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  1. Amazing that E.T. has not made the worst lists yet... Though it does do wonders at leveling wobbly tables, makes a decent coaster, relatively good puck for hockey and, of course, there is always target practice
  2. My guess would be either A: your power adapter is bad. or B: the power jack in your console is bad. But, it could also be a faulty power switch. If you really want to fix it, there's resources out there, but I'd recommend just picking up a "new" one off of ebay.
  3. From what I understand, after Warner bought Atari, inc. The system code-named "stella" (which would be renamed the Atari Video Computer System, was indeed finished. That would be in December 1976. So it is quite possible that indeed the system would be showed at select locations just enough to get a good buzz going around before the fully developed system's release. Since they were attempting to beat the rush of other cartridge based systems they anticipated, I think it makes a lot of sense that they would show that they already had created it. That way they could show that they weren't just another company on the "me too! me too!" wagon. I too would like to hear if anyone could verify this?
  4. No, once I see the pics of it full and not sagging, that will be enough proof for me to try it. Again, not that I'm not trusting you, but you know how it is -- a picture is worth a 1000 words. Thanks again, looking forward to the finished product! Ok, I posted a pic of the rack standing holding games. Haven't hung it yet, as I still need to glue in a couple more shelves in the far right column
  5. This sucks. I've wanted to learn how to program for ages, but don't know where to start. Any tips for me?
  6. i will be posting the pics when it's done, dry and hanging full of carts, but I have made one out of this material before. It worked fine. Unfortunately, though it was strong enough to hold the carts, it was not strong enough to withstand the weight of whatever it was I threw on it while I had it off my wall (thankfully empty at the time) However, if you still don't trust ot even after you've seen my complete version, You can get yourself some sewing pins, and push through the back into each shelf. I'd think 2 per shelf would give it quite a bit of extra strength. If you're worried about the frame busting up there's a solution for that too, duct tape wrapped all the way around it. It comes in all sorts of colours nowadays so you could get a color the same as the boards you use. Pics of completed project with games in it should be up by wednesday.
  7. typical white school glue. very strong unless you get it wet, which considering you will have carts in it, you wouldn't want to do anyway.
  8. Elmer's foam board. found at most art supply stores as well as most supermarkets by the school supplies. ranges from store to store from 1-3 dollars a board, approximately. Funny, seems to be most expensive at Walmart "always low prices Always"
  9. oh, and a Hozer "this planet sucks!" dated as made in 1998 by Hozer Video Games
  10. Looks like the only things I have that you don't have are a hack of pepsi invaders called moxie and a few homebrew reproductions of z-tack, meltdown and vulture attack. Moxie bears the Hozer icon, the repros... your guess is as good as mine, reckon just some home hobby game maker type person
  11. The atarimania database? I think I have some 4 in one games and pal games you don't have, I'll check
  12. Okay, got my measurements right. Also uploaded more pics for the steps and a pic showing my progress so far. I have posted all the steps and necessities to build this in my other thread. Figure a few of you gotta be like me and have trouble finding anything that properly stores your carts.
  13. Yes I am, I'm posting them as I build it. They'll be up by monday.
  14. okay, the official count on my collection is 320 games on 678 carts. But I have some more coming in the mail soon.
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