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  1. No Escape: 3,371 (Unique take on the usual shooter formula.) Star Voyager: 2 Chevrons (Not bad for a first attempt.)
  2. I still have yet to clear the second cavern, but I'm getting better: 5,277
  3. I'm afraid I'm not that good yet. But practice does make perfect!
  4. 4,070 Any tips for the laser barriers in the later levels? The timing is bad enough but the fact you only have a limited amount of time really makes it difficult.
  5. First score: 3,838 Gonna need some practice before I get that third crystal.
  6. Getting better with Pooyan: 3,130 To be honest, the wolf who's always nagging you on the second screen really gets me.
  7. Let it be known that I'm just warming up... Pooyan: 1,085 Strategy X: 1,280 4,440
  8. 57,541 I love the smell of bugs blasted in the morning! Bonus: Donkey Kong Junior - 11,000 Somehow, I doubt there's any possible way that they could've done a decent Donkey Kong Junior on the Atari 2600 back in those days.
  9. Getting better at fighting 'like a robot' here: 6,020
  10. Played a couple of games before work this morning. When I'm more awake and more warmed up I play a LOT better! Venture: 3,000 Berzerk: 4,390
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