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  1. Looks cool, but for me, what sets the Intellivision apart from other systems is its complex games, not arcade ports. I feel we need more games like AD&D Cloudy Mountain, B-17 Bomber, Space Spartans, Sub Hunt, and more recently Sidney Hunter and The Sacred Tribe. I can play the real arcade games in MAME and there's just not a ton of replayability with the arcade ports...
  2. Awesome game! Tons of replay-ability with all the different levels. This was one of those in-depth Intellivision games that really set it apart from the 2600. Now if we could just get a single-player Sea Battle...
  3. Wow, appalled at shooting blocky torpedoes at blocky ships? 😃 What would he say about today's 3D shooters?
  4. Thanks for playing! I wish that I could have been there live to give you some tips (which are included in the manual)...
  5. Now that's funny! If a real Apple II drive can read a CP/M disk, I don't see any reason that the Floppy Emu wouldn't be able to.
  6. Agreed - I prefer the simplicity of PGA Golf. The timing required for Chip Shot is way too precise for me...
  7. I would think so but I'd ask here to be sure: https://www.bigmessowires.com/contact/
  8. Good to hear that someone is playing it! Sorry about the glitch - I can't recall that ever happening in the many hours Atari Brian and I tested it. But I do like your idea of "punishment" for not memorizing the maze. Since you like it, feel free to write a review in the store! 😀
  9. From the BMOW site: Apple II Floppy – Emulates 5.25 inch 140K floppy disks on any Apple II series system, as well as 3.5 inch 800K floppies on the Apple IIgs and Apple IIc+. Disk image files may be in .DSK, .DO, .PO, or .2MG formats. 5.25 inch 140K floppy disk emulation also supports .NIB and .WOZ formats. Another cool feature of the Floppy Emu is that can act as a HD for the Apple IIc, IIc+, IIgs and IIe with a Liron disk controller card.
  10. He's looking for a floppy emulator and not a HD emulator... The Booti is the best HD emulator for the price though.
  11. It's primarily us old guys on here buying the homebrews, and that's probably not gonna change...
  12. Also, download this HD disk image which is chock full of over 200 great Apple II commercial games: https://archive.org/details/TotalReplay
  13. Well, nobody's perfect! 😜 Here are some sites: http://berighteous.com https://www.6502workshop.com/p/nox-archaist.html
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