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  1. 2,300 Yo NO! 5,800 Getting the hang of it... barely.
  2. Getting closer to getting the hang of Bowling: 203!
  3. Kaboom!: 418 (I never was too good at this one) Bowling: 160 (I know the secret to getting a strike, it's just pulling it off that's the tricky part!)
  4. Better score: 3 Medals, 7,200 points.
  5. First score: 21,400. Just warming up.
  6. Pressure Cooker: 88,255 - Got bored after a while and said, "Hell with it!" Oink!: 19,376 - Can definitely do better, just need to warm up. Blue Print: 1,925 - Just playing for bonus points. Honestly I don't like this one too much.
  7. Better score: 7,300 What's a good strategy for the second screen?
  8. After a bit of time away, I return with my first score! 5,000
  9. You're asking in the wrong forum.
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