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  1. even an unfinished lynx version of MK would be better than that terrible movie they just released. heck, even a title screen with no gameplay would be better
  2. Definitely, assuming i have the time. I love being a part of the community even in my dorky, stupid way. But i also have a fear of offending people if i dont like the game, or it feels unfinished, or whatever. I believe in being honest, but i dont want to trash anyone's baby! The theme of the dorky presenter and the obsession with defining homebrew was an honest response to fair criticism/feedback some of you gave me after the others. And i deserved it. I was conflating terms and not appreciating the nuance. Learned a lot from that, actually. I want to continue to do funny/weird videos as time allows. It's partly an excuse for me to experiment with video techniques. Message me if you want help with things and if time allows, i'll be glad to.
  3. Im usually fairly decent at video games but im clearly gonna have to practice harder for this one. starting cold i expected to at least have a respectable score---but i havent cracked 10k after a few tries. Harder than i recalled.
  4. same as others, Mac only. If this were available on Mac i'd give it a whirl. I have "programming experience" but only if you could a few years as a kid working on Apple II in basic, and then a single semester of C++ which convinced me i should not pursue computer programming as a major.
  5. My latest---and certainly most "adventurous" (some might say disturbing) "homebrew" review video is up on youtube for anyone who wants to check it out. Definitely welcome comments and feedback on youtube (welcome new subs for sure) or here in AA. I just genuinely appreciate anyone who bothers to look at my silly nonsense.
  6. its fun to be a casual-yet-enthusiastic lynx player. I never even heard of this game. Maybe will pick it up--gotta keep myself in the HSC running
  7. AM I TO BE MEMORIALIZED IN THE HIGH SCORE HALL OF FAME??????? :blows kisses to audience, gives the queen's wave: Turbo Sub, truly, a game for the ages
  8. I've been eagerly awaiting the announcement that one of you has trounced my score by some slim margin
  9. WiiU is a wildly underrated system. If we presume BOTW is a Switch game (where vast majority played it).....man. I'd be hard pressed to pick. Splatoon 1, Kart 8, Starfox Zero (yes, its amazing), Pikmin 3, Windwaker HD----and a lot of cool indie and download titles (including Cave Story, World of Goo, etc, but these were multiplat). I have probably 30 WiiU games. It's tough to even pick. I've probably played the most Wii Fit U though--i still use it 4x a week for between-work exercise.
  10. ah im gonna miss out this month, i dont have a ROM cart and I expect that Oil's Well is a conversion game? Neat, i love Anteater in the arcade, so, looks like a fun game though
  11. @Peyo What, my most dangerous opponent wants me to spill the secrets??? ;'] It was some kind of flying octopus purple thing, but, SPOILER ALERT you blast off into space for the final fight. Turbo Sub goes interstellar! I was actually, i will admit, getting a bit bored. The game basically loops many times and you fight the same levels at higher speeds. Thats why i was really shocked that there was an ending. I was basically just hoping to break the high score and then it all of a sudden went to the final round. I'd say it was maybe 30-45 minutes. Im not sure. And i didnt take note if i got a major bonus for the finish--i assume the final boss was extra points, but, i was too surprised to notice and mainly was trying to survive (i was down to a life or two).
  12. It is good we have a safe space like this where it is ok and accepted to say something like "i want to scan that cereal box" and be completely serious about it and not sound like a total crazy person ;']
  13. I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS POSSIBLE TO BEAT THIS GAME. then i did it. I think i may have broken the all time high score? See photos
  14. I was a longtime paperboy in our small Pennsylvania town and was my first job and the way i saved money for all kinds of stuff. It's very, very likely that the cash from that route may have been how i paid for my own first Lynx---its blurry memory. One of the many sad things about the downfall of the newspaper (besides the hard losses to journalism and an informed public) is also the loss of this first job, the paper route. I have a lot of nostalgia for that, and constantly think how it taught me valuable skills for employment, not to mention endurance for riding a bike up steep hills in icy rain and snow. ;']
  15. I wish i could still write longform reviews. In 2011-2012, i wrote reviews of around 100 Wii games on the IGN forum blogs. But i have problems with my hands and repetitive motion injury these days, meaning that making videos (while still requiring a lot of hand use for video editing, etc) are a bit easier. I am a huge form of long form written reviews as well, i just cant be the one making them anymore. My hands ache from my day job (computer-based) already.
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