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  1. That would take a ton of luck, so I still think the manual is unrealistic...
  2. Just fired up some PGA Golf today and the best I could do was a 37 (par is 38). The manual states "A very skilled player can probably play a 32 or even a 30 stroke game with a little luck." There is no way in HELL that someone could get a 30 stroke game, let alone a 32. What's the lowest score you've ever gotten?
  3. Byte Knight

    Byte Knight

  4. We love to hear about more game development for the Apple II! Snacking On Software currently makes arcade-style games for the Apple II - you should check them out here.
  5. After some fiddling around and help from decle, I was able to get 16 of my favorite games working with the PlayCable simulator. I kept getting "Skipping nameofgame.bin as the size is non-standard" errors when I would try to compile on my MacBook. decle suggested these changes to package.sh which fixed the error: replace line 28 of package.sh from this: binSize=`stat -t "$1" | cut -d' ' -f 2` to this: binSize=`stat -f%z "$1"` and you will also need to change line 53 from: binSize=`stat -t "playCable.bin" | cut -d' ' -f 2` to: binSize=`stat -f%z "playCable.bin"` You are fairly limited as to what games you can add, which is true to the era. Games that have a larger memory size or long names will not work, such as names like Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, so I had to go with the "Adventure" version. Likewise, Activision, Imagic, etc games won't work with it. I was eventually able to get 16 working favorite games. Here's a video of the final product in action:
  6. Thank you so much!! I've been dying to play around with the PlayCable environment since I first learned of its existence... Even if you could somehow find a real PlayCable, you still can't do anything with it. So this is really cool!
  7. This is awesome - thank you for the POPlex simulator! Any chance you could a similar shell scripts with your Playcable demo so we could add games to it ourselves?
  8. Pledged - really looking forward to this!
  9. It's funny - I was at the Science Museum of MN last night where they have a "Game Changers" exhibit full of old arcade games. One of the games I played was a purple Donkey Kong "Pauline Edition" cabinet, and it reminded me of DK Arcade 2600 and that we added the option to play Pauline. I thought "I wonder if iesposta ever released the game?", so it's great to hear that there will be a physical release of this! BTW, there's some screen roll (at least in Stella) at the start of the conveyer belt level. Everything else seems to work great!
  10. Nice! I've got an SE/30 that I'm restoring now. Also have an LC III with IIe card and a Performa 6200CD with Quadra 660 motherboard that I can swap in & out. So I've got the 68030, 68040, and PowerPC covered! I've upgraded them all to solid state HD's (SCSI2HD and IDE to SD adapter). I post a bunch of Mac project updates in the RetroComputing forum of my BBS, so fire up ZTerm or Telnet on your Mac and head on over!
  11. Thanks for the update! Any thoughts of releasing a PlayCable "skin" for this in the future?
  12. It's refreshing to see a video game company engage with the people who have helped keep the brand going! Everyone in this forum will buy the new system - the challenge will be selling it to the modern gaming market. But I can't think of a better person that just might be able to pull it off...
  13. And another Minnesotan! Nothing better to do here in the winters than playing Intellivision...
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