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  1. I should check the 3 I have. Get a U1MB in there. Lots of cool uses!
  2. Sure. If you look at the majority of those they are usually stripped down bioses like laptops. I am honestly shocked the VCS has as many opinions as it does. Only other motherboards that have that many are usually really old, or the eXtreme Gaming with RGB and overclock all the things! ones. Though for sure they tend to have pretty interfaces for them.
  3. Flip that, can anyone think of a console maker that allows you into the BIOS?
  4. Awesome. As weird as it sounds to all the people that keep refusing to believe the VCS is a thing that exists and somehow even managed to be a bit better than what I thought it would be, Atari does seem to be making things 'right' or at least very much attempting to.
  5. Ha, yeah I mean I have been waiting years for it. Oddly if I hadn't also been waiting for Adventure, I would have gotten it at roughly the same time as I got the VCS.
  6. I liked Trevor McFur, it wasn't such a disaster. It was at least pretty.
  7. I think mine is still waiting for Adventure II XE.
  8. Jack famously didn't want really to sell games initially, which is why the 7800 was delayed. But yeah, Star Raiders was done on the ST as well, but were they all coming out in 86 after he decided his original non-games idea was found to be not a great decision?
  9. Ha, well someone wanted it badly enough themselves to make a release. It isn't like they couldn't have made a 'classic arcade games' release.
  10. Someone pointed out to me that the ST never had an Atari made version of Centipede for the ST. Anyone know if this was just a case of Jack not wanting it to be a games machine? There is a version in PD, but no official Atari version. Is it one that went with the Arcade division?
  11. Question. Would it not be better to just solder up some pins so you could just jumper it on the future?
  12. So, based on what we're finding in this thread, we pretty much have 400-800 / XL / XE variants of color artifacting? UAV seems to do the XL style, but there's also the potential for inverting these colors (Like Ultima IV has an option built in for such). I'll create a separate thread for listing games. And I'm guessing maybe we should make another thread specifically talking about maybe designing a composite pass through device that can switch between the three? Though maybe we'd need a 'source / destination' style input / output. So you can say the source is coming from an 800xl and say you want the 800 color scheme?
  13. Well I have some 800XLs I'd be curious to mess around with the artifact colors on. I have been meaning to make a catalog of games that used artifacts to make colors, and well I guess I'm going to have to do that, then we can make a list of which one it looks 'correct' on, based on what they look at on their originating platform, perhaps.
  14. A modern laser printer that has a centronics interface that works with the Atari is the Samsung ML2571N, but I agree, FujiNet is required for so many reasons! I still find it odd that the 1200XL is the only one where they didn't hook up all the voltage to go out the SIO port. My first one already had the modification, the second one doesn't. Though now one of my 800s is being flaky and having a similar issue (no power out on the SIO port, I'll have to take a look at it..)
  15. Didn't BSNES get replaced by Higan? Computer prices have become stupid, so building even a basic machine seems pretty pricey.
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