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  1. Ok, not to derail this thread or maybe to re-rail it. Maybe it just me or was the focus of this thread to bring the attention to those who hi-jack a topic as opposed to starting their own topic?
  2. Site still not accepting my sign in information.
  3. Jurgen is a honest and reputable individual that has been serving this community faithfully for years. I have had at least a dozen transactions with Jurgen and not once has he failed to meet the expectation of what I have requested plus some. I'm appalled by anyone would do such a thing, especially if it is a member of this forum, and if it is we should run their ass out of town. Common-sense solves a lot of riddles, but to some that is in short supply.
  4. Yes, it is DVI to HDMI cable at 60Hz refresh, with a aspect ratio 16:9.
  5. Sophia 2 on my 40" TV. Sharp and great color. Just one more to install:)
  6. Michael's synopsis of time is accurate as an estimate for building a XEL.
  7. Oh my! I built 4 XEL (two for me and 2 for others) for under that amount with some variations, but not many. The hours spent building the XELs was the true value for me. Either way, the enjoyment of having a well designed, built, and awesome device is now yours Sir! Congratulations!
  8. I noticed that when I flashed mine, assuming you are using Windows 10, that I had two COM ports (COM3, COM4) and I clicked the drop down box to see COM4. My fujinet was on COM4.
  9. Michael, I'm sorry to hear of that happening to you. We accepted, maybe not all, that when the 1088XLD was released that there was a clear understanding that if an individual undertook the project that they took the responsibility as well. I know even the Beta folks were having issues, but that was to be expected, hence the term Beta tester. Again, I respect your decision on what you release and how it is done. However, my disappointment still remains, and that is not your problem, it is mine;) Mike
  10. This is entirely Michael's design and I respect his decision either way. Many of us are just not users but enjoy the challenge of building and using our toys;) Just as you do Dr.V. I hope we stay an inclusive bunch and not alienate the DIY folks. As for the files they are not needed just access to getting a board when they are made available.
  11. Much rather acquire the board and build it myself as a personal preference. Absolutely no insult to MacRorie as he does many a great service in providing completed well functioning machines. As with cars, I like to build whats under the hood not just drive them.
  12. Thanks to Marlin and The Brewing Academy for the fast shipping, fine packaging, and nicely printed color catalog. I'm 3D printing the XE case for the FujiNet at the moment. Now to get down to some exploring;)
  13. Just ordered the Side 3 and FujiNet from https://www.thebrewingacademy.com for the shipping cost of $9.50 2-Business day shipping. That is sweeter than candy;)
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