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  1. BUMP from 2002! A friend sat down with my girlfriend and myself to teach us how to play Euchre. Afterwords we went home to fire up the Atari and play this homebrew! 2600 Euchre is fun to play now that I understand the game. Thanks to the programmer !!
  2. I sent a message to Infoman about forwarding the cart to him .. I look forward to the auction for it too! Bloody good game!
  3. With the driving controller plugged into the Quickjoy pedal controller, only one controller port is needed to play a 2600 Death Race game. So it could be a 1 or 2 person game. Does this inspire you Debro !!
  4. How's your USB power holding up? I would like to get one to use with my XL XEGS.
  5. Sears Video Arcade late September 1977 .. Came with Target Fun and only one other cart available, Tank Plus, which we bought that same evening.
  6. BD is well packaged .. I enjoyed reading the manual cover to cover .. and I appreciate all the effort to program it. So tonight I finally had a chance to play it on my 7800 connected to a Toshiba LCD TV. BD displayed first the copyright screen, then AA logo and then a very fast rolling image of what looks like the BD game logo. I tried it on two 7800s .. one RF and the other direct video and both had the same rolling title screen. Eventually the game field is displayed and goes into demo mode. I did get it play and have yet to get through the second level. I hope to pull out a CRT this weekend and share it with a gathering of the Atlanta Historical Computer Socitey. Rob Got through second level ... Fun!
  7. The loaner cart is now in my hands in Atlanta Georgia USA. Thanks!
  8. Wanted: one pair of grips for the Coleco Combat tank game.
  9. Great solution ! I hope to work on my broken Astrocade when I have some spare time ..
  10. Congratulations getting it working ... I have three working Astrocades .. One has a data display issue .. I plan to desolder various chips until I can isolate the offending memory chip and replace .. Not easy work ..I have several spare motherboards from which to swap parts ..
  11. Thanks .. I wonder why they put the diode there ..?
  12. Inside the 7800 joystick are two resistors and what appears to be a diode .. What is that for?
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