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  1. Hello everyone, I am really pleased to be back here after an extended hiatus and thought I would share my latest video with you, a round up of POKEY music by the legendary Rob Hubbard. In this video there are his original tracks as well as POKEY re-makes of some of his C64 tunes and some tunes that make use of the brilliant SID Player like the recently released Chimera+. I hope you all enjoy them
  2. I will just add my new times - hangover (Bentley Bear) 1:01.25 1:02.20 1:01.70 0:59.00 1:10.50 1:20.50 6:35.15 After this round I doubt I will ever bother to play to this again. This weekend the Jag community really have reached new lows and I don't see any reason why I should keep contributing if all I get is abuse. Have fun. And thanks for all the +1's of support
  3. good to see that people can always reach a new low! Gives them something to aim for!

  4. The_Laird

    Jaguar 2

    If you think I was banned then you are clearly unaware of the facts. I don't need to prove anything, I know what I need to know. If you want to know more then that your choice whether or not you want to search for it. I am sure there are plenty of folks who can provide you with more info, maybe you can contact the guy from that FPGA arcade site. Best of luck
  5. I have all the Nintendo CDi games and they are not anywhere near as bad as people make out. The controller is the only problem I have with the CD-i. The games are pretty good, but not even close to Zelda 2. Which I haven't beat. Depends which controller you are using. The standard one is a joke but the 2 different gamepads are quite nice.
  6. I actually prefer the 2D GTA games to the 3D ones. I used to have them before I lost all my PS1 stuff and played them more than any other PS1 games.
  7. The_Laird

    Jaguar 2

    Not really, I am pretty sure its still being worked on. But seems you did as I suggested and went searching on JS2 Maybe you could ask your friends there for more information on it
  8. The_Laird

    Jaguar 2

    Nope, what makes you think that? A quick Google search pulled up THIS
  9. The_Laird

    Jaguar 2

    I think something must be up with your comprehension as its already been confirmed there was topics about it on JS2. I already told you and Remo to go search for it if you care that much and you, as an active user there, more than anyone should know that all the best stuff on JS2 is in a Super Secret Special™ area. So as I already suggested you people who are members can search for this information while people who are not members cannot.
  10. I my opinion MC3D is the best game on the Jaguar and I think it controls superbly with the joypad in classic mode. Of course it plays even better with the VR Helmet
  11. The_Laird

    Jaguar 2

    I don't anymore about it other than Gorf and some other people from JS2 had been working on it usuing the orginal Jag 2 schematics that Jay had got hold of. This was a few years ago now and there was topics about it they were updating about every month or so but they may be/have been in a Super Secret Special™ area of the forum as I said. You are better of asking people who are members there.
  12. I have all the Nintendo CDi games and they are not anywhere near as bad as people make out.
  13. what a beautiful day it is! I guess the game testing is on hold . . .

  14. The_Laird

    Jaguar 2

    Unlike you I am not a member of JS2 so if you and Remo are that bothered about it I will leave you to do the searching or ask Jay as it maybe in one of the "Super Secret Special™ " areas
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