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  1. 35,790 I may never get the hang of those stupid wall traps.
  2. The End: 23,700 (Clever twist on the standard space shooter, I gotta give it that.) Robot City: 585 (I could do better.) Tower of Rubble: 88 (That was due to a mistake on my part. I could do a LOT better!)
  3. If you ask me, had I known about the knife glitch sooner, I wouldn't have had to restart myself the first time through. The knife glitch can help save ammunition in the long run. Not to mention, the green herb glitch that I learned about awhile back can help too. If you can hold off on performing it until you've had the chance to mix a blue and red herb with a green herb before performing it, then you'll really be set.
  4. 19,870 What would have made this game better is if bombing and shooting were done simultaneously, like in Xevious for the Atari 7800.
  5. First score... 6,840 Mind you I'm just warming up!
  6. For the arcade competition: Shinobi: 519,000 I was so close to one credit clearing this game, but the final boss got me!
  7. Mountain King: 9,200 (Got bored and had to go out.) Spike's Peak: 9,850 (Gonna need some practice.) California Games: 15,100 (At least it's better than the NES game!)
  8. Not one of my better games I admit. 31,200
  9. 56,200 I never was too good at this one. While it's a fun game, my par is usually the second boss. EDIT: Palamedes score 21,170 I never understood this game until I read the manual. Rather clever concept if I say so myself.
  10. Bonus: 999-645 = 354 Regular game to be added shortly as I didn't get a screencap of my final score properly.
  11. I remember discovering this at a yard sale and how to play via a little trial and error.
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