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  1. You are welcome Allan. It is over 20 years since I last did any A8 programming so I am sure there must be other tools out there, but I googled and could not easily find anything. I have been quite pleased with how my graphics are coming along given the low number of pixels and colours by today's standards. I have just updated the editor so that if you hold down alt, ctrl or shift and click on a pixel, the pen colour is taken from that pixel. I'd have rather have done this with a right mouse click, but that is not available under Flash. It is available if I build it as an Air application though, so I will do that and make it available. Paul
  2. Not sure if this will be useful to anyone else, but I've put together a player editor for designing animated multicolour players. It's written in ActionScript using Flex so it runs as Flash in a browser. The editor is here: http://www.playsoft.co.uk/aplayed.html There are instructions here: http://www.playsoft....structions.html There is an example design here: http://www.playsoft.co.uk/mwalk.apl which you can load and play about with in the editor. And finally there is a little test .xex file here: http://www.playsoft.co.uk/test.xex which uses the above design. It requires 48k, not that it's big it's just how I've laid out memory.
  3. Will check it out Playsoft hmm must be Paul Lay Let's have a new a8 game That would be an interesting thing to try some time. 2009 being the 30th anniversary of the A8 would have been the time to do it... maybe 2019 then, that will give me a bit of time to read up on all the stuff I've forgotten.
  4. I wanted to try my hand at writing something in Adobe Flex and thought Drelbs was a good program to start with. You can play it here: http://www.playsoft.co.uk I have fond memories of Electrician too if I ever decide to do another.
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