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  1. yes, i prob will someday. But i am also fond of physically collecting games when affordable as Pengo, because i tend to cherish them more. I have a Super Everdrive for SNES and a Flashboy for Virtual Boy, and even the shiny new flashcart for Lynx. Love them all. But 5200 is more of a slow-steady system for me---still have a real copy of HERO i havent even tried out yet. Pengo's cheap, so will grab sometime.
  2. whelp, i guess i'll sit this one out. I dont actually own Pengo for 5200, and although i know i could get a copy for cheap, i never really jived with the arcade game, and so havent bothered yet. Good luck to the competitors.
  3. a mere 8745 difference between us--for the want of a mere few human rescues--like, 4--you would be sitting in 2nd. basically luck on this one for me. no chance i would catch rubeon. not without a lot more practice. a lot. love this HSC concept--a reason for me to play my old systems indeed.
  4. I am glad the month is almost over. i suffer from some weird problems with repetitive motion injury and hand pain, and im pretty sure the daunting task of getting the high score on this game gave me some serious finger aches today. no pity requested, just reflecting that the frailty of the human body, with age, is a bunch of BS. it's almost like my ape fingers werent meant for blistering fast robot combat via dual stick inputs over repeated hours and play-sessions.
  5. After last night's session, im convinced that at whatever stage I'm hitting as I near 500k (dont have time to look at the stage #), the game difficulty clearly ramps up again. I go from losing about 1 stock per board (2, on a bad one) to losing 3-4 stocks in a single screen, wiping me out. I've hit around 470-490 multiple times now, and each time, i head into that point thinking "doing great, steady as she goes" and maybe 1 screen later, im decimated.
  6. Im noting a lot of people seem to cite Blue Lightning in their earliest memories. That's funny, because i never played it when i owned my original lynx (around launch), and its one of those games that doesnt impress me much now. Wonder what i would have thought of it back then.....luckily, anyway, slime world was my first glimpse. Much more my style.
  7. @DamonicFury in the battle for second place......there can be no first places. but we can still battle for 2nd, right? 513,475
  8. >>>>>If you're playing without the controller holder, you're doing an amazing job. I can't even imagine trying to wrangle two controllers while also saving humanity! I play with one classic 5200 for firing, and a Wico for movement. I rest them at arms length on the couch and press "down" slightly to keep them in place. I dont have two reliably-working classic original controllers, so, it's a moot point for me. Gonna go make a few more attempts now but....not hopeful for even second place right now.
  9. So, i have 3 unopened (so far as i know) factory sealed versions of lynx carts. I acquired them about a decade ago in a large lot of games. I opened most of them (all of which were sealed at the time). Except for these 3. I do not have any way of verifying the original seals or vendor, but i have no reason to suspect they arent original factory seals, either. Looking on ebay, leads me to believe 2 arent really worth much, sealed: Xybots and Cyberball. One of them, sealed, seems worth a bit more: Joust. The boxes have light depressions in the front cover---not folds, but light curvature (inwards). Joust sort of has the "curve" on both sides. But otherwise "mint". I guess im trying to figure out, is there anyone interested in acquiring these from me, in trade for complete "opened" copies? Before i crack the seal on them, i know some people are fanatics for sealed/box preservation----but for me, i actually just like playing my games. Not sure if i'd want to part with them, but maybe if someone made the offer, who knows. I only post this because i'm a retro fanatic who respects the "mint preservation" aspect, but in no way practices it myself. Eventually, if these stay with me, im gonna open and play em, and the old hang tag and plastic wraps are going in the garbage. ;']
  10. Whew. As per normal, when seeing my score bested, i went and sat down and jammed the game. But this time, unsuccessfully. The wild thing is, due to all this practice, in about 6 tries, i cracked 400k three times. Last run was 479,000, probably double+ my highest ever score before this HSC. Comical comparison situation--robotron is probably my favorite upright arcade of all time, edging out Tempest, i guess. but playing the 5200 version is, in SOME ways, more fun, due to the limitations of speed and sprite population, its actually more "playable", in the sense that you can sort of dodge and weave and survive (much) longer than the arcade version. I mean, as a "normal human player". On the other hand, I once (about 3 years ago) watched a guy at our local barcade casually run the RoboT machine for 10 minutes at a stretch, i swear i saw him going for level 30? or more...cant remember, but it was night/day vs. my own SOP arcade prowess, it was visually insane....compared to myself, where i usually hit round 12 on a good run, if memory serves. And again compared to 5200, where im in the 20s each time, basically, now. Anyway, i may try some more, but unless i hit a really lucky run with good human placements and hand control...i might be maxing out
  11. #1. Holy shitballs, 600k #2 maybe i'll try again but maybe i'll just hang my head in shame #3 i didnt know PAL/NTSC was a factor--or that we'd be allowed to play on systems with different clock speeds. but since its for fun, and not twin galaxies, prob not important ;'] this is insane, i def never knew normal people could push the scores this high on this game.
  12. You know whats almost/equally as bad? I heavily collected the big box Sierra adventure games---i had virtually ALL of the core series, complete for Apple IIGS--Kings Quest, Space, Police, Manhunter, Gold Rush, etc etc etc----not to mention a LOT of complete Infocom games (Zork 1-3, Wishbringer, etc)......and at some point, my mom must have tossed them out. I cant be mad--my mom is a saint, and has generally not done such things--but they were taking up a bunch of space in the computer area....and she probably had enough of dusting these stupid boxes. All the box contents, the "feelies", etc.... They're so F'n valuable now...much less the nostalgia.....ug
  13. That story is great and i cant help but note (and i think you were aware of the irony) that (although i've never been to Club Med) you were at a Club Med, thinking THAT kid looks rich, unaware of the context? i guess there's always someone with better toys, no matter how well one is doing loving these anecdotes. keep em coming!! I wish i had more to offer. My memory is so terrible....its like i only remember getting lynx, and then it breaking when my cousin pressed too hard on the control pad for Gates of Zendocon and broke it somehow. And that sucks, because i think it probably was an easy repair, but i think my family eventually threw it away. My current modded lynx isnt my OG hardware, as a result. Sad.
  14. I have a terrible memory, so my own contribution is minimal. I know i wanted lynx because i was already in love with gameboy; but i dont have a firm memory of acquiring it. Almost certainly learned about Lynx from Computer Games and Computer Entertainment magazine. Pretty sure i bought it myself, via funds from my newspaper delivery route. My first memory, purely random flashes of memory, is of slime world---the green ooze, the impressive large sprites, the COLOR...that's about it. Yours?
  15. i am not one who is particularly attuned to pop media etc, but isnt black friday after thanksgiving? just curious.
  16. i have a few modern game friends who are incredibly good at games (we're among the dark souls, gungeon, etc crowd) and would love to compete in stuff like this, but sadly, most arent the type of people to keep original hardware around. One of them surely has 5200 emulation on his Pi, but again, wouldnt be the same. Thats the real barrier to entry for a larger audience, here. But im a fan. Emulation and stuff is fine for history's sake, but im personally of the mind that original hardware (flawed or not) is part of the experience. In other news, water is wet.
  17. the controllers didnt help anything at all. but the video game crash was the real culprit that killed Atari's fortunes, and then a little Japanese import of a family "computer" system shortly later..... I remember the controllers being a big problem when we were kids. My grandpa would repair them, i think (airplane mechanic) and i do think the reason i ended up with a Wico (still have it today) was the ongoing frustration with those breakable flawed controllers. Pretty sure my gram went to Hills dept store and just grabbed the Wico to solve the issue. Cant thank her enough for that one.
  18. Was reading one of my old issues of Video Games and Computer Entertainment (Nov 1990, Elvira on the cover), came across this little joyful nugget in an article about video game controllers (authors Bill Kunkel and Joyce Worley, both since deceased ;'[ ) not typing out the whole thing, but the relevant text: Between the game and the gamer stands the controller........an inadequate controller can sabotage the best hardware in the world. Want proof? Ask an old-time gamer about the Atari 5200. The Atari 5200 was Atari's long-awaited, vaunted followup to the 2600........and (included) one of the most ineptly designed joystick controllers in history. The only place you're likely to find a 5200 today is in an electronic-gaming museum, while the system it was designed to replace, 2600, continues to sell...... Envisioning the 2020 retro gaming community, in 1990, was clearly beyond the scope of this article. ;'] Loved this magazine, and its so fun to re-read the style and content of early game journalism, even when they get stuff "wrong".
  19. gonna be dead honest, no way i'd trust something like this to work for longterm. Having fallen prey to various chinese knockoff/imitation tech over the years, i've learned to expect the tech to either not work correctly, or, fail after a short lifespan. Hopefully this wont happen to you, but, imho, there's a reason ebay has a "north america only" setting for auction filtering.. maybe you'll get lucky and this one has staying power. Personally i find it much more reliable to just have a CRT (or 2) laying around, since i havent made the jump to a modded 5200.
  20. I love a good high score challenge. This is fun. Im not sure what wave i was on but i got dealt one with so many robot-spawns (the little blocks) that it was incredible. Lost half my stocks after the robot army emerged and that was all she wrote.
  21. lols i am inclined to curse aloud but that is a good challenge to face. Really pushing it up
  22. Ok, @DamonicFury, back at ya! Easily my highest score on 5200. I do better at games when i have a goal to shoot for. Your turn (or someone else!!) (this is a two controller record)
  23. Just to put a bow on this, I'd emailed AA store asking if they wanted the carts, but never received a reply.... I did get a side offer from another AA user who produces repro carts, and i took him up on it in trade for a repro atari 800 cart (O'Riley's Mine, looked fun). So im happy. Emptied out some shelf space AND a "new" game!
  24. OH DAYUM ITS ON that is one hell of a score. I am going to need a lot of luck to top that. Im sure the score i logged above is my best ever on 5200, only due to recent practice on arcade version. Will put in some tries soon... Fun fact: as of now, this is a Central PA vs. Eastern PA competition, i note from your profile. What, is Robotron just simply the hot game in the keystone state?
  25. Hmmm...thanks for the reply. It's a Lynx II. Just to be sure, the AC adapter i am using is PAG-1200...this is the OEM, right? I plan to get my lynx recapped when my modder has free time. I should have done it when he did the screen but i didnt want to spend the $$..will ask him to lok at the LED power light when i do.....
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