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  1. Ha, yeah that is the one I was saying needed the microswtiches. I already had to repair it by swapping the db9 cable out.. my proline in the picture won't go left either. I might just build my own joystick at this point.
  2. You must choose, but choose wisely... I am somehow missing the Sega Arcade stick. I have a great USB arcade stick, but I would have to see if it works with the TOM+ to the 7800 for that.
  3. Those are crazy close! I'm actually pretty impressed with the games so far I've played on the 7800. Since I have a bare board with no case, I definitely want to do the A/V mod on that one, then come up with something for a case... Looking forward to getting my own XM!
  4. Sorry for a response to an old post, but there are ways around the texture, in fact most of the things I've printed don't have the massive texture I've seen on most of the things I've received that are 3D printed. It all depends on how the model is designed, which plastics you use, and how you print them. I printed up some of those eGPU cases for the Nova VME cards, and they look fantastic if you leave the printbed facing stuff on the side you won't look at. But that's not always possible (or economical, since you have to print large supports that contain more plastic than the actual finished product will...) But it IS possible to make them really nice and smooth looking! Thought of doing this for my SDMax, but the plans aren't released for them, so I may make my own that matches the style of my 130XE...
  5. Just nuke it all from orbit, it is the only way to be sure.
  6. Ooh, how are those for Joust? I believe the arcade version was just left/right and flap button. I may have to get one of those for other reasons too! Actually would make a pretty sweet, but limited arcade stand.
  7. (This isn't a brag) I have a pretty top of the line gaming PC, i9-9900k CPU, 64gb RAM, 2080 RTX, a Valve Index, and crazy amounts of overly priced controllers... plus about 3000 games on Steam. And yet I just had more fun on my Atari 7800 playing Asteroids, than I have playing any game in a long time... also, I got 7800 as my last high score on it. Sadly, my go to controller (Epyx 500xj), is a little hard to play on these days, due to age. Not of the controller, but ME! Stupid arthritis really is terrible with that joystick. So I plugged in my Sega Master System Control Stick. It works quite well, but man is it missing those microswtiches that the 500xj has. So, I want to buy one of the Super Twin 78 Arcade controllers, but from what I understand they didn't add the 4/8 way switching, right? I think that is the only reason I haven't just ordered one. Well, that and I usually like to order a few things at a time to make it worth Al's time to package them up. Thoughts? I should be getting the UNO-2600 cart today as well, so may be time to play some 2600 games as well!
  8. Ah, yes the original question in the thread was about which he should keep, but a Falcon was not listed. Then it was suggested that a Mega STe would be great for the 16mhz, but I said the only thing missing would be the extended joystick ports, but I wondered if there were any games that actually worked with them that wasn't Falcon Only (and I mentioned the exception of course of your epic modification of OIDs, which I need to find the time to play more of!) Sadly, that link you posted seems to have a flakey uptime, as when I try to browse it, half the time it times out. (Of course it could be me..)
  9. Hopefully I can get an XM before I hit 64. So that gives another 20!
  10. Pretty sure the motherboard of the first one I got where the case was cracked all over had a copyright of 1984 on it. But it would be interesting to see if we could figure out which ones actually were shipped out in 1984, and which were shipped after the Tramiels decided they should sell it.
  11. So sorry for the silence on this; work has been crazy. Weather has been not nice to my hands, so lots of lotion, and lots of lotion means staying away from the soldering iron. Just attempted to solder one up with the 30AWG I ordered, and it's a bit too far the other way (too tiny), so settled on some 26AWG. Bonus of this, is that they're bonded together like the original ones I was doing, whereas the 30gauge were separate wires, so would have to be twisted, which I never liked. Once I get that wire in, and hopefully can get better at crimping the pins, I should be able to create these much faster and start sending them out to people. Ha, got a scale now so I can actually measure out the shipping prices better as well! I also got some Polycarbon PLA, but I haven't tried printing with that yet. I'm hoping they're a little stronger than normal PLA.
  12. Ha, I know that site loaded for me earlier, it seems to be down now. I thought Moonspeeder was a Falcon only game. Trying to remember when the Power Pad was released, since that would have been the first controller to actually work with the Extended Joystick Ports.
  13. @ParanoidLittleMan I just had a crazy thought! How cool would it be to build up adapters for the 5200 analog controllers (keep it Atari!) and hack around in the ST version of Star Raiders for analog support? More on topic, yeah stick with the STe. It is the more capable machine in your list. And I think you can even add the 16mhz cpu to it, and it's easier to carry around than the Mega STe.
  14. But is there a list of games that can use that port that will run on the STE? I know of several that will run on the Falcon. With the exception of your modded OIDs, I don't know of any games that were made for the ST that can use them. And even in that case, you had to modify OIDs, it obviously wasn't written with that support, because it was released before the STe. Yeah, an actual analog controller would have been sweet
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