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  1. I'm choosing to concede, mainly due to the fact my mother's passing is requiring a lot of my attention and energy right now. I wish you all the best and then some.
  2. 6,704 If my mom were here, she'd tell me to keep playing on and not worry about her. So this score is for her!
  3. Better score: 1,245. I wasn't sure about this, but with the passing of my mother, I believe she would want me to keep pressing on. Rest In Peace mom.
  4. REST IN PEACE: Barbara Sullivan, 12/03/1949-09/09/202.  The best mother in the world and the woman who introduced me to Atari.

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    2. MasterMotorola


      My great aunt introduced me to the world of Atari in 1982.  She passed away a year later and I still think of her often.  May your mother live on in your happy memories of her.

    3. Novastar


      Sorry for your loss.

    4. retrorussell


      Very sorry to hear.  Think positive thoughts as much as possible to make it through tough times.

  5. 727 Given the situation with my mother, I might only post a score or two here and there.
  6. With only a few hours left, I'll give it one last effort. "Last" being the key word. I saw my mother and her doctor today, and she told me she's ending her treatments, meaning she will be passing in a few days. I tried a few times, but I just can't improve my score. Rather than concede, I wish to let the time run out since that is what is going on with my mother.
  7. Thank you. @Vocelli Do you think maybe we could dedicate Season 11 to my mother please? She was the one who introduced me to Atari.
  8. I have some bad news... My mother just called me. She told me she's going to die within a couple of days. So I'll try to keep playing when I can. But I can't guarantee anything. I want to take my mind off of the inevitable.
  9. I may never get better at Mountain King, so I'll have to work at The End instead.
  10. My mother has been hospitalized for nearly a week now.  My emotions are draining faster than a Metroid draining Samus Aran's energy...

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    2. retrorussell


      Very sorry to hear.  Hoping for the best!

    3. jd_1138


      Prayers and wishes and good vibes sent. That's worst feeling in the world when someone you love is sick, but hopefully she will be home soon.

    4. PacManPlus


      Wishing her a full, quick recovery.

  11. It's not easy for me because I have to spend time at my mom's place. She's been hospitalized for nearly a week so I have to feed the cat. Unfortunately, with my new work situation, I can't just commute between there, my mom's place, and my apartment. I have to spend time at my old place. Meaning playing isn't easy for me, but I'll do my best.
  12. OK, now it's on! EDIT: I wasn't kidding! 22,080 in Dragonfire, and I'm coming back for more! EDIT 2: And here's one with The End! 47,640
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