, so i used manual..... Most fun i ever had with this game, having an actual goal to playing. Took me back to races in pole position with my little brother Sorry for the pic quality--flipphone lyfe, im true retro ;']
  11. you can usually easy "Crack" the combination code on those old suitcases---i did it with one i got from the thrift store. Involves basically putting pressure on the "opening" button while spinning each dial. If you push against the "release/open" button while turning dials, when it hits the right #, it will sort of pop into place and you know you got the number. Far easier than most lynx games.
  12. interesting. doesnt list what files. but thank you for the reply!
  13. wanted to say thanks for the advice @bohoki. You inspired me to work on these myself. Did some tinkering tonight....not sure if it will work out but thanks again for taking the time to comment.
  14. I'm a longtime retronauts fan, but the challenge with their reviews/commentary often is, i suspect, they play a lot of games fast, but without a ton depth, due to the pressures of content creation and limited time. Not limited to lynx, i often find that when i disagree with their opinions, i am also suspecting they havent spent adequate time with a console/game/etc to truly delve into the nuances or positive aspects-----Or to develop a love for the idiosyncasies---and therefore perceive such, as flaws. Additionally, their own biases show in many cases, which is fine--its subjective reviews, etc--but i dont get the impression that they have particularly deep nostalgia for many consoles, leading to ambivalent or negative commentary that fanners often dislike. In fairness, Parish did give some needed love to the Virtual Boy, an unfairly maligned system, which made me think "there is hope". In any case. Parish and Bob are doing great work.
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