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  1. I currently have the Sophia mod, and it also doesn't kill the RF output. Was thinking of ordering the mod from Best, but then again it sounds like the 2600 games will only go out the RF, and it's a bit on the fuzzy side!
  2. Sweet, so I am guessing pre-orders will be shipping soon. Looking forward to it! I also ordered a mouse adapter so I could play the Defender of the Crown port.
  3. Ha, is there a Linux equivalent?
  4. I got a MiST. Doesn't cover the Jaguar, but I think it covers everything else. Ah, makes sense. I have had the skunkboard for ages now, but have yet to spend the time setting up the tools to use it!
  5. That's amazing! Can't wait! This at least should be easier than the skunkboard to play the ST ports, right? I need to take some vacation and spend some time with the ol' cat....
  6. Does Telegames still sell Worms (and other Jaguar / Lynx games?) Last time I checked (admittedly years ago) it looked like they'd sold out of all their stock. Edit: Offitopic: how long did it take you to get a complete collection of 7800 and XE GS games, and how much space does it take?
  7. Necro'ing this post again. Best Electronics does list the part. Atari 5200 4 port Motherboard PCB part number CA018087 (see 5200 4 port left front top side corner for the Atari 5200 PCB part number) retro fit kit for the above CX55 2600 adapter. Kit requires soldering, cutting 5200 Cartridge connector pins and soldering on a wire harness with components attached to the 5200 4 port motherboard. Kit Includes components, wire hardness with components, Atari Engineering installation instructions. CB101184 $5.00
  8. What would they call that? Atari's Failed Console pack? Well I guess if they dropped off the 2600 which was hugely successful. I should get me a 7800, and find the mod for the 5200 so if I use the VCS adapter, it won't fry it.
  9. Ha, much like their SIP service, it'll be usable for a while, then they'll get bored of it and close it down. Oh they do that to most things, so no
  10. And in the same shape as the Jag motherboard so we can get a Jag 2 upgrade? 😛
  11. I need to avoid reading this thread late at night, because it makes me want to go to Del Taco....
  12. Pretty sure Google isn't your friend. Use Duckduckgo. 😛
  13. Ha! That video is on the image for the Vampire's CoffinOS R54, if you ho into the Fusion directory as the Launch Fusion.mpg file. Had not seen it before then. At least I don't think so, I may have seen it back in the day.
  14. Ha, I was thinking post count, but then discount the sarcastic ones Yeah, he should be just opening on his store front. Been looking forward to this for years.
  15. Ha, he originally put 1977, and said 40th anniversary, and I was confused... Looking forward to the release!
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