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  1. i have one also .. there are two models of O2:  one with wired joysticks and one with detatchable controllers.  one uses one power plug and one uses the other plug.


    My guess is that they decided to avoid disappointment with customers getting the wrong PS so they made it for both.

  2. I’m going to reply out of courtesy .. 


    a paddle is a potentiometer for a game like Pong.  There are great 2600 games which use the paddles ..


    a spinner is a rotary digital switch which was first available for the 2600 in 1977 as a pack-in for the Indy 500 / Race game.


    there are some vintage, commercially available controllers which have both paddle and joystick in one handheld controller.  One made by Atari is for the Sears Video Arcade II.  You turn the joystick to control a paddle.  The other is the Coleco Gemini clone which has a paddle below the joystick.  The issue with these is that Joystick Fire is not the same as Paddle Fire.


    add to the fact is that *most* games are either joystick or paddle ... so why have a combo?  If you don’t want to plug / unplug into the console, then use an extension controller cable.


    The Bally Astrocade has an all-in-one controller which the joystick knob is the paddle.  Only one game uses all the functions which is the built-in game: Gunfight which is a brilliant game.

  3. Engine Analyzer is nothing more than a light pen based demo ..  I imagine that they were thinking of using the Vectrex as a diagnostic tool .. but there’s nothing anywhere about any hardware to connect it to a vehicle.


    11. What is the Engine Analyzer good for?

    This program is an educational tool and has no real functionality. However, it does show an auto mechanic's example of good and bad graph functions that suggest certain problems with a particular car engine under analysis. I presume that GCE was thinking of marketing the Vectrex as a diagnostic tool to mechanics and this program was to be part of the training package. Of course the real Engine Analyzer program has never shown up, nor has the equipment for attaching it to the spark plug wires and ignition coil of a car.

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  4. I like it .. you must make an analog option to use the Vectrex paddle which has a push button wired to Vectrex button 4.


    See https://www.playvectrex.com and look under Vectech for an article about the Vectrex Paddle (written by someone who’s name sounds vaguely familiar)


    way back in the day I played the Exidy Circus Arcade game which has two pair of horizontal platforms off which the clown will jump .. and there is no see-saw flip.  Of course the Atari version does allow flip.


    if you wanted to incorporate all these elements into the game, you could offer an option to select between the arcade version and the home version.



  5. We all have seen the Atari catalogs for 2600 games .. some were cartoon style and some were the actual Atari art.


    Did Sears ever put out a dedicated Video Arcade booklet of 2600 games??  Or just what they listed in the big seasonal catalogs??

    Also who did the Sears box art?   I have the coffee table book of Atari art .. but I don’t think it has the Sears box art in it.

  6. On 7/25/2020 at 1:19 PM, Atari_Bill said:

    My earliest experiences with Atari all come from the local Sears.  That is a huge part of my nostalgia with collecting.

    same here ...  even though my family bought the Sears Video Arcade in early fall 1977, I do not remember seeing this brochure.  Only Tank Plus was available when we made the initial purchase.  Every few weeks Sears would get another launch title in and we would buy it .. not knowing anything about what the next cart would be.  If I had that brochure I would have known what was coming to our store.  Only missing Chase and Math.


    the others in this eBay package are 1978 and later releases.

  7. On 7/4/2020 at 9:07 PM, DrVenkman said:

    Heavy Sixer's output on channel 3 (at least in NTSC-land). 

    If you lived in a city with a local Ch3 TV station, you would get a Sears console which would output to a different channel.  In fall of 1977, we returned our Ch3 Video Arcade console and exchanged it for another.  (I cannot remember if it was Ch2 or Ch4 unit.)   Sears sales person said that they made a mistake by sending Ch3 units to my city, Chattanooga Tennessee, where WRCB Ch3 broadcasted RF.

    I program all our old TVs to receive Ch2, Ch3 and Ch4 which covers all of the old RF systems.

  8. I was 15 when we got our Sears Video Arcade in 1977.  Ever though I took very good care of it, the aluminum Sears discs came off The tops.  One fell through the speaker grill top of the console and rattled around inside.  I called my cousin to ask if aluminum could conduct electricity .. I didn’t know for sure.  So I did open up the console very carefully and removed it.  I did glue them back on but they kept falling off.  Eventually they were in a box of childhood stuff in my closet.  Mom thoughtlessly threw out some stuff years later ..


    I do have an Atari disc in my collection .. I have not put it back on a CX10 stick yet.

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  9. On 5/30/2020 at 10:27 AM, Lost Monkey said:

    I wired in the male end of a controller extension cable and have it coming out the back where the original controller wires were.  Nice and clean.  Only caveat would be to use a vintage extension cable (or the official vintage Sega ones) because the quality of the wires was better than the newer ones.


    Not done with this O2 - also did a composite mod and am now bondo filling the scratches etc so that it can be repainted. 


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