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  1. hi there, do anyone have a pdf copy of the user manual? i found the software on disc but without it. there are some things io cannot figure out on my own! thanks anyway, TOM
  2. hello! i tried the code with the categories, by switchreset it always jumps to the first frame,... no big succsess after trying some other variables.. the joy0 samples are quiet nice idear and the delay works... but i can only go once in any direction after doing a event. for now i dont have so much time to work around,.. not to go back to my desk. soon back later! TOM
  3. hey,.... thanks for advice, i will check it out later. have to work right now. cheers,Tom
  4. hi there, the one question i have is about the function and definition of the frameselection by the joystick. so far i have my four different sujets (saw,cross,figur,sqares)and i can swap between with using switchreset. the function for changeing playfields with the joystick is related to the first sujet and this is not what i want. it should be within the selected sujet. dont know exactly how to explain, but if you run the code, select one of the images except the saw, move the joystick in any direction, it always ends in the saw-image what is not supposed to be. also sometimes i need to press one direction more often to go to the next playfield/image. any idear how i can code the controller? thanks a lot, Tom saege.bas
  5. Yes, that's probably the problem. The "on gosub" statement wasn't added until recently; before that it was strictly an "on goto" statement-- if I remember correctly. Michael that sounds good, indead i was not using the software for long time,... - did the update ----- > and what a surprise : ) you all did it! thank you the feature with the reset button is exactly that what i need. i am happy all the best, Tom
  6. .. and the file ... saege.bas
  7. of course, here it comes. if i replace on ... with if x=... (like here on ... goto) i have no compiler error. so whan i runn the whole code with the if x= code, its nothing changeing whan i press reset... dont know really.. thanks, Thomas
  8. hello! basicly i can understand now what is going on in this code. a technical problem, whan i compile the code in crimson editor, it gives me a error message with the line: on s gosub frame0 frame1 frame2 frame3 i dont understand why, on is a bataribasic code??!
  9. hey again! is there no one who did this befor? maybe my question was not clear enought to understand... it would even help me to have a working code of one game who does similar that what i need, like changing the playfields by pressing reset button. i have added the code i already have. what i want tho have in the end, is the same features (changing the the playfield with joy up/down/left/right) but with reset i can change the whole playfild sample into another sujet. like,... first i have my triangles (like in the sample), pressing reset it becomes a square, reset - > circle - > smily, .... and so on. joystick should still be able to do this playfild swap within one sujet. i dont know how to seperate the different sujets playfields in the code. would be great to have one sample, maybe also for use in the code-snippets-samples-for-bb-beginners topic. pleas help me AA, you are my last hope saege.bas
  10. hello there,... after a while i am back in atari-fever still i am using the atari as a generator for grafics. i have one thing, i want to design several (maybe up to 15) different backgrounds. with pressing the reset button i want to show the next one, like it worked with the 32in1 carts, every reset another game. so far, i show you the simple code for one background. just dont know how to fit this. should it be something like subroutines or "if switchreset than frame0=frame10 : frame1=frame11" i am really not shure, please help me
  11. finally i did it : ) i can use the composit signal with a little modified CD4050 mod. on my video mixer, no more displaced screen!!! the brightness is also fine now,... for the one who want to know, i put some potentiometer into the circuit of lum0,1,2 and color, now i have some little knobs where i can setup the color as i want. not very original, but works at least
  12. Hello there,... i did the cd4050 mod on my PAL 2600Jr. and i have a very dark picture. dont know why,... anyone has an idear?! T.
  13. allright, it worked so far. my big problem is that the picture is much to dark now... i am little confused
  14. okay,... so th VCR is just for stabilisation, didnt know that! CD4050 mod should work on PAL, just using other pinout of the TIA. have a look here: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/128279-cd4050-av-mod-on-pal-atari-2600/ just one thing i did not figured out now,.. how to put a S-video plug on it. http://www.tkk.fi/Misc/Electronics/circuits/svideo2cvideo.html luma and croma is on 3 & 4, but what is ground Y/C, is both(1&2) just the ground ?! best regards, TOM
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