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  1. I remember back in 1977, my sears disc fell off into the speaker grill slots inside the console .. I had to open it up to retrieve it .. both fell off eventually and I had them stored in a box for years until my Mom threw out some stuff .. oh well ..
  2. I just reread the 1977 ad .. JS&A makes the future sound so cool! I wonder about the diagnostic cart which they promised to send out ..
  3. >>Clearly the problem is in between the monitor and the game haha...but I haven't thought about it in a long time.<< The problem with mine was a loose edge connector which slips onto the big PCB. I took a jewelers screwdriver and bent all the connector brushes to make better contact and cleaned everything. Now the edge connector grips the PCB well. That made the monitor work for me.
  4. And fixed it! Now it plays properly! Fully functional! Bad chip was AD561JN. The arcade game is looking great! It has a new door and lock. We scraped all the peeling paint and stickers under the glass and placed a new underlay which features all the labels and borders. (Arcadeshop.com). All circuits have been recapped. We will take it to the Southern a Fried Gameroom Expo here in Atlanta in June 2018!
  5. Problem is with the Y Output circuit. I ordered replacement Digital to Analog converter chip from eBay.. AD561JN.
  6. Decatur, Georgia which is part of the greater Atlanta area. BTW the cost for the lock service and two new keys was $9.80 ! I like their old school shop and prices.
  7. Thanks to the locksmith at Decatur Lock and Key, the original lock is back in good working order with two new keys. First he had to remove the broken key part. Then made two new keys based on that. All pieces put back in place and aligned. It works like new! When the key broke, the previous owner had to chisel open the cocktail and destroy the hinges. I will have to buy a new piece of mdf and install new hinges ...
  8. Thats fantastic! Will someone be burning an eprom of the program for others to try?
  9. Yeah .. I’m pretty stoked about this one. I paid $199. The OxycClean UV Process is pinned at the top of the AtariAge 8-bit section.
  10. I found an Asteroids cocktail at Goodwill this past Saturday. The sticker said that the monitor does not work. We plugged it in and it made Asteroids sounds! We payed more than I wanted to but it will look great in our downstairs bar area so why not. I got it back to our garage and started takimg it apart. I found a 1985 quarter inside! After some brief cleaning and inspection, I plugged it in and the monitor came on! The gameplay is happening but the vectors are distorted. In selftest mode, that is apparent. Play counter is 76k I disasssembled the control panels to clean all the grime off the buttons. I removed the springs from the buttons and then gave the white pieces a good soak and scrubbing. That made them look good but not good enough .. so yesterday I soaked them in the Oxy/peroxide/UV process in the sun for 6+ hours. Now they look perfectly new! See pics thus far.
  11. There's a discussion on the fb Vectrex Fans Unite group about making replacement knobs out of aluminum or plastic.
  12. Anyone have a broken Coleco Combat? I need two hand grips to complete my restoration. Thanks Rob
  13. Rob Mitchell


    Nice .. reminds me of Dogpatch which exists only on the Bally Astrocade
  14. Man that looks fantastic! I hearTrackballs Batman!
  15. I have to wonder what would have happened if ... the O2 could have stored and loaded cassette games? the Bally had a membrane keyboard? ...
  16. Still looking for a pair of grips for this one. If anyone has a broken Coleco Combat, I could use the parts.
  17. I would love to spend some time on this one ..
  18. I ordered these circuit boards and will install soon ..thanks!
  19. Fyi the H6er marketed by Sears had the same aluminum hex plate with 'Sears' name.
  20. I know it is a different size but would you consider making an overlay for the 2600 Star Raiders and include with the collection?
  21. The Atari and Sega light gun games only work with CRT .. Not LCD
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