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  1. I was reorganizing my carts and I noticed I have 2 Gangster Alleys (Spectravision) with different labels. One has an end label that says "Gangster Alley " and the other says left to right "sa-201"(small lettersruns up and down) "Sectravision "(across length of label in big letters) "SA-201" (small letters running up and down) The part inside the 'V' on the label are also a bit different, the V has 3 stripes on the Spectravision Label and 4 on the other, it has an 83 copyright date on the Gangster Alley Label and slightly different wordings as to what systems it plays on on the other one ... I just checked the cart scan the label on the 'Spectravision' label matches the label scan you have except for the colors of the strips (the 2 innermost stripes are the same color) It looks like there are at least 2 label variations not on the list I guess ... Where can I send scans?
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