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  1. Whoa! I am a bit on the buzzed side, but an external U1MB? How does that work? PBI? Sounds awesome.
  2. Yeah, I think there were lower level OS choices you could make with 3.9. Though I could be wrong, it's been a while since I messed around with it. Funny enough, on my system 3.9 with PPC stuff is FAR more stable than OS4.1FE Classic, which seems to randomly crash on things. Though now I can't help but think it was caused by the ACARD adapter I have hooked up to the BD drive... it flaked out on me completely when I updated to the latest, and caused a boot loop. I bought a couple 68pin SCSI drives to connect to the Cyberstorm to see if that helps the stability.
  3. Yeah, that sounds like a huge pain! I had figured by now every system would have good molds available. Crazy that the granddaddy of them all doesn't.
  4. So it sounds like you have to strip out old carts for new shells for the 2600? Do you have to do the same for the 5200 / 8bit computers? Is this a lot of sacrifices of E.T.?
  5. Ha, well I'll say one of the things that kind of is annoying about both the UltraSatan and MiST that I have, is the USB Micro plug doesn't fit in very well, and has a tendency to fall out (like the port isn't far enough back from the metal case). I was starting to wonder at the mention of your driver. Maybe have an option to include it in the order and give you some kick backs would be nice! RGB or GTFO?
  6. Hmm, not sure if Star Raiders suffers from this, but there are definitely color differences between 400/800, and XL, and then XE machines (NTSC). So hopefully brown can stay brown across them
  7. Whoa, they started another War of the Worlds show? Nice! I am a fan of the book, the 50s movie and even that crappy one that was modeled after the book and the early 90s TV show. But nit the Tom Cruise movie. It was shit. Awesome work on the carts!
  8. Very nice! I always thought the Jag would be a great platform for RPGs, as you could have long dialog menus with the numeric keypad. Great, deep RPGs take years to make though, and the life time of the Jag was pretty short in the grand scheme of things. Really looking forward to this!
  9. YouTube has Flat Earthers. Enough said
  10. Ha ha, yeah. I think I explained elsewhere recently that it's 1.3, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.5 (68k with PPC support), 3.9 (68k with PPC support), 4.0 (PPC only), 4.1 (PPC only), 3.1.4 (68k only), 3.2 (68k only). Talk about a weird and wild ride. I wonder if 3.2 will actually have WarpOS / PPC support. Otherwise I'm going to end up with 3.2 kickstart and 3.9OS like I did with 3.1.4 on my Cyberstorm setup. 3.1.4 worked wonderfully though on my Video Toaster set up. Though a recompiled Lightwave 3D might be interesting on my PPC setup...
  11. Ha, I know about telnet. I just miss the modem negotiation sounds haha.
  12. Uhm... Gauntlet has been on the 8bit for ages. In fact I didn't know it was on the 5200. As I own both the 5200 and many Atari 8bits, I mostly think the 5200 should get ports that are from the 8bit, but are better off with analog or trackball controlls with multiple buttons! Like Spy Hunter kind of sucks on the 8bit because you have to use a second joystick for the alternate weapons. Personally, if someone ported F-15 Strike Eagle or figured out how to cram Flight Simulator II onto the 5200, I would give them a testicle or something.
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