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  1. been having this problem too, although right now it seems ok...
  2. I can't get into chat, I need you to work your magic bro.
  3. According to firefox the atari age security certificate ran out last night..
  4. Just checked, something seems to be wrong with the site.
  5. Maybe it's a UK/Irish/European thing, but we all called it nes and snes.
  6. Who are you talking about? anyone who buys games other than to play them.
  7. I never realised anyone bought games other than to play them until I came to this site. It still makes no sense to me.
  8. I have a hammer horror box set, http://www.amazon.co...ASIN=B000HN31KQ (Woah it's really cheap now!!!) Always loved the feeling of hammer films.
  9. More dvds , I have about 60 games in total (a tiny amount compared to some people here) and I rarely even play most of them. These days I much prefer films. I can't even justify buying one more game, for the simple fact I know I won't play it. I'm getting out of the game. I love cinema, I can watch my fav movies over and over.
  10. I haven't spoke to her since feb 9th, all I know is she got a new job and was moving to another state.
  11. I used to talk to her all the time, haven't spoken to her since Feb 9th. I'll PM you and let you know all I know.
  12. Prab's great to deal with, just so you know
  13. what where your reasons for getting rid of most of your collection?
  14. I'm sort of an anti hoarder, clutter and things which I don't use annoy me. So actually I'm enjoying getting rid of stuff right now, even If I don't make that much money out of it, just having the stuff gone is a nice feeling.
  15. Good points. But you left out one more: if you're selling it because you've run out of room. Well that's giving up something you want but can't really have, which is not a good feeling. But, unless you have a huge collection, I can't see that being a common dilemma.
  16. I know of people who sold off huge collections and haven't regretted it and I know of people who have regretted it , you have to think long and hard about it, especially if you are going to sell a collection. If you're selling because you want to get out of the game , you probably won't regret it. If you're selling to raise cash, you probably will and will probably end up buying that stuff again.
  17. I'm thinking about selling my collection. So far I've sold some megadrive games and got rid of my neo geo. It feels good.
  18. That's a nice idea!, but to be honest I've only had one person show any interest... For what it is, it's a really good deal. (funny thing is right now I'm watching your youtube channel!!)
  19. One last bump, then it's going on ebay! Last chance saloon. Anyone interested has 2 days.
  20. B U M P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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