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  1. It looks like this eBay seller charges a straight up $50USD for shipping, and that is on everything they sell on ebay.
  2. I just want to give a big shout-out to Mr. Robot who so graciously offered and delivered several keyboard connectors upon request to me last week. I've been here just a little while;), but I've seen over the course of that time it is members like Mr. Robot who are the cornerstone of great hobby communities especially this one. We are certainly fortunate to have him and so many other talented and generous folks here. Now if I could only get these boards from my friend Santosp;), another cornerstone to this great community, just kidding brother I know you are working hard. Mike
  3. Updated - I have taken Mr. Robots offer concerning these Keyboard Connectors. Mike
  4. Anyone interested in a bulk purchase of this keyboard connector to save some shipping cost? It appears the shipping from the vendor is $24.
  5. I can use two of the keyboard connectors if you have enough?
  6. Panos, I would be interested in 2 boards thank you sir. 🙂
  7. First, thanks Michael for the potential public release of the 576NUC+ and I fully support your decision not to provide absolutely no tech support. I know back a few years ago when a few of us decided to get boards made for Dennis van Weeren's Minimig. Dennis made it very clear then that he would not be assisting no one with issues from building the Minimig. It was the community at Amiga.org that pulled their collective resources together to get boards completed and to workout issues amongst ourselves that took on the project. That Xilinx Spartan-3 (XC3S400-4PQ208C) FPGA on the Minimig was the do or don't for many as the soldering of this chip was very difficult. Any how, I'm looking forward to building the 576NUC+ one day.
  8. Ok, not to derail this thread or maybe to re-rail it. Maybe it just me or was the focus of this thread to bring the attention to those who hi-jack a topic as opposed to starting their own topic?
  9. Site still not accepting my sign in information.
  10. Jurgen is a honest and reputable individual that has been serving this community faithfully for years. I have had at least a dozen transactions with Jurgen and not once has he failed to meet the expectation of what I have requested plus some. I'm appalled by anyone would do such a thing, especially if it is a member of this forum, and if it is we should run their ass out of town. Common-sense solves a lot of riddles, but to some that is in short supply.
  11. Yes, it is DVI to HDMI cable at 60Hz refresh, with a aspect ratio 16:9.
  12. Sophia 2 on my 40" TV. Sharp and great color. Just one more to install:)
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