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  1. I want to make/build/buy a vector monitor so badly. There are some arcade games that just... NEED it.
  2. My travels on the high seas were mostly because there weren't a whole lot of retail chains around, it was legit easier to get a pirated copy for most things than it was to get legit software. That even continued into the ST days. Not that I had money to buy the stuff either, but for the most part a lot of it was nowhere to buy! Then again, we didn't get an ST until 91/92, so it was sort of late in the game and most stores had stopped selling stuff.
  3. To quote Homer, "Bastard, always one step ahead!"
  4. Ha, in that case you just order the cart version of these? I mean for games like Gauntlet and Joust, I would rather just play the Arcade versions under mame. Though one of these days I think I want to own a full cabinet of Gauntlet II.
  5. Whoa, someone is adding an ending to Major Havoc? That is one Atari game I wish had a full blown remake, the plot of it reminds me of Captive. Land on a base, blow it up, leave and go onto the next.
  6. I really should order some of these, Gauntlet and Joust specifically, as they look damn good boxed.
  7. Holy crap, he took a vacation? I mean I don't think he actually sleeps, so that is amazing he took some time.
  8. Look at that, crushing bugs like Bigfoot in the forest!
  9. Layouts are definitely different for the 1200. Between the 600xl and 800xl I would have to look exactly at what wouldn't reach if you made a 600xl board in an 800xl's case. As they are a few inches off in the back.
  10. Someone should ship me a 400, I do not own one yet. 😛
  11. Rather odd with how short of a lifespan the 1200xl had, that it has so many variants. I need to get my second one modded out with as many upgrades that I can fit, as I would like to use it as my main machine. Edit: look at how larger the SIDE 2/3 is over the Basic XE cart. I didn't take the other 1200xl apart yet, but this one has the 90 degree pins, and it isn't just the top shell part that is too tight, but the cartridge 'shroud' itself. The SIDE3 seems to maybe be a mm or 2 thinner than the SIDE2, but nit enough to fit inside the 1200xl. Last picture... problem solved! Additional note... I can no longer sit cross legged on the floor and take pictures of the insides of Ataris without suffering the consequences of attempting to stand again...
  12. I guess the answer is the same as so many other things in life. If it don't fit, Lube it. https://www.amazon.com/LubeLife-Personal-Lubricant-Lube-Parabens/dp/B07FMLNVFF/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&fap=1&keywords=lubelife+water+based+personal+lubricant+275+gallon&qid=1602184984&s=hpc&sprefix=lubelife&sr=1-1#
  13. Got my SIDE3 today, and of course I ordered it from TBA a day after I ordered my FujiNets. SIDE3 was shipped UPS and got here already, FujiNets were shipped via USPS, and it shows them as having not even left the state yet... @flashjazzcat I have two 1200xls here. Not sure if I've ever tried the SIDE2 in them (I thought I had in at least one), I'll test out both the 2 and 3 in each of them and report back. The cart tunnels didn't seem particularly narrow to me though.
  14. Without watching the video.... did his insides become his outsides like the Baboon in The Fly?
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