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  1. 688 Getting better, but the invisible monster lairs in the later levels are a cheap shot! Seriously, WHAT is the trick to this frigging game?
  2. 568 I remember when I was about 15 or so I discovered this at a friend's house. I found the controls hard to work with.
  3. 2,300 Yo NO! 5,800 Getting the hang of it... barely.
  4. 15,500 Managed to destroy the second base.
  5. Getting closer to getting the hang of Bowling: 203!
  6. Kaboom!: 418 (I never was too good at this one) Bowling: 160 (I know the secret to getting a strike, it's just pulling it off that's the tricky part!)
  7. Better score: 3 Medals, 7,200 points.
  8. First score: 21,400. Just warming up.
  9. Pressure Cooker: 88,255 - Got bored after a while and said, "Hell with it!" Oink!: 19,376 - Can definitely do better, just need to warm up. Blue Print: 1,925 - Just playing for bonus points. Honestly I don't like this one too much.
  10. Better score: 7,300 What's a good strategy for the second screen?
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