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  1. I like the Rana blinkenlights. I'd go ahead and use them. But the problem with higher density is that you're not compatible with anyone else in the world. Narrower r/w heads make life interesting for reading with a wider head again... recall there were some oddities that could happen in the PC world with 360k vs. 1.2m disks depending on which drive wrote on which disk. I'd stick to the standard, low density disks and drives.
  2. You want to use the same volume setting that works for 1.1.9.
  3. I've never heard of it. Can you point to evidence of its existence?
  4. Time to engage Mr. Finnegan, then. He's on comp.sys.apple2 frequently.
  5. That's fine, but it doesn't mean AppleWin emulates the AppleMouse card (or, importantly, the interrupts it would provide).
  6. Looks like this was from the following: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/comp.sys.apple2.programmer/UnNYbNPzFPA Which goes on to say: "Working on unenhanced IIe with AppleMouse Card in Slot 4. Produces a rather high-pitched tone on the loud speaker." So... not going to work on an emulator without the AppleMouse card in slot 4.
  7. If you're using audio, you definitely want to go to 2.0.0 and dial the blocks-at-once way up. It's not going to be serial-fast, but it'll be faster than before. http://adtpro.sourceforge.net/configaudio.html
  8. Not strange - and that's exactly the problem. "Modern" LCD displays are less forgiving of Woz's indiscretions than older TV sets. Bob - you could try with any other composite-in device you have in your house to verify. Sometimes it helped to feed the signal through a VCR(!) as they tended to clean up the signal somewhat. One of those amplifiers might do some normalization, but I wouldn't count on it. Your best solution will be to find a more forgiving monitor.
  9. It's coming, but I have more work to do on other aspects before it's ready. (Keep an eye on the change log.) In the mean time, the Testcase v.r.m version should have the serial fix - it would be great to get feedback on that: https://sourceforge.net/projects/adtpro/files/adtpro/Testcase/
  10. See: http://adtpro.sourceforge.net/credits.html#Lineage
  11. Don't worry, I didn't take it as criticism. I'm honestly sympathetic to anyone who uses the audio interface. Once you get past the "wow, I can't believe this works at all!" it wears thin pretty quickly. :-) Hi - happy to be of service.
  12. I use it all the time too! But I'm biased. I'm sorry but glad to hear you toughed it out with the audio interface. It's gotten more reliable over the years, and the 2.0.0 release makes it quite a bit faster if you use a high "blocks at once" setting. But still nothing like serial (which got faster in 2.0.0 too). Audio is there for the truly desperate. But everyone should strive for a serial (or Ethernet) connection. On the subject of notching and flipping disks... I never do it. Just one of those irrational fears I have.
  13. Top and bottom separate by lifting the top off of the bottom.
  14. I have a bunch as well. I'm not sure I want to be in for that much soldering, though!
  15. You can - I never knew that was the syntax! That helps a lot, though I'd still miss LIST -100 and LIST 1000- as options you have in Applesoft.
  16. Wow, for sure. Surprising that Woz never ran into that and wanted to add it himself... especially since you can't even list a line number range (i.e. LIST 100-200). I guess hitting the reset button was just as easy; just re-enter basic with ctrl-C. Just be careful not to ctrl-B it.
  17. On the subject of new software platforms... have you seen PLASMA? https://github.com/dschmenk/PLASMA/blob/master/doc/User%20Manual.md
  18. Nope. Even DOS-based ADT always required 48k. From the original source - bear in mind "today" then was the 1990s: rwtsmod: stx $b98a ; IS THERE AN APPLE II TODAY sty $b92e ; THAT DOESN'T HAVE >=48K RAM? There is a project to do audio transfer out of a 48k machine: http://knzl.de/poor-mans-adt/ But bear in mind none of this works with only 32k. Don't know what ES stands for. But it's a DOS 3.3 variant that is one of several DOS variants that speeds things up by not moving memory buffers around so much. It only needs 48k. The reason you can bootstrap DOS on a 48k machine even with ADTPro (server) is that the client never actually runs there; the server just pushes the DOS code and starts it up. You can't do more disk transfers with audio, but at least you can get DOS running with no disks. You might want to pick up a full sleeve of 8 chips... you never know if you have more bad memory lurking, and it's always best (if only for looks!) that your Apple have matching rows of memory.
  19. A constant ticking could be a short. Have you tried removing all cards? Any stray pennies stuck in the card edge connectors?
  20. And bless you for your work on the /// core in MESS. It's invaluable.
  21. Yes, I've read through the thread. And I've formed a pretty firm opinion of you. I too wish we had bombjack, et. al. - even the atari sites have some Apple II books that no Apple II site carries. But... I would wish, in vain surely, that you kindly STFU or contribute something tangible. Contributing to thread necromancy does not count. I look forward to your sending your hoard to Jason.
  22. Don't ascribe to malice what can be sufficiently explained by apathy (or forgetfulness). I doubt anybody is actively hoarding things with an intent to deprive others. That's a silly thing to suppose, and a silly thing to do. That said - I can only speak for myself. Any books I run across I send to Mike Maginnis for scanning. He has shared everything I have to share: http://www.apple2scans.net/
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