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  1. OK, now I can see I'll have to bust out all my skills! You're giving me a real run for my money! And yeah, things change if all the humans die. After a certain number of waves, though, they are resurrected/reincarnated/whatever, and the planet surface returns. 59,650
  2. All right, now this is the type of challenge I like to see, that makes me push my skills to the max! 53,350
  3. New score: 44,400 @fakecortex - Your score may not be as big as mine, but you're getting better. You're giving me a run for my money already! Keep at it! You'll get better!
  4. Yeah, keep your ears open for the humanoids calling for help. But don't rush around in an attempt to save the humanoids from being captured. Just take your time and if you hear a humanoid, immediately try to locate it. If you find a stargate, it will take you to the nearest humanoid in distress. Slightly higher score: 35,000 @fakecortex - Don't give up! I'm sure you're gonna give me a run for my money!
  5. @fakecortex I was just lucky. Either way, we'll see how well this turns out! May the best player win! EDIT: First score, 33,750 I found by taking my time and focusing on zapping enemies while making sure to help humanoids in distress worked better than rushing around!
  6. Well played ZilchJr! Farewell, MisterVCS. The club won't be the same without you! I'm in the bronze bracket again. Time to start stretching!
  7. Have the final standings been calculated yet?
  8. 30,780 I finally completed the first maze. It seems sometimes it's better to get the ghosts off your tail before resuming eating.
  9. I agree, he definitely is sounding very egotistical here.
  10. I first encountered Todd in 2004 in the first season of the Atari 2600 High Score Club. He always had the highest score possible, but only provided screen captures, which could easily have been edited via PhotoShop. They later discovered many of his scores were fake and/or impossible to achieve, as well as the fact he entered his own scores, and he was banned and stripped of all his records. He got what he deserved. Billy Mitchell has a lot to lose from losing all of his records, which is why he's filing this lawsuit. I think it's a waste of time, since the analysis was carefully done.
  11. 49,534 Made it to the third stage and was trying to reach the detonator before time ran out... and crashed into a laser gate.
  12. I'll remember that. I destroyed the second detonator but ended up crashing and losing my shields. Any strategies for those flying hot dogs... I mean homing missiles? Oh yes, better score: 43,484
  13. 33,807 Got to the second detonator, and I forgot that they can be booby trapped... and that shooting them twice ENDS THE DARNED GAME!!
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