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  1. Found a Dell 20" flat screen monitor at the St. Vincent De Paul's Thrift Store in Warren, OH that works. Nice monitor and in great shape. Had the power cable and the connection to the PC as well. $14.99 + tax. No games though but the monitor is going on an old Windows XP PC with plenty of games on it! Seem to be finding flat screen monitors everywhere now. Going to get rid of those huge SD monitors. 😁
  2. Renegade Battle for Jacob's Star is a good one! Always loved the space combat genre.
  3. Psycho Fox is great for the Master System! I wanted a Marioish game for the Master System and Psycho Fox fit the bill!!
  4. Ah okay! But I agree with ColecoGamer, take my money!!
  5. Love to see another game for the Jag! Please yes, especially from you guys making Gravitic Mines! 😁
  6. I was gonna say I've got some extra Combat carts but only four of them. Wouldn't pay to ship only those four to you. I'll see if I have any more extra's but I think that's all I've got.
  7. Sounds good! I'll check it out. Thanks!
  8. Down loaded this app from the Play store to try out games on it. Wow it's slow! Painfully slow!! Anyone else seen it and tried it yet? I left a review and let him know. It'd be great if he could speed it up and get it working correctly. Couldn't get Power Drive Rally to work. Nice app and interface but needs a lot work yet. Any other apps like this that actually do work?
  9. Steven showed me ones I'm looking for. Hadn't thought about going to the game stores and buying the cheapest Saturn games they got to replace them. Good idea! I'll have to check out the local Exchange and any other place I can find. The broke cases are all the bigger cases and I've got all the inserts and manuals just need a new cases for them.
  10. Yup those are the ones. I wish Sega had used the regular CD cases like Sony but they used the larger ones. Storage would be SO much easier!
  11. Hey since this is the Sega Saturn thread I have a question for all you Saturn owners. Where can you get new cases for the games? I've looked but cannot find any and some of my cases are broken due to moving and the occasional mishap. Let me know. Thanks!!
  12. Yeah heard about him a bit. Started something earlier about it would be nice to see Stun Runner on the Jag after seeing his YouTube video. Then they told me about him and got into a discussion on his lack of finishing games but wanting money to invest more time and effort into developing them being at the point they are like in the video. The video is the one you've got up there. I'd be more inclined to give money to the programmers of Nitrous (formerly NotOutrun) and Asteroite (Metroid/Castlevania type game). Those at least look to be great games and are progressing along well.
  13. I'd like to see Wipeout or a Wipeout clone on the Jaguar. Always liked the sci-fi racers and Wipeout would be great to have. Another space combat game like Battlesphere or Space War 2000 would be nice. The original Wing Commander for example.
  14. I guess "It" did!!
  15. Yeah I remember ours being tiny too. I don't remember them having Jaguar kiosks though. I do remember in '83 when they liquidated all the Atari 2600, Coleco and Intellivision games. Had three long tables set up in a U with Atari games on one, Coleco on another and Intellivision on the third. Man I miss those days. You could go in with $10 bucks and come out with 10 games.
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