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  1. Memory can suck. I could have sworn I had Frogger 2 for the 5200, but nope only Frogger, and had played the second via the AtariMax cart! I have a replica gamepad for the 7800, good controller! Apparently the original ones are pretty rare. Are you thinking of the PowerPad for the Falcon? (Basically a Jaguar pad with grey case, blue buttons, and a shorter / thinner cable. In fact it would have been a great pad, colorwise, to go with the XEGS)
  2. Football for the US is a dumb name for it. You only really touch the ball to your foot for kick off, and the rest of the time try not to drop it. should be called Handball... soccer being called football makes so much more sense. (I am from the US and can admit our mistakes)
  3. Ha, I was just looking at 5200 games and realized I had one of the games labeled as Football instead of Realsports Football. Annoying.
  4. Ha, yeah you may be remembering some of that wrong. The keyboard has the Help key on it (for some reason). Weird, I have never seen the different color proline controllers, just the red/black/silver for the 7800. I always thought the XEGS (S for system) was the full thing with lightgun and keyboard) and XEGM was just the computer+lightgun+2 pack ins (bughunt and I want to say Flight Simulator II?) Anyhiw, it was meant as a NES look alike. People whined about the Pastel colors, but look at the SNES...
  5. I am curious about something. I see it referred to as XEGS or XEGM. I think the XEGS was the one included with the keyboard, and the XEGM is the one without? There were other bundles too, like ones that came with the light gun and others that didn't. I want to say the pack in game was different too.
  6. The YM sounds amazing, need some games that use it!
  7. Being in Utah, we have the Deseret Industries stores, that are like Goodwill elsewhere, that people donate their old crap to and they sell it. Got a lot of Atari 8bit stuff there for cheap, including my 130xe and XEGS. But the stores used to be pretty messy, like everyday looked like after a crazy sale of whatever thing kids wanted that Christmas... that is exactly how K-Mart looked the last 3 or 4 times I had been in it, and that was a time stretching across a decade or two... So for sure they lost everything they had been good for. We used to call them K-Mart-Fall-apart, as I got a bicycle there as a kid, and was riding it and it literally fell apart in half while I was on it. Caused me to crash.
  8. Kind of a shame that Sears died off. Would have been rather nostalgic to see the new VCS being sold in Sears like the olden days of the 2600. A nice big full circle sort of thing. But for sure Sears died off with the popularity and numbers of Wal-Mart everywhere. These days are just strange. So many businesses that were huge when I was a kid have just disappeared, Or consumed by other things. I don't quite understand how Toys R Us disappeared, yet somehow Gamestop survives... Or Sears and K-Mart go bankrupt, while Wal-Mart thrives. Strange Days indeed. (Now we just need the head pieces to record experiences)
  9. Bwian, eh? Nice! I keep intending to pick one of the 8bit platforms and try to go through all of the games in the series. I remember mostly just playing Hellfire Warrior, Gateway to Apshai and Temple of Apshai Trilogy.
  10. Hmm, did they ever make a IIGS version? I would guess if they had it would have been similar to the ST / Amiga one. I should try the MiSTer Mac Plus core and see if it is working and try the Apshai Trilogy there.
  11. 3.2 is awesome. For one, they finally finished adding shortcuts to all of the menu items. They also added the process name to the intuition dialog that is preventing a screenmode change. Also, larger than 1gb boot partitions are now possible.
  12. Ha, I honestly don't know how so many companies ended up surviving that made prebuilts. Most of them were so terrible! Besides the prebuilt that I was forced to buy or wait another 8 months for a video card, I think the last prebuilt PC (outside of laptops) that I had to use was the Packard Bell P75 that my parents bought in 1995... which I rapidly ended up seapping out parts until eventually replacing the whole thing...
  13. Amiga Inc, I believe, was formed to split out the IP stuff from Gateway before they merged with eMachines. A case of someone convincing Gateway to buy it from Escom, and then they didn't know what to do with it. And then just let Amiga Inc form.
  14. This is an amazing game idea, and totally sounds like what I would do.
  15. On the note of the 'End Times' of Atari. It kind of went out with a wimper, where they reverse merged into JTS, assets were sold off to Hasbro, then what little IP they still had was sold off to Infogrames... For Commodore, you had companies fight over them, then go bankrupt or lose interest, and then pieces picked up here and there to the point where it is just a mess of legal battles still going on...
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