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  1. That would have been more amusing if he'd said he'd done four touchdowns in a single game...
  2. It'd be pretty simple actually. Grab Linux, throw an potentially proprietary interface on top (so basically like Android, macOS) and then use something like snap/flatpak but with closed source software. Sadly, it'd basically make them like Ubuntu and the reasons I don't use it anymore. To me the new Atari computer is just about to be released. It's called the Vampire V4 Standalone Throw EmuTOS on it, and BAM, new Atari computer in 2019-2020!
  3. I'm fairly certain that sharing the existence of these is the most useful this entire thread as been
  4. I do have calipers to measure it so I'll measure it when I get home from the office today. I didn't seem to have any issues fitting it in. I can even compare it to my Everdrive X7. It does look like the MegaSD does not have the beveled edge. But size wise they're all dead on.
  5. Really looking forward to this, though I do have it on the 5200 (literally bought one for this game). It's a blast!
  6. I'm sorry, I cannot believe you until I get my cart and measure it myself. So that means I get bumped to the beginning of the next batch, right??? What a tremendous chode to spread lies. Yeah, I can already guess at which hateful dung heap is saying this. Like you would have spent all this time just to release a shoddy product, pretty damned laughable. Keep up the brilliant work! Race is still on for the other projects I have been waiting a long time for, though I did get my ZZ9000 board for my Amiga
  7. Actually I assume this is really up to if Bethesda will allow any sort of distribution? Since they technically still own the rights at this point. Unless it'll be one of those things where you have to import your own WADs.
  8. Ha, not sure how they'd be considered reproductions, since this is a 'new' thing. But yeah, I agree about talking about reproductions around here. Depending on the person, reproductions are either the most evil thing ever, acceptable in certain cases, or everything should be reproduced. I'm of the 'Would play it on the JagSD/Skunkboard, but if there were an AtariAge published version of the game, I'll buy that too.' variety.
  9. Awesome! Looking forward to getting mine, along with my mouse adapter
  10. I managed to get all of it. And we are wankers.
  11. No worries, I'd never heard the phrase pissup in a brewery, so could only guess what it meant (was dead on really, but had to make the joke). Great differences like 'lift' vs 'elevator' and such. Thank the lack of parental care, that I was raised on British comedies to know the differences
  12. Ha, I knew that, that's why I specified to being from America. American English is sorely lacking in some of the fantastic phrases that proper English has. That's the price we paid for our escape from the clutches of the crown. Edit: as a bit of a fun story, about 2 decades ago, I was at this party where the bartender was British. After some time drinking, he said to me, "I'm so f***ing pissed!" and my drunken brain thought "Really, you look super happy to me!" then remembered!
  13. Now the question is, how many people have organized a pissup in a brewery? (being from the United States, this sounds like someone drinking a lot and seeing who can pee the furthest).
  14. From the reports of beta testers some of them worked, but I don't know if that is the shipped firmware or not. I assume others that already have their carts can report.
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