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  1. It's actually listed for $225 on the ReActiveMicro site and it gives you floppy drive emulation and it's much speedier when booting GSOS on a IIgs. The Booti is unbearably slow with the IIgs...
  2. I haven't. Can't you already play 2600 games on the 7800?
  3. ProTERM for the Apple II will give you monochrome ANSI emulation and Spectrum for the IIgs will give you full color ANSI. What's cool about Spectrum is that you can connect with an Uthernet II card or via serial port.
  4. It actually Mystic BBS software running on an early Mac Mini (which is as retro as I could make it), and caters to IIgs and Mac users. CQ I BBS (port 6502) runs on my IIgs if you really desire that hardware, but it's strictly ASCII.
  5. Yes, check it out - we're over 200 door games now! Hopefully you've got a good terminal program with ANSI emulation.
  6. Would like to get both of my flashback machines modded. I have both Intellivision Flashback, and the Colecovision Flashback. I would like to get them done one at a time. So what do I have to do to send them to you and how much does it cost.

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      I'd go to Byte Knight's page (Click on Byte Knight) Then click on Message (there's an envelope icon next to it), then you can send him a Private message instead of a public message.  Not a big deal though :)

  7. Since my version is powered through the GPIO, I was constantly getting those low power messages too, even with a 3A power supply. I forget how I did it, but I just disabled the message...
  8. Playing deathmatch in Mario Bros. at IIgs speeds is a blast! Finding another player is the problem...
  9. <crickets chirping> No BBS users on here?!
  10. Here's a new full color ANSI BBS for IIgs and vintage Mac users! Jump on CQ II with Spectrum or your favorite color ANSI terminal program and browse the forums, play some awesome door games like LORD & Lemonade Stand, view thousands of Apple game-related text files, check out CNN headlines and the status of Covid, and play some live trivia. Telnet over to cqbbs.ddns.net:6800. Hope to see you there!
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