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  1. It was sold like that day. Should have said that. ;)
  2. Ok try again! I have been on the site for over 10 years and my inbox was full. @Albert Can you help?
  3. Used old stock 2532s. Getting harder to come by! Can’t fit anything else (adapter etc) into the case unless we make some really modern adapter. There are only about 20-30 people who would buy such an item.
  4. An 'exclusive or' drawing mode would be useful for 'CopySprite' - then instead of redrawing the entire screen each time, you could simply erase the parts that have changed by writing to the old sprite location with the 'XOR' mode turned on. I ended up writing a routine just as you suggest here!
  5. I released a game earlier last year called Break Vaders. I know how hard it is to address scrolling from left to right on AV so good work there! Awesome Ben! And now there are 6 games!
  6. Will it be able to play pitfall 2?
  7. Not many. Possibly 5? I don’t remember for sure. I made those labels with a dye sublimation printer that I only had for a couple of months.
  8. Yeah the general release one had the eyes with bow tie label.
  9. Also we got a letter from then Atari and had to change the name of HH2 and Combat 2 to Super Scary Mansion and Super Attack Battle.
  10. @Albert pm me if you want to discuss selling the old Mhs games in the Atariage store! Thanks
  11. I want one. Basic, assuming it will take an original pokey chip right?
  12. Hey there, I am releasing a new adventure vision game soon.
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