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  1. Nice! Those shots look really good man. How do you take em? Video in on your video card? I never changed the Speedster II option to K-mart..etc and ran it through to the end. It's cool you pull into the parking lot of the store! Also, the scans of the Battlesphere manual are very well done. I think this site may be the only site with the full scanned manual online.
  2. Naw, Atari didn't make it. I bought this on ebay myself awhile back. Some guy built it. Yeah, works good with analog controllers. I like it because it gives you the freedom to use one of ten billion PC analog controllers out there.
  3. Just listed my setup this morning. Everything I own for the 5200. It's a nice setup and the system is in the best shape I think I've seen for any 5200 out of the box. I also have Death Star Battles as part of the 19 games that comes with the setup. Welp, if anyone's interested, check: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?V...item=1283968095
  4. Then youi aren't talking of my auction. It still has 4 hours left and is only at $66
  5. Well, I keep hearing about this "new-batch" of Battlesphere, but I frequent J2 and have never seen a post from TBird saying anything about a 3rd batch DEFINITELY coming out. Maybe I missed his post, who knows. I didn't list Battlesphere so I could juice money really quick before some 3rd batch comes out. If you look at my other auctions you'll see ALL my Jag stuff is up on Ebay. I admit, it was kind of bad to put a BIN on SW2K of $100, but I just did it to see if anyone would use the bin for that price. I didn't stick a reserve on it at all, and someone just made a bid which removed the BIN price anyway...just as I thought would happen. I paid $250 for the Battlesphere cart, and am just selling it for what I paid. Also, with the high demand for Battlesphere, even if a 3rd batch does come out how many will there be? 50? How fast are they going to sell? I would bet a third batch would be up on Ebay in no time, for the same amount it's going for right now. Maybe TBird can verify this 3rd batch thing?
  6. I actually really like Desert Falcon. I purchased the 7800 version of the game back when it was on store shelves, and I thought it was pretty darn cool. I still play it nowadays...
  7. Back when we were kids we actually went and got the cartridge off the shelf, brought it over to the console, and pluged it in. Yah lazy *******s!
  8. zektor


    Ugh...looks like the only place is EBay. And people there seem to be ripping people off left and right....$250 for the cart...bah
  9. Nevermind. I figured it out. ALl I had to do was take a tiny flayhead screwdriver and pry up the grey spinner *lightly*. It pops back into place and works perfectly. It's some sort of safely thing when they shipped the cd-rom I guess....because it was brand new.
  10. It seems to not spin a game at all. I heard somewhere that there was some kind of lock, and to pry something to unlock it. I dont want to mess it up. It seems really stiff (the cd spinner) so I'm hoping all it is is that its locked. ANy help is appreciated
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