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  1. Yikes! Yeah, especially floppy drives, and the room to set them up, etc. My thing is with the MiSTer, it is cool if you just want to load up a quick game here or there to kill some time... but for some reason I really crave for the real thing to do more serious stuff on. Also, MiSTer can't do TT or Falcon. (At least yet).
  2. Oops, thought I had confirmed this as well. I also can confirm it works on the MiSTer.
  3. So true... I have thought of getting a 3DO, but hadn't decided on a model to look for.
  4. Ha, yeah but then the charges are hidden within the actual product vs looking like we're charged outrageous prices for what is in essence someone picking it up for us and dropping it off at our house.... When you start WFH and order through the various services that deliver food to your house instead of getting off your fat butt and getting the food yourself, you kind of start to realize just how expensive that can get... Anyhow, the idea that it would be roughly the same price usually stems from bulk purchases being a tad cheaper, and it's bundled so savings on shipping is better, but it may be a direct bit of mark up, and the shipping within US would be less... BUT then you don't have to worry about customs either!
  5. For sure, I mean I need to put in an order for a SIDE3, U1MB, VBXL, and Rapidus (probably a Stereo Pokey too) for the 1200xl project... but have been waiting as I have just dropped a chunk of change on some other things...
  6. Good thing I have several ST mice, and various USB to ST mouse adapters.. I'll give some a try later today (hopefully).
  7. My guess is they simply do not support overscan data.
  8. Yeah, and Proton's compatibility is quite excellent at this stage. But you can get Windows for FAR cheaper than 130...and it isn't very couch friendly. GamerOS is a community built version of SteamOS, just with a different distro as its background and adds in some other things I think (like GOG support? I have to try it out soon as I have some appropriate hardware.)
  9. By the way, the Jaguar suffers the same thing.... you know, if you find the time... hahaha! It really seems like it should be a feature of things like the RetroTink and OSSC. The OSSC does seem far more configurable though. I just wished they had included Composite instead of component, as I literally have ZERO systems that output component.
  10. The V-Gate mod should be installed in Every Atari 8bit! I get overscan stuff just from the Ultimate cart mwnu on normal CRTs. So there is that.
  11. Why would anyone pay 130 for Windows 10 Home? Just slap GamerOS on there. https://gamer-os.github.io/
  12. With my OSSC in ST High, I had to tweak some of the settings (you can probably find the posts on the ossc forum). Then it looked fantastic. Otherwise you will probably get vertical 'pinching' of the display.
  13. The ST is a fickle beast as far as output goes. The best I have had it look is through either 'native' displays (RGB monitors such as the Atari SC1224 AND 1435, or Commodore 1084S), or SCART to an OSSC. Actually with the VGA adapter going into the OSSC's VGA input and some tweaks, you can get even high resolution looking great! For the gotek... 20200725_173524.mp4
  14. I have two sets of the "XE Touch", but they were springs, and made the keyboard REALLY touchy. Like if I tried to rest my fingers at all on the keys, they'd type. Though I kind of noticed they have a wider opening on one end than the other. And do consider that maybe I just put them upside down (larger area going downward). Would be interested in seeing what your keycaps look like.
  15. Yeah! I talked to Bruce many many years ago when I bought an 850 from him. It was Pre-ebay for sure. Talked to him for about an hour on the phone. Really nice guy. Very much into Atari.
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