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  1. Same BITD, I didn't spend a lot of time benchmarking anything. I thought the 1050 was a complete godsend compared to a tape drive, that's how I viewed it. I could access any part of the disk without hitting play or rewind. Then the byte article came out for the 256k upgrade, and because my dad could so easily do that type of thing, like a week later, we had it installed, and I had a 256k atari, and I used the extra RAM for a ramdisk, to store messages from the BBS. And that truly made a big speedup. My best friend did own a C64, but he didn't care for disks, he mostly played games. We argued over whose system was better, but mostly just joking around. I didn't even use a color screen, I had an amdek amber monitor and went without color or sound. So while we could argue which system was best for games, he had color, I didn't. We could argue which system was best for disk access, but I had a ramdisk, he had only a tape drive. So arguments tended to be somewhat futile, but it didn't stop us, anyway. I had karateka and pitstop II to demo the atari in games. Anyway the cool thing about the Atari, is tons of people still had a 2600, so we could argue it was the better Atari, if not the better computer. We loved to argue, of course we were just as likely to argue over whether "Phi Slamma Jamma" would win the tournament.
  2. I think if you are pairing Rapidus, Sophia, and SDRive max, that you have a plan that probably will work. But let us know, of course. The parts to avoid are: u1mb, side 2 cartridge, or VBXE. VBXE, I say because Lotharek warns against it now "RAPIDUS UPGRADE may be very problematic with ULTIMATE 1MB upgrade or VBXE." I've had multiple rapidus machines (1200xl and 800xl and two 130xe). The 1200xl, I removed the rapidus, but otherwise its a beautiful machine. And I have one 130xe with rapidus still, and the rapidus functionality does work. One of the tests I use now, is also can the machine "reset" properly or does it randomly cold boot. This machine does work. As long as no side 2 is plugged in. In some ways it feels like a miracle to have one that works, but that machine does have vbxe output, and the VBXE output, is almost acceptable at times, but then starts up with snow traveling up the screen at other times. That was initially blamed on the cable. So I bought another cable. Then multiple power supplies. Then a power conditioner. Then multiple upscalers. And of course, the problem has been all along within the Atari - if you have the electronics experience to fix these things yourself, then no worries. But, its just not really the case that you can go to a dealer and expect a working Atari in return. That's very hit and miss. p.s. as for traditional banked memory, I have a turbo freezer, that works. (so external options like turbo freezer or sys-check) and I use in my case a 130xe, which is 128k stock. Other choices would be wizztronics 256k, or one of the many 512k sram upgrades) Anyway, I also own a Sophia Atari, and it works great. I think your particular plan is solid, those parts should work together.
  3. @BIGHMW, are you the reviewer in the video? It wasn't clear to me from your post. If you aren't then this feedback is pointless, but anyway...my review of the review I like these type of reviews, and I enjoyed this review. My impression of the review is it discusses various subjects such as later levels, difficulty in later levels, the phrase "hours of gameplay" was used, but what I observed in the video is someone who hadn't yet played those later levels so the comments came across to me as predictive, rather than experience based. Personally, I would toss in some constructive criticism of a game. As impressive as the game is, I wouldn't say the controls are perfect. I find a game like Super Mario on the NES has much more natural jumping. My 2 cents anyway. I enjoyed the review overall. The enthusiasm is the best part of it, it makes it entertaining....makes me wish I liked games. I admit I only played albert for two levels. I ran into a bug where a level wasn't completable, and put the game aside. I see in this thread another version works...that's cool.
  4. I got mine the other day. I didn't open it till today. I see what you all mean about the first review. I didn't find that one humorous either. Also, more game focused than I would have liked. Don't get me wrong, the game reviews were great and made the magazine. bitd magazines had coding, and also marketplace reviews, which I still prefer to have in the mix. the magazine did have a hardware article on upgrading your Atari 800 to 48k, which was a nice change of pace.
  5. For one moment in time, the Atari 800 was a low cost challenger to the Apple II. Later I was informed C64 and Atari had a beef. I certainly had fun with being an Atari fan (and still do - I see no point in changing what works), but in reality, even back in the day, the C64 was just another choice. Anyway, I hate to admit this, but my Atari is no longer my daily driver...I jumped ship to Mac, and my latest is a Macbook Air M1...don't tell me the PC won, I don't agree with that. From my perspective Android/iOS/PC/Mac are all really computer platforms, targeted at different niches.
  6. This is the end of the story (and essentially just how I followed the directions) - but I type it up just in case anyone 10 years from now, stumbles across the thread with the same issue, they'll wonder why I didn't mention the solution. p.s. above my use of the word "patched' was incorrect, I had followed some directions before, and I thought it included running a patcher, it did not, it was simpler than that (unfortunately I've run through so many different things, swapping out various roms, I cannot recall it all any more) http://atari8.co.uk/apt/side/ OSS ROMS -> Downloads From the zip file, of interest to me was side2oss.rom Then in Atari800MacX -> Preferences -> Expansions I changed the entry for Side 2 Flash file to side2oss.rom Then I went into U1MB menu, From there I intended to change SIDE Cart Rom from disabled based on reading that the requirement is disable the ATR swap button and enable ’SIDE Cart ROM’ in the U1MB BIOS Settings when the PBI HDD is enabled. - but it remained greyed out and nothing happened. Since I don’t use it this way real world, I didn’t investigate further. Instead I matched this virtual setup to my real world 1200xl, in u1mb settings disable SDX, disable PBI bios. So essentially side2 stand alone. Now, typing CAR does pull up the side2 car, but the current selection is side loader, not Mac/65 Then I recalled ‘a tool is provided’ to switch from side loader to oss cart. Going back to the downloaded zip, finding a tool folder and a program called sidecfg.xex. First I run that in Atari800Max x with command-R, but that crashes the entire program. Then in Atari800MacX, create a new floppy. Then format it. Then use ATR editor. Then put sidecfg.xex in the new disk. Then mount on d2:. Then run sidecfg.xex. Now select Mac/65. Now reboot. Car takes me to Mac/65, done
  7. Got it. I had patched my actual side 2 cart, so that must be why I had gotten used to typing CAR. OK, so, I will see if I can patch this virtual side 2 cart to match that setup. That setup was u1mb has SDX turned off, PBI bios is turned off. SDX runs from Side 2, typing "CAR" brings me to Mac/65. That worked on both my 1200xl (w/u1mb as above) and 130xe (no u1mb, just side 2 cart). Until such time as my side 2 cart stopped recognizing my compact flash card, which reminds me need to get a flash card reader to troubleshoot. Ancient flash card, may have gone bad... thanks for the help
  8. Thanks for posting here, I would never have seen this....that is just so fun, that Atari computer emulation is on flashback x. Oh goodness, looks like I need to buy one more device.
  9. AFAIK Donkey Kong is a lifelong addiction. I'm just joking around, I did a quick google search, and screen 117 is a kill screen, whether because of a bug...they say it is the last screen. Presumably they are discussing the arcade version.
  10. I'm so glad I found this thread. First thing I discovered, as the thread said, if I booted SDX from cartridge, even if that isn't recommended, it nevertheless founds the virtual disk image and then let me format. After which, the now formatted image was still found when running SDX off of U1MB. Also, I renamed .img to .vhd at some point, and finally, I disabled the Sio patch. I did that out of order, but anyway - suffice to say that I've got u1mb/side 2 running. I do have to keep inserting the cartridge every time I turn on the emulator. Of course, I very much appreciate these efforts, and in listing any observations, don't take it as complaint, because it's certainly not, I just love the software, and am amazed. It'd be a nice thing, if it could remember to keep the cartridge plugged in. I'm using 6.0 on an M1 Mac. It'd also be nice if "Keep Aspect Ratio when in full screen" would work- it has major graphics glitches on my MacBook Air m1, OS 11.2.3 And also, I was wondering why typing CAR results in "Not Present"? I may be misunderstanding something, but the u1mb indicates it has 4 cartridges, on a real Atari, I'm pretty sure typing car would take me to the selected cartridge in the u1mb settings. In my case, basic. Do I need to add something to the config? If I could get Mac/65 running as a cartridge, I'd be doing pretty good, imho. Thanks for the software. I do tend to use Atari800 because I know how to launch Atari800 with compiled executable from KickC. If anyone has instructions for using Atari800MacX as the KickC debugger that'd be awesome too. thanks
  11. hehe, you all weird me out with the conversations that span 10 years. anyway, I see we all have the same thought about rampage - what if it could look better? I had that same thought for a bit, and then decided I didn't want any part of it. But, that work did get rolled into fireballoon. of course that it is clearly rampage inspired....btw, if anyone interested the game is playable, but on hold
  12. I love Donkey Kong. The other game I was recently introduced to, was disco pop. The last time I sat down to "find a good game" - Dr. Mario stood out, it was quite fun. I suppose if I count games I was looking at for porting, I was playing a dice game "pig", I wrote a quick Atari basic port of "Poison". Well I didn't actually port it from anything, I just based the game on the description, I think I found in creative computing. They used to describe irl games as ideas, without providing the code, which was kind of a cool idea. Poison is a learning game that teaches "unfairness"...not entertaining at all, of course.
  13. Good job, I enjoyed the show! I definitely did not like the 8-bit port of pole position - primarily because it used a joystick. However, I do like listening to the podcast, and look forward to more shows.
  14. looks like fun, but do these fpga devices, and I'm asking in general about any of them whether mcc, or mist, mister, do any of them have a solution for emulating R: or P: devices?
  15. Have you all tried the Hyperkin ranger? I bought a Hyperkin Trooper, and since it broke within 10 minutes of first using it, I was a bit disappointed. It makes me reluctant to try the brand again. However, the reviews of the ranger have been good (whether the reviewers got a special more reliable version, hard to say). The design with the thumb control looks tempting.
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