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  1. It also depends by the tape device, if it is working (which is very rare) and if the console comes in box with manuals, microphones, etc. i think it is 4000-5000$.
  2. ok sorry, but it is not a common game:)
  3. Smurf game, intellivision version. right forum!
  4. I have an extra copy of Smurf game, if interested, send me a private message.
  5. I indeed have two different demo cassettes for keyboard component. But I didn't know any box existing.
  6. I am very interested in boxed real game. not very interested in roms at moment.
  7. Can you send me an ebay / amazon link where to buy it?
  8. So i got that super pro system which is possibly a "tutorvision" console. The problem is that: it has of course U.S. power supply cable it has not tv cable. I am concerned about the first one, what exactly i should do to get a power supply adaptor working in europe, without damaging the console? i know that there are voltage issues, due to differences in the 2 continents. About the tv cable, should a normal pal tv cable work? Can you help me?
  9. Am I wrong or Zbiciak emulator include keyboard component emulator? he worked on it, he took the tape images from Dan Blitz who then sold his collection to me.
  10. Lol, when i'll open a museum I'll invite you:)
  11. No, it should be without manual because the manual was a prototype manual. If it has it, let me know:)
  12. There are about 15-20 of them, as told. One is mine (the one in Italy). The problem is that most of them have the cassette recorder not working. Probably there are only about 5 fully functional. The price is about 4000 euro. Mine has box too: never seen other boxed. Other item ultra ultra rare is the printer, it is a truly holy grail (probably 2-3 of them in the world), Cmart has it. About software it seems a little less rare (i.e. the basic cassettes and cartridge, geography challenge). Some of them are anyway very rare. There is only 1 in the world of Spelling Challenge boxed with manual as far i know (i own it).
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