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  1. Deleted......found my answer.
  2. Make sure on your board that all the through holes received enough solder to sufficiently flow threw the vias to complete the solder joint. I believe that was an issue that gave a few boards a rough start. So look at the component side as well.
  3. I'm prepping to build one myself and not because I need another Atari but for the fun, challenges, and some learning it provides. The concerns by the mytek and others of the difficulties that the 1088XLD would present to anyone wanting to build this kit was not to scare folks off but to give them thought before they leaped into the build. The main build issues for anyone, like myself, lacking circuit design understanding and component knowledge may find attempting to perform the necessary diagnostics to find the problem and fix it a bit difficult without some help;).
  4. Hello, sorry for the issues you are experiencing. I had some screen issues with my build as well which ended up being contributed to a poor DVI cable and went a way when replaced. I did not see that on your listed items covered. Mike
  5. Now that maybe setting expectations a bit high for a hobby forum. Over these many years I have seen, especially on this forum, folks bending over backwards to help others achieve success in addressing issues no matter the complication. My thanks goes out to you all for the help in the past and any help I may need in the future.
  6. My condolences to Bob's family and friends. Time is a thief for whom we cannot escape. Mike
  7. Thanks Jurgen for the update. Please keep yourself safe and healthy as well. Mike
  8. Probably the hardest is to get it into the hands of a true Atarian that will cherish the machine and its history. Mike
  9. I just ordered from Mac the Black boards, so they will join my Red boards. I'm trying to finish up on my 3d printer & CNC projects before my rotator cuff surgery here soon. I have loaded my BOM with Digi-Key for 1088XLD but have not submitted it yet. Need more time!!!!!
  10. I've choose the red PCB as well Lenore, which look great by the way. I moved recently so getting things unpacked and setting up shop has been slow, but getting there. Been delving deeper into understanding electronic circuits and testing methods to self help when things don't do as they should. It's my hope that I can extend that learning to help other. Thanks to Michael and the Beta Team for getting us to this stage of another great project!!! Mike
  11. Hey DrV should I interject my Dewalt glue gun into the conversation;)
  12. Thanks DrV. Very impressive machine to say the least. I built 4 of the XEL's where I built 2 for friends and kept 2 for myself, so I was a bit burnt out from soldering after that I must say. I recently acquired an eClaire XL from Panos and I have been hacking around with it running it through its paces. Any way, XLD looks interesting and no doubt a challenge to build. People should know that its not the building that is hard part but rather the trouble shooting when things don't work;)
  13. Just become a subscriber to Atariage then one of the perks is to edit post;) Mike
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