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  1. Chat now. On IRC at #retroemu on FreeNODE or over the web via http://www.adamcon.org/chat/ I hope to see you there.
  2. Hi I am trying again to make available a live stream of AdamCon 29 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. So here is what I have, come peek at: https://appear.in/adamcon 2:45 Jeffrey Wick - Black MIDI 3:!5 Dale Wick - Wearable Tech 3:45 Dale Wick - Kickstarter and other crowd funding 4:00 Luc Miron - new CV/Adam games Also come to http://www.adamcon.org/chat/ at 9pm for the annual AdamCon conference chat.
  3. Hi, If you want to chat with people at the convention, we are starting now at: http://adamcon.org/chat/ or in IRC join irc.freenode.net and look for the channel #retroemu We will be on for the next two hour, approximately.
  4. Hi, If you're in the mood for chatting, there will be a live chat from AdamCon 27 in Detroit Michigan. Check it out at 9pm EST/6pm PST either on IRC: irc.freenode.net in channel #retroemu or if you don't have IRC software installed: http://www.adamcon.org/chat/ for web based chat. Dale
  5. The source is around. If it isn't readily available, I'll post a copy next week some time.
  6. On ColecoVision, RAM and ROM run with no wait states, so are the same speed.
  7. I need digress to come chat with me in: http://www.adamcon.org/chat/ but you're welcome too.
  8. I'm up for chatting now for a bit if you like: http://www.adamcon.org/chat/
  9. Wednesday is always a good day to talk homebrew. Come join me right now at: http://www.adamcon.org/chat/ if you like.
  10. Thanks nanochess. That makes it much clearer. I do have a future project where this would be useful, so that gives me some motivation. I will definitely work with Daniel on a sample, and make sure I test it on the SD cart. The basic part is to get the code and objects all in the right places in the address space, and then in the right order in the image. So to make all of that work well, I'd have to change CCI3 to provide all of the link information for the type of megacart that you are making. I will reread what PKK posted in his original thread but I think I understand what needs to be done now. I don't currently have a megacart to try it on the real hardware. But if it works on the SD cart and in BlueMSX, it shouldn't be that hard to try it on the real cart. I do have a GAL programmer at least. There is more than one way to do everything, so perhaps someone else will come up with a sample before me.
  11. Skiing was only ever issued at retail in a Telegames blister pack with the plain white label and black printing AFAIK. So if you want a loose cart collection, this is the only way it was ever made. Unless someone else has seen a different version. Released around 1987 or 1988 as I recall.
  12. The alarm set on my phone says you should all join me in chat. Join me now at: http://www.adamcon.org/chat I think next weekend, I'm around for an afternoon Sunday chat. So maybe we will do that instead of the evening on Sunday next week?
  13. newcoleco's devkit has lots of samples and some good documentation in C: http://ccjvq.com/newcoleco/ Look at Software->Programming Tools. It uses the good work from PKK on SDCC, but with Daniel's libraries and stuff that is based on the original C library by Marcel de Kogel, as updated and changed by Daniel. Or I have a little about making a SuperGAME in assembly at: http://www.adamcon.org/~dmwick/mayan/ Although much of what I do would work fine for ColecoVision programming using the OS7 BIOS functions.
  14. Hmm..I have an alarm set on my phone to remind me, It helps a lot. Join me now at: http://www.adamcon.org/chat/
  15. It's nine pm now. So http://www.adamcon.org/chat/ Or use your favorite IRC client to connect to irc.freenode.net channel #retroemu
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