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  1. Make it both kidneys and you've got a deal! J/K - I would never spend that much on a computer. And the guy will probably never even turn it on...
  2. Yes, I'm bummed there's not a clear case for the IIe...
  3. Hey guys, For all of you out there with a networked IIgs, I've set up an A2SERVER for you to connect with via AFPBridge. Use the url afp://appleiigs*ddns*net/ApplePi to connect. (Replace * with .) The server contains Shrinkit archives of whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za (thanks Alex!), so browse his site then download directly from the server to your IIgs hard drive. Large HD images will not be on the server at this time, such as his various collections of games/apps, so you'll still need to download those from his site. There's also Qkumba's ProDOS conversions in compressed folder format on the server. Download, decompress, and start playing! IIgs-related text files from textfiles.com are on there too. Leave a message in the "I was here!" folder if you get on. Hope to see you there! BTW, Uthernet II cards are still available from A2RetroSystems if you weren't aware.
  4. AD&D Cloudy Mountain B-17 Bomber Super Pro Sea Battle!
  5. Agreed - I've got a Quadra 630 and was unable to get it to work due to the lack of 24-bit memory addressing.
  6. I've got one in my LC III. They're such an interesting piece of Apple history, when schools were transitioning from Apple II's to color Macs and still wanted to get some use out of all those MECC titles that they invested in.
  7. Or, if you've got an LTO Flash! multicart, you can test the controllers with this rom: controller_test.rom
  8. Good to see you back up and running! I know that downloading with modern terminal programs (SyncTERM, Zoc7) didn't work with my BBS until we figured out to use Telnet Raw Socket Connections (pure TCP) within those terminal programs. However, downloading with a real Apple II running ProTerm or AE Express always worked fine.
  9. Hi,


    I’m new here, joined specifically looking to get my CV FB modded to The Ultimate Colecovision FB, can you help?



    1. Modern Day

      Modern Day

      what's your issue? can you give any details maybe some photos?

    2. Donny Swanny

      Donny Swanny

      i have just a regular CV flashback and came across the UT upgrade mod on Arcade USA from a few years ago.  I'm looking to get the same mod done to mine.  CV was the first console I ever had,  got it for Christmas when I was 4.

    3. Flojomojo



      I think you want to use the private Messenger service. Look for the little comic book bubbles in the top right of your screen.


      You posted this as a public Status Update, which is why all us randoms are talking to you.


      Good luck with your Colecovision!


  10. I have not seen a list, but you can tell a bunch of the games by the titlescreen...
  11. Titlescreen from Total Replay:
  12. Hey guys, Don't know if you've already seen this, but 4AM has just come out with the best Apple II gaming image ever - Total Replay! Featuring over 200 ProDOS-converted games, an amazing-looking frontend, screenshots, and even a screensaver! 4AM put a ton of work into this. From archive.org: Total Replay is a frontend for exploring and playing classic arcade games on an 8-bit Apple II. Some notable features: UI for searching and browsing all games Screensaver mode includes hundreds of screenshots and dozens of self-running demos In-game protections removed (manual lookups, code wheels, &c.) Super hi-res box art (requires IIgs) All games run directly from ProDOS (no swapping floppies!)
  13. That would take a ton of luck, so I still think the manual is unrealistic...
  14. Just fired up some PGA Golf today and the best I could do was a 37 (par is 38). The manual states "A very skilled player can probably play a 32 or even a 30 stroke game with a little luck." There is no way in HELL that someone could get a 30 stroke game, let alone a 32. What's the lowest score you've ever gotten?
  15. Byte Knight

    Byte Knight

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