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  1. btw, still doesn't work. i have observed each time I push on the wire, then when I turn it on it detects the vbxe and loads the driver exactly once., at least if followed that pattern 3 times. But without moving the computer even 1mm, it stops working and subsequent restarts no longer load the vbxe once again.
  2. I'm so frustrated now, I know it is entirely because I hate dealing with hardware. But this 130XE with Rapidus/VBXE, as I mentioned above didn't display well. Well I plugged in several monitors, and the fourth monitor is an LG TV, that kind of made the display OK. It reduced the noise somewhat, had no jail bars, and I decided, you know what, this is cool...I'll handle this, not as good as the 1200xl, but OK. So, just perfect that less than an hour later, the machien doesn't load any VBXE drivers at all. t now the S_VBXE.SYS driver says it cannot find >=1.21. Another program says I don't have a VBXE installed. And FC.com from the vbxe flash disk, says VBXE IO error. I'm assuming this machine doesn't work at this point, I want to throw it in the river. Unfortunately my frustration is at the boiling point, and I'm not going to communicate further, no point, I'm dragging you all down. OK, here is my new plan, I'm going to beg FJC to take work from overseas.....lol ....if he'll take that risk, lol
  3. I've told this story before, but just sharing, in 2016, I ordered two ultimate Atari's. One was an 800XL and one was a 1200XL, both spec'd the same - u1mb, rapidus, vbxe. It is kind of generally known now - but not then, that the u1mb and rapidus don't play well together. So the 800xl was sold a long time ago, and I kept the 1200XL - it truly is marvelous. I wasn't truly happy with VBXE on either machine, at first, until 2020. I had been using a gonbes vga converter, but it had 'shake the last character' issue in 80-column mode. But then in 2020 I plugged a ST to SCART cable in - and it just worked, the original tech had wired up sound, and even though never tested with SCART, worked perfectly, and with a SCART to HDMI converter and a CCTV 1280 x 1024 19" monitor, the picture was perfection. Crystal clear, no character shake, no artifacts, no noise - the perfect screen, and that is important to me, I was happy about that. Anyway, but I got a fujinet and one problem after another emerged, which turned out not to be the fujinet itself, but the fujinet does its software resets, that exposed to me, that my system is flakey on those resets, ack! So, I thought about shipping it out to someone to repair. The issue with that, is it would've left me with no Atari, and I"m in the middle of development. So, I launched a plan to buy a 130XE with Rapidus/VBXE, but no u1mb. LIke the first time, I made 2 purchases from 2 different techs. The 1200XL died yesterday and niether 130XE is a replacement. I'm without ultimate Atari after all. I know that in each case, they couldn't test and weren't aware of exaclty how I use my Atari. One of the machines works great on most software and flaked out like mad when used with 80-column terminal software. I even video'd it, but I decided not to share here, because it would be like a thing with the vendor. The other machine probably looked fine on the techs monitor, but fails to work with that crystal clear solution I found for the 1200xl and mentioned above, I mean literally unvieweable from some crazy ghosting issue....ugh, what bad luck. The problem is, you cannot just send someone the machine to have it fixed. It might get fixed, it might not. It'll take 3 months and it'll be expensive. That's the reality if you lack mad soldering skillz.... Nevermind my recent experience, even in 2016, despite the genius skills of the techs, and undisputably perfect installs - the reality is rapidus and u1mb wasn't a valid combo and none of us even knew it. 4 attempts at this is enough, for me, I think. I'll see if there is any solution to the 130xe display issue.... The Atari 1200xl, I don't know, I may sell it later, thats the likely answer, but anyway, I wasn't really doing an advertising thread, just a kind of grieving. I can say that project didn't achieve its goals, but it did achieve one beautiful 1200xl with a perfect display. I surely prized that Atari....oh well ok, enough of me complaining today, I do have a native scart display arriving today or tomorrow. Who knows, maybe it'll work well with one of the remaining.
  4. my “ultimate atari” 1200xl finally gave up today. sad rapidus, vbxe and u1mb setup, I had known it was flakey for a while. but it had such a perfect clean and crisp display, damn i will miss it. coincidentally today is also the day that the 130xe i ordered back in december has arrived...but the display is at this moment is unusable. so, not quite the result i hoped to achieve.... thatll be an open task probably for a while i assume honestly, internal upgrades arent an easy path unless you have the skills for diy
  5. I studied Russian for 10 years and lived in Ukraine, and can touch type in cyrillic. my experience is you can ask in english. or in perfect russian. or make a mistake in which case they still say you used machine translation, really wont matter if you studied for a decade. never ever make a mistake ever. hahaha omg worst advice ever. sorry for my little speech, russian was my other hobby. If you do find that rom i want a copy.
  6. haha, I like that idiom "jump through hoops". If I'm literally at the circus I might enjoy watching a trained bear jump through hoops. If I'm the bear being trained - hard pass. Although that sort of answer doesn't lend itself well to troubleshooting discussions. e.g. have you tried turning off the drive and never using it again? ok, that's my sense of humor - nevermind. Good luck with the ATR/Percom situation.
  7. Because I just recently went through this printer solution for myself, I will share I got the attached Epson FX-80 off e-bay. It was $60 ($30 + $30 s/h). I also just bought an Atari 1025, ($30+$30 s/h - nearly exactly the same price. I did this, because I just want to conveniently print listings, and I have the desk space. My immediate thought was to hookup a Tandy DMP 105, which is a small and sexy printer, but the truth is, you cannot buy a ribbon for it. It's no problem getting a ribbon for these printers. Basically for Atari printers, the old 820/822 are never for sale. A 1027 is usually advertised as the printhead fell apart. The Okidata Okimate 10 is a wax transfer printer, I had one bitd as well, and do not want that at all. So, the 1025 comes up from time to time. I bid the lowest amount for it as stated above, nobody bid against me. Both were advertised as untested, and both work perfectly. They were just estate sale purchases where the seller really cannot test these old devices any more. Panasonic printers, as others have mentioned are in regular supply on e-bay, they even have 24-pin versions with much better print quality, although NLQ mode on the FX-80 is plenty fine for printing listings, imho. Also with the panasonic, printer ribbons aren't a problem, and many are advertised tested. I just literally wanted to spend $60 and not $70 - $90.
  8. I shared this post О Русском на Атари-8 https://zx-pk.ru/threads/32580-o-russkom-na-atari-8.html Anyway, my immediate thought is, try runet, because they'll know right. But this solution here, I thought was really cool for what I was doing, and I think someone else mentioned it also wasn't the only one....I don't recall the others, at the moment. Edit: sorry, I now realize you specifically didn't want this type of solution. Well my remaining thought is, if they keep developing this type of solution, then it hints to me they didn't have the character set in rom, but hard to prove a negative...oh well, I'll shut up now.
  9. Because people are discussing refunds, I thought I'd share my experience today with Lotharek. I ordered a 10502PC on November 18th, 2020. I never received it. I don't know any details, as I never asked. I ordered online and made no further communications. So without any prompting of any kind, today I received a refund , Feb. 24th, 2020. ~4 months later. So my experience with Lotharek over the years, is with one exception I've always received the item I ordered, and in the event that I haven't received the item, I get a refund without even requesting it. Full disclosure I'm glad I didn't get the 10502PC. I didn't do my homework, I thought it would integrate with Windows Explorer. It doesn't do anything good for me...but that's a different subject. Anyway, of course it wasn't always like this, now the Atari community has quite a few trusted dealers. For me, great experiences last year with AmigaOnTheLake, TheBrewingAcadamy, Lotharek, tf_hh, and Bonus Life computers. Yes, I was on a buying binge, most years I don't order anything.
  10. Update the thread, I'd be interested in your experiences. This vaguely sounds like what I ran into, although I've had no time for Atari for weeks now, but what I ended up doing is not using the fujinet as a storage device. My 1200XL has a u1mb, and I have my own config.sys on d1:. It's not booting from d1, but reading the config.sys from there anyway. What I like about using, well in this case an xf551 for storage, is it works 100% reliably all the time without issue, so I'm not looking to fix what works. I also use a sio2sd for mass storage. I have a 1200xl that flakes on software reboots. It works fine when turning it on, and always worked for me in the past, but I guess I was just a person that either turned the machine on or off, once I got into this software reset workflow, that just didn't work. The reset or software driven cold boot, causes the machine to flake at odd times, so not really a choice for me...at least until the replacement machine that I ordered in December arrives. That's scheduled to arrive next week - woo hoo!
  11. I own a rapidus and might even get a chance to turn on my atari in a week or two, going from memory it only has two clock speeds - normal atari speed, and 21mhz. To hack a game to properly use the atari's timers is one thing, but I suspect that hacking code to find a place to just add a loop to bog it down somewhat - wouldn't be quite as difficult in my imagination. Makes sense to me, speed it up to 21mhz, then bog it back down. Then someone will speed it back up using a 200mhz atari, and the cycle repeats.
  12. Nice, I like it. Now take it apart and do it again. This time, blind folded.
  13. I hooked up my tandy dmp 105 recently but ribbons are not available. i definitely wanted to have a printer in my mix. im using an ape face for sio2centronics. replaced the dmp 105 with epson fx80. works good for me. i had an 822 back in the day but you cant find one now .
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