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  1. @Peyo so you're basicallly saying that the AA standing high score is essentially impossible without spam/camping on worm maggots?
  2. I could do a LOT better than this if i put the time into it, but TBH, easy mode is TOO easy and its sort of just a wandering around kind of experience, a time sink. Not criticizing, just admitting that after 30-40 minutes i get bored and want to finish, not keep searching every section of the map. For those who havent played, think of it sort of like a Pitfall II kind of game. But on easy mode, its more just an exploration/loot-seeking game. Meant to learn the weapons and skills. The harder missions get really tough. Todd's portrait on the win screen makes him look a lot older and chubbier-cheeked than the game sprite led me to believe.
  3. oh man, Slime World was my first love on Lynx. Gonna have to give it a shot!! Its interesting in a situation where "no point scumming" is allowed....like, what if we're backtracking or trying to decide what to do? I get the concept but its a little squishy in terms of high score, but i'll do my best to avoid camp-scumming.
  4. if you wanna explore trading them for a homebrew cart or maybe two, i can put you in touch with someone on here who hooked me up.
  5. yeah, you're basically facing a problem here of offering the most common carts as a lot. I recently tried to give away (!) a set of about 10 commons on here, and ended up trading them for 1 homebrew cart (i.e. nobody wanted them for the cost of shipping). 5200 isnt the most collectable system, unfortunately.
  6. i appreciate it in a big way, artistically and mechanically and everything. Sadly i have some major pain problems with my wrists, so playing Pins is like an invitation to weeks of aching soreness. Visted the pin museum in vegas a few years ago and some really cool ones in Japan when i was there, though. Very amazing on every level. Here's a handheld video from my visit to the one in Osaka
  7. I've noticed that at our local Barcade, actually. They started including about 5 pins last year and i see a lot of food traffic at them, perhaps more than the actual video games. Personally, as a strongly biased video game enthusiast, i suspect that Pins appeal to the casual visitors a bit more, because they "understand" the basic concepts better than perhaps the abstractions of older games. Though, i personally think learning to be great at pinball is often harder to achieve than relative competency at an old upright....or maybe i just suck at pinball.
  8. Ouch my (december) wording of "rise up" is maybe some inadvertent bad timing what with the insurrection attempt in the past days. Allow me to refine my statement: "Super Breakout Fans, let our voices be heard in a peaceful and meaningful way, and allow us to engage in civil and respectful debate, even with those whom we strongly disagree"
  9. neat idea! I only have Galaxian of these options but may still compete.
  10. Damn i had this page bookmarked/open in a browser and hadnt seen all the updated scores. Came in here thinking my 41 deaths (validation 4464) would be a good score but wow, forgetaboutit!!
  12. even if nobody else agrees, i gotta protest that Super Breakout isnt lame. I still enjoy it today (sure, maybe some nostalgia playing a role) but it really taught me devotion to a hard challenge and rewarded skill in that classic masochistic atari "just one more try" sort of fashion.
  13. I have a lot of fond memories of playing 5200 on Christmas day at my grandparents house.....or fighting with my brother for time on the console. Maybe i'll fire up the old beast tonight in nostalgic honor of those good 1980s times hope all is well in atari land and you all get that elusive Gremlins 5200 cart you were dreaming of
  14. I remember coming down into the living room of my grandparents split level home and seeing pac man on the atari. I only had a vague idea about games from maybe a couple uprights at the grocery store. I dont think we kids were immediately invited to play it. I was probably...7..assuming that was around Christmas 1982? My earliest recollections are Pac Man, Breakout....mostly those two for a while, i think. Then later we got a lot of carts, and im not sure of the order. Earliest hits included Pole Position, Galaxian, Kangaroo, Jungle Hunt, Centipede, but i dont know the order.
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