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  1. quote: Originally posted by MrRetroGamer: Sean's Multicart cannot contain Bounty Bob because of a bank switching routine that this particular cart employs. It is the only 5200 games that uses this technique. When I read about the multi-cart on Sean's page and his spiel about Bounty Bob and bank switching, "...this requires additional circuitry and for one game in the case of the 5200, it simply isn't worth it." I thought, it was more than worth it for Bounty Bob. The game is just seriously addicting. Plus, getting Bounty Bob puts a serious dent in the wallet! Having it on the multi-cart is certainly worth it to this 5200 fan. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for Sean's work and the multi-cart, I myself own the multi-cart, and thought it was worth every penny. Having most of the 5200 games at your fingertips in such a compact form is just awesome. It's just that having Bounty Bob on there would be like 5200 heaven. (well sticks aside that is)
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